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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Maskerade: Not knowing whether you were imagining the woman in front of you, you give her a shaky greeting. Her face looks more and more concerned as you explain how you made it here. The strange riddles and puzzles that led you to this dark end of the cave. Your Pokemon stay close to you, they seem unnerved by the pale woman.
“Oh dear…” she says suddenly. Her voice is quiet and sounds much older than what her more youthful looks would have you believe. She walks past you and approaches the Baltoy, who spins happily at her presence. She places a hand on her cheek and shakes her head. “Good try my friend, but this isn’t him…He certainly looks a lot like him, though.” She smiles, then looks over to you fondly. Baltoy tilts its head and stops spinning to get a better look at you. It looks quite sheepish.

“I’m so sorry for leading you all the way here… and I apologize for the trouble my Baltoy and Bunnelby caused. They are old friends of mine and sometimes they enjoy playing with trainers a bit.” She is looking down at Baltoy and her face looks rather sad. She also continues to emit a faint light. Her kimono is rather long and it makes it hard to see her feet. “If you have time, would you listen to an old woman’s story? You seem like the curious type.” She takes a seat on a large rock and pats the seat next to her.
The woman's first words made Rorik's heart sink in his chest. "This isn't him".

I was the wrong man.

Rorik's eyes shift between Munchlax, Staryu, Baltoy and the strange, glowing woman. Had this all been a huge misunderstanding? A wild goose chase? For a while, he'd entertained the idea that he was destined for something grand, that there was a bigger picture, that he was part of a higher design. Could it be that this was all a game put together by rabbits and clay figures, for the wrong player no less? Rorik's self-esteemed had always been lacking, but at that point, it reached an all-time low.

I answered every riddle, surpassed every puzzle! Was it all for nothing? The brainstorming, running, chasing, battling?

Munchlax punched him on the leg, sensing his Trainer's usual pessimism. The strike hurt, but that was the point - the bear had very little patience for Rorik's self-commiseration.

"Ouch! Okay, I... I might have deserved that," the Professor mumbled under his breath. "But how do you expect me to feel?"

Munchlax wasn't in an arguing mood. If Rorik wanted to sulk, let him; the bear sat down in front of the mysterious elder, sided by Staryu - they wanted to hear a story, even if Rorik was too busy feeling sorry for himself.

They put in just as much effort as I did. Why are they not upset? Is this all a game to them as well?, thought Rorik in astonishment, before laughing out loud. And who on earth ever told me this was anything more than a game? I chose to play it anyway, and I had fun... Even if I'm not the one this woman sought, I can at least lend her a friendly ear.

The Professor did as instructed and took a seat of his own.

"Very well... let's hear your story, miss."
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