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The Abominable Snowdown
A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign

Delibird Ridge: CyberBlastoise, OkikuMew, Schala, morningstar, lilbluecorsola

Once everyone quickly decided what role it is they are going to fill, Athena leads a small group of volunteers up to Delibird Ridge. Upon reaching the top, there were several Delibird bouncing around having what seemed to be a fun time while throwing the occasional explosive present or two over the edge. Even though they were all causing a ruckus, they all seemed to be in high spirits, clearly full of extra cheer because of the season. “Alright everyone, this shouldn’t be too bad. Let’s take care of them quickly so that we can rejoin the others in order to stop that Abomasnow!” Athena’s Mawile charges into a large group of Delibird who were huddled together and slams into them with an Iron Head knocking them over and taking several of them out.

With Athena’s Mawile taking on a large group by herself, the Delibird have now decided to fight back. A Present is suddenly thrown and lands right in front of Trono the Alolan Geodude just as he had begun to Defensively Curl. Before Trono can even process what was just thrown at him, it pops open and explodes, causing a decent amount of damage on the Pokemon, fortunately he had managed to raise his stats a bit before the hit. Trono saw exactly who threw it, so it was now time to get some revenge. He quickly uses Rock Polish in order to speed himself up and then follows that up by charging at the offending Delibird with a powerful Tackle that was also mixed with some electricity due to Galvanize. The Delibird was knocked down but stands right back up and reaches into its sack and pulls out another Present, this one he places directly on top of Trono’s head and runs away just in time for it to explode on Trono and not hit itself too.

Catalina the Minior was ready to go after having done a Defense Curl of their own for a little added protection. Before moving onto its next move, a jolly Delibird approached and sat a Present down in front of it with a cheerful smile, confident that Catalina would like its gift. Suddenly, the gift bursts open and a bright flash followed; however, nothing happened. Seems the Delibird was trying to give Catalina some healing but they didn’t need any, leaving the Delibird a little disappointed, it was a well thought out gift after all. Catalina doesn’t have the heart to attack this particular Delibird directly so they then spin into a Rollout and whiz past that Delibird while working on rounding up the others using the strategy it was given. The Minior does a good job of pushing back a small group of Delibird by rolling around them. The group they surrounded seemed to be enjoying this and were throwing Presents left and right out of glee. Several explosions went off because of this, damaging Catalina as well as Monte and Trono who were unfortunately near some of the presents when they exploded. Satisfied with the distance they created, Catalina fills up the now empty space with Stealth Rocks in order to prevent them from going back.

After thinking of a really good Nasty Plot, Belial the Houndoom is ready to take on whatever comes his way. This doesn’t take long because a cheery Delibird walks right up to Belial and pulls out an adorable meticulously wrapped Present that was clearly given a lot of time and attention and goes to hand it to him. After seeing the explosions that these gifts had caused before, Belial wasn’t about to accept that and blows an Ember into the Delibirds face, the attack wasn’t very powerful, several of the Ember’s fizzled out before they even reached the bird but some of them still made it, particularly hitting the gift itself and scalding the perfectly tied bow in a few spots. The Delibird gasps, completely appalled and offended. It stuffs the gift right back inside the sack in which it had pulled it from and gives Belial a short glare followed by a Drill Peck to show him that it is not happy with him and then immediately turns around flapping its wings around in an upset way, looks like Belial has managed to get himself put onto the naughty list. Despite this, he knows he has a job and so he rushes around to a group of Delibird that the Minior hadn’t pushed back earlier and uses his Inferno in order to make them back away. Once again, the flames are diminished, but regardless the Delibirds back away from it and begin joining the other group who were already pushed back, this group also begins throwing explosive Presents in random directions just like the last group did. This time they injure Catalina, Kimball, and Belial himself.

Monte the Scraggy was a little upset that he was having so much fun in the snow only to get interrupted by an exploding Present that was sent his way. He is ready for a fight now though and prepares to charge in but is stopped by a somewhat disgruntled Delibird. Its mission is to give out presents and that is exactly what it’s going to do. It reaches into its sack and pulls out a beautifully wrapped Present, the bow is slightly singed from an incident earlier but otherwise it is still perfectly intact. It shoves the gift into Monte’s chest and then waits to see his reaction. Monte wasn’t expecting to be given such a nice looking gift on a battlefield like this but he can’t help but feel some excitement build up. However, before he can even open it himself, the Present opens on its own and is followed by a massive explosion, bigger than the kind of explosions that the other gifts seemed to be giving off, sending Monte tumbling. The Delibird’s mood becomes cheerful once again as it puffs out its chest feeling quite proud, knowing that it gave the best gift of all but then Monte shows him that he can dish out some Foul Play as well. The Delibird is thrown back, similarly to how Monte was thrown by the Present earlier. The Delibird is instantly back to being disgruntled and hurls an Ice Ball at Monte. He then releases a Dark Pulse which pushes back not only the Delibird who had picked a fight, but also several surrounding Delibird as well. He finishes up by charging at the offending Delibird and hitting it with a Drain Punch, recovering a bit of the health he had lost from that explosion earlier.

Kimball the Vanillite raised her Iron Defense before charging into the fray. Keeping in mind that some of these Delibird may really not be out to hurt anyone, she scans the area for a good target. She notices that amongst the chaos, there is one particular Delibird who is gleefully throwing Present after Present, causing explosions to be happening everywhere, even occasionally on the other Delibirds themselves. Deciding that that is the one she’s going to go after, she hurls several Ice Shards right at the Delibird stopping it from throwing gifts immediately. The Delibird instantly knows the problem, all of the other Pokemon were directly offered gifts and this one wasn’t. With a smile and a sprinkle of Holiday cheer, the Delibird reaches into its bag and pulls out an extremely tiny Present and begins to enthusiastically charge at Kimball with gift in hand. Kimball knows better than to allow that thing to get any closer and does her best to Astonish the Delibird and stop it in its tracks. This works, the Delibird startles and jumps back, dropping the gift into the snow and it’s so tiny that it’s not long before it’s buried. The Delibird frowns at the lost gift and quickly digs through the snow in order to save it. This time, successfully handing the Present to Kimball. She immediately flinches back as the gift pops open but is only met with a bright light that instantly makes her feel a bit better after having dealt with an explosion earlier. The Delibird giggles and then runs away to join the group of other Delibirds who had been pushed back.

Athena’s Mawile uses her Fairy Wind to push back the remaining large group of Delibird who were causing havoc. The majority of the Delibird’s have now been pushed away from the edge, the stragglers who still linger at the top don’t seem to be all that interested in throwing explosive gifts over anyway. “Wow, great job everyone! Getting these guys to cooperate was a lot easier than I had expected! My Mawile and I can probably handle it from here for the most part so if anyone wants to go help out against that Abomasnow you can go right ahead!”
“...Well that went better and faster than expected.”

Mélina was surprised how not only a few trainers listened to her plan, but how much it worked too. All the dangerous Delibird were pushed away from the cave, and they were controlled enough that [the captain] estimated she could take care of them on her own.

Right on cue though, the Kalosian overheard below the trouble that has befallen those facing the Mega-Abomasnow: His Hail couldn't be stopped by weather-changing moves, he was resilient to fire because of his powerful Blizzard, and now had some healthy backup from a small army Uprooted Snover.

“Sounds like they need our help, Cat,” she commented, “but I think you should get back, stay safe, and get some rest.”

After calling back her living meteor in its Pokéball, then observing the big fight from above, the trainer pondered on her options. Ice attacks were definitely the mega-evolved’s forte, so it would be a dangerous gamble to drop her flying-typed Minior into the fray, even if it was able to exploit his weaknesses. The rest of her team was either barely trained or didn't have any obvious advantages. Things looked grim for Mélina in terms of helping in the battle efficiently… although right at that moment, a small spark twinkled in her eyes. She grabbed her cellphone, unlocked it, then looked at the screen, as a sly smile drew on her face.

“If we don't have any advantages…”

“...we’ll program our own.”

The phone’s camera flash suddenly turned on, and revealed just as quickly a materialised Porygon.

“Hey Glitch, ‘bout time you got out of there,” Mélina chuckled. “You sure that your Pokéball isn’t my phone?” The Virtual Pokémon mockingly rocked its floating body side to side. His trainer chuckled some more. “I kid I kid. Alright, first thing first, you put... this.”

Glitch’s eyes grew twice their size when it realised it was being handed bunny ears from the Bunny Suit. It screeched in protest.

“No, this isn’t a joke,” she shook her head. “It’s a pretty dangerous situation out there, so we need all the chances on our side for you to survive out there. Of what I have in my stuff, it’s the thing that would help you the most. It’ll make your Recover more efficient, so you can heal yourself faster and on the go than having to go back to me to take care of you.”

With a grumpy, low-pitched beep, Glitch grabbed the bunny ears and awkwardly attach it to its head.

“That’s better. Thank you. Besides, everyone will be more busy surviving that Abomasnow and its Snover minions than looking at clothing. Let’s go down there, shall we?”

After the duo joined the other trainers against the Frost Tree, Mélina took a deep breath, clearing her mind to concentrate on what should be the biggest battle she ever participated in.

“Ok Glitch, we’ll be spending some time a bit first playing supportively and defensively to get yourself ready to strike, alright? First, make sure you Download, to the best of your ability, information on him so you raise up your power accordingly to its weakest defense. Second, make yourself Agile so you can move faster. With that all set up, catch all of the enemies’ attention by hitting them with the biggest Electroweb you can make! It might not do a lot of damage, but it’ll be on everyone, and they’ll be caught up in the web and be slowed down, too! And after that…” she paused, putting the last pieces of her battling puzzle together, “here’s where it gets a little tricky. It all depends on the situation. You’ll sure piss off some Snover there, if not the big guy himself, so you’ll be attacked at this point for sure. If ever you get hit by any Ice-typed attack, immediately use Conversion 2! You definitely won’t regret being resistant to ice there! But if they attack you with something not ice-related… I think you better off throwing in another Electroweb to slow them down some more.”

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