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Meetan- You happily accept the Heart Scale from the kid, stashing it deep in your bag so no one could easily swipe it from you. Jasper begins to heal himself, his gems glowing once more as he recovers some vitality. Lorin makes her presence known again, waddling over only to be scooped back up into your arms.

"Yeah you're right", replies David as you suggest he consider giving his new Marowak a nickname. Anger continuing to grow, the young boy fills you in on his intentions. "I'm going to do more than battle him, I'm going to destroy him." You can see tears beginning to form in the corners of the boys eyes. "All those times he beat me, all those times he used me, all those times he treated me like trash. Now I get to fight back and make him pay." Before you can get another word in, the chubby boy books it, rushing back the way you came, tears rushing down his cheeks.

Most of the kids disperse, heading off to do their own thing, however Terry and Janie remain, still obviously worried about David. "Maybe we should follow him?" Terry suggests to you, "that Marowak is strong but it just battled and I don't think David's brother Gary would have a weak Pokemon. If he loses his brother will likely beat him again and probably take Marowak from him." Janie nods in agreeance, if David was to lose, the boy would be devastated and pushed to a point he probably wouldn't be able to get back from. "He has probably gone back to his place", notes Terry, "I have a rough idea where it is but we better get going, if you think we should that is."
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