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Meetan- With David and his newly evolved Marowak proving to be a much tougher challenge then you could have anticipated, you think carefully about how you could avoid any unwanted humiliation. With the Marowak coming in quickly, you instruct Jasper to try and avoid the bone wielder's final blow. The Sabeleye twitches, preparing to slink out of the way at the opportune moment. As the Ground type swings its bulky bone around to strike, the Sableye suddenly slinks to the side. The bone still manages to clip his shoulder, causing some damage but nothing too concerning. Jasper then strikes at the Marowak's ribs, sinking claws cloaked with dark energy into his opponents hide. The Marowak groans as it clutches at its ribs, the attack hurting it considerably.

As Jasper waits for the Marowak's next move, he realizes that it shows no signs of attacking. "I think that is enough Marowak. Thank you Alice, I think me and Marowak work great together! Now I just need to catch you Marowak." The Ground type turns and walks back towards the boy, seemingly pleased with the prospect of being caught. One of the kids rush over to David, clutching something in his hands.

"You should have this David, you'll need a Pokeball if you want to catch your Marowak", the boy hands David a white Premier Ball, it was scratched up and looked a little worse for wear, but it would do the job.

"Thank you so much", replies David as he accepts the ball. "What do you think Marowak, would you like to be my Pokemon?" David holds out the ball towards the Ground type, waiting anxiously for its response. The Marowak doesn't even pause, nodding it steps forward to tap the ball with its skull. The Marowak is enveloped by a red light and drawn into the ball, which only shakes once before settling with a click. "Woo!" David shouts, thrusting the Premierball towards the sky. The other children cheer and congratulate him, while Jasper kind of just glares at the kid, with his shoulders hunched and chest heaving. "Thank you so much Alice", David digs into his pockets and produces a small item. Walking over, he presents you with a Heart Scale, "we found that when we were playing in the sand pit the other day, I don't know what you're meant to do with them but hopefully you can put it to good use." Suddenly David's mood goes from one of happiness and joy, to one more sullen and serious. "Now that I have my own Pokemon, I can show my brother how tough I really am. He is going to regret treating me like shit." The young boy clenches his fist, just what was he planning on doing?

Jasper gained 4 levels!

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