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Custom Moves:
Never-ending Birthday Candle
Blow-back (Flying, Status)
Effect: The Pokemon inhales and blows forth a powerful wind, strong enough to knock some lighter Pokemon off of their feet or even make projectiles fly back at the opponent. Entry hazards on the user’s side of the battlefield are moved to the opponent’s side. Energy used by this move is equivalent to that of a Bubble Beam.
Z-Effect: Special Defense +1 Stage
Blueberry Slushie
Brain Freeze (Ice, Special 50 BP)
Effect: The user breathes a cloud of condensed freezing air toward the opponent, which when inhaled causes swelling and discomfort to the bloodstream and nerves around the target’s nasal passage. The target then suffers a delayed headache on the next turn relative in damage to a Confusion. Throughout the duration of the headache, there is a slight chance (around 10%) of the target forgetting their last ordered move.
Z-Move: Subzero Slammer (100 BP)
Gingerbread Man
Can't Catch Me (Normal, Status)
Effect: The user temporarily shrinks in size and sharply raises evasion. Their presence however can be easily detected by a sweet, Gingerbread-smelling aroma. Throughout the duration of the move, the user’s ability changes to Run Away and biting moves used against the user are doubled in damage. Energy used by this move is equivalent to that of a Minimize.
Z-Effect: Evasion & Speed +1 Stage
Box of Chocolates
Chocolate Bomb (Normal, Physical 100 BP)
Effect: The user produces a Chocolate heart in front of them which they then proceed to throw the opponent. Upon contact, the heart explodes dealing damage equal to an Egg Bomb. When the heart shatters, 3-5 pieces of Chocolate appear and can be eaten by anyone including the opponent. When eaten, the chocolate heals a small amount of HP equal to that of an Oran Berry.
Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz (180 BP)
Magical Chocolate Coated Carrot
Chocolate Magic (Normal, Special 65 BP)
Effect: The user fires off a molten chocolate blast that coats the target in a sticky, gooey (albeit tasty) mess. After the chocolate makes contact, it begins to congeal and harden, reducing the target’s mobility and halving their speed and evasion. The effect is temporary and lasts until it is washed away or dried out.
Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz (120 BP)
Very Hot Cross Bun
Crossfire (Fire, Physical 100 BP)
Effect: Similar to the move Cross Chop, the user powerfully chops their foe with crossed arms engulfed in flames. However, there is an added bonus of a small chance (about 10%) of burning the opponent. If the user is not a fire type, it also takes a small amount of damage (equivalent to Flame Burst’s splash damage) from the move and also has a small chance (about 10%) of being burned.
Z-Move: Inferno Overdrive (180 BP)
Magical Black Glass Rose
Fatal Attraction (Dark, Status)
Effect: The user emits a potent pheromone which causes opponents of the opposite gender to become infatuated with the user. The opponent is thrust into a berserk state where they become fixated on the user (as in Follow Me status) and damage against the user is slightly increased. The infatuation takes a large mental toll on the target, causing them to occasionally lose focus from attacking the user (about 50% chance) as well suffering psychological anguish that builds over time equivalent to that of a Toxic. If the infatuation is broken, the target’s mental state returns to normal.
Z-Effect: Resets lowered stat modifications
Merciless Pepper of Quetzlzacatenango
Fire Shield (Fire, Status)
Effect: The user creates a barrier of flame that protects it from one attack. Once hit, the shield will disappear. If an opponent makes physical contact with the Fire Shield, it will become burned. Using the shield in succession halves its effectivity with each use.
Z-Effect: Defense +1 Stage
Cranberry Vodka
Firestream (Fire, Special 25 BP)
Effect: The user belches forth a stream of bubbles of molten lava. The bubbles hit the opponent 2 to 5 times, dealing damage similar to Rock Blast. Each hit has a small chance (about 10%) of burning the target. This attack is affected by the ability Skill Link. Each hit consumes about as much energy as an Ember.
Z-Move: Inferno Overdrive (140 BP)
Magical Snowflake
Ice Barrier (Ice, Status)
Effect: The user creates a barrier of ice that protects it from one attack. Once hit, the shield will disappear. If an opponent makes physical contact with the Ice Barrier, it will have a small chance (about 20%) to become frozen. Using the shield in succession halves its effectivity with each use.
Z-Effect: Defense +1 Stage
Magical Espeon Plushie
Psysplit (Psychic, Status)
Effect: The user sacrifices half of its maximum health to manifest two illusionary copies of itself. These copies mirror the original’s movements perfectly, attacking and moving in unison with the user. The user’s damage remains the same while each clone deals half the damage of the user’s attack. The clones are unaffected by stat buffs and are unable to perform Status moves. The clones will remain until hit by an attack or the user’s concentration is broken, and will dissipate independently of each other.
Z-Effect: Restores HP before use
Snow Globe
Razor Snow (Ice, Physical 55 BP)
Effect: The user fires off a flurry of razor-sharp snowflakes at the opponent. If used during a Hailstorm, Razor Snow’s power becomes doubled (110 BP) and the target becomes frostbitten. Pokemon ailing from Frostbite take damage over time equivalent to Poison. Frostbite can be cured the same as Freeze, and Ice type Pokemon are immune to its effects.
Z-Move: Subzero Slammer (100 BP)
Magic Red Glass Rose
Thorns (Grass, Status)
Effect: The user embeds the opponent with a flurry of stinging thorns. Once embedded, the opponent will be under the condition Thorns and will receive damage over time (about 1/16th of their health per turn) while effected until cured or fainted. Status can be cured by using Rapid Spin. Grass type Pokemon are immune to the effect.
Z-Effect: Defense +1 Stage
Golden Fiddle
Unfinished Symphony (Ghost, Status)
Effect: The user sings a haunting melody that causes a cloud of ghostly energy to swirl around their opponent’s head. When heard by any Pokémon other than the user, they fall into a confused state. Throughout the duration of this effect, the opponent takes damage equal to that of Nightmare unless hit by a physical attack which will knock them out of their confusion.
Z-Effect: Special Attack +1 Stage
Pika Doll
Voodoo Bugaloo (Psychic, Status)
Effect: The user expends a portion of their health (equivalent to a Substitute) to create a doll that is psychically linked to the target. Any damage the doll receives or status changes that are applied to the doll are applied to the target as well. The doll lasts until it breaks and features the same durability and energy consumption as a Substitute doll.
Z-Effect: Resets lowered stat modifications

Bond Moves:
Gummi Bomb (Various, Physical 60 BP)
Effect: The user creates a physical bomblet of their latent inner energy and throws it at the foe, doing moderate damage. The move's type is dependent on the user's own hidden power. The move consumes the same amount of energy as Hidden Power.
Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz (120 BP)
Guardian Terrain (Normal, Status)
Effect: The user draws upon their bond with their trainer to create a glyph on the surface, which expands and surrounds the battlefield in the Guardian Terrain field effect. Guardian Terrain affects all Pokemon and gives them immunity to damage from moves of their own type (Ghost and Dragon Pokemon receive half damage from those respective types). Guardian Terrain also prevents the Pokemon within from being afflicted by burns or freezing, and will last 5 turns. Guardian Terrain is affected by the Terrain Extender, and will override any terrain effect currently up.
Z-Effect: Defense & Special Defense +1 Stage
Defensive Shield (Various, Status)
Effect: The user summons small defensive platelets that hover around their body and passively protects them from roughly 25% of incoming damage. The platelets can cluster together to block big attacks or disperse to cover widespread attacks. The shield takes on the elemental properties of one of the user’s types at the user’s selection (ie. Venusaur can create a Grass or a Poison shield) and weakness/resistance are calculated into the shield’s effectivity. The shield lasts for three hits until it disperses.
Z-Effect: Restores HP before use

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