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As the door swung open, a middle aged woman with flowing brown hair opened the door. Her eyes were puffy and red, with what looked to be black makeup running down her face. She glanced at you, her gaze reflecting sadness as she looked at your face. Her expression changed considerably when she looked down at Mae, causing her features to light up and tears to start flowing again. She grabbed the little girl and pulled her into a tight hug, sobbing into her hair as she clutched her daughter's back tightly. As you spoke, the woman stepped away from Mae and smiled warmly at you --- wiping the tears from her face with her sleeves. She tried to gain her composure before beginning to speak to you, sniffling back her tears.

"God bless you Athena!" She sniffed back another sob as she looked down at her daughter, her arms shaking with relief and fear. "Mae snuck out of her room... a-and when I checked on her and she was gone I panicked! I thought she got taken by someone.." She wiped her eyes once again, glancing sternly at her daughter. "Why did you leave your room?" She asked, her voice seeping with anger but with a more concerned undertone. The small girl looked down at her feet shyly, looking at her tattered dress while letting her long black hair hang by her knees.

"I saw a weird light mommy! It was over by pop-pop's house! I thought it was pop-pop calling me to come over, so I brought a story to read him!" She was pleading, her earnest sensibilities of the world coming to light. You could see her mother let out a deep sigh, shaking as it came out of her body. "I bumped into a candle... and I woke up in Miss Athena's arms." Her mother looked at you, trying to confirm the story --- to which you gave a nod. "She even took me to see pop-pop before we came home!" Mae's face lit up in a smile, and her mother turned back to you.

"Is that right?" She smiled at you, tutting at her daughter as she spoke to you. "I think you should get off to bed sweetheart, mommy wants to talk to your new friend." Mae smiled at you, bidding goodnight as she squeezed past her mother. Her mother smiled at you warmly, pressing a few things into your hands after her daughter left. "We don't have much, but you've done so much for me already... I insist you take these." She pressed $500 into your hands, a small piece of paper with a red dot on it, a purple disc, as well as a small ribbon covered in Polka Dots.

"I really can't thank you enough, you're welcome to come see us any time!" She smiled, cupping her hands over the one she presented she placed the gifts in.

You received:
x1 TM Shadow Ball
x1 Polka Dot Bow
x1 Spell Tag
$500 Pokedollars

((This concludes this adventure, you are welcome to move onto another area in LMN which I would be happy to update you in once again ^^. It's been a slice darling.))


Atalanta was confronting the Honedge at full force, exerting her energy as she attempted to strike down her foe. The Honedge seemed to be getting angrier, it's eye growing more intense following every moment it was forced to square off against the bird. As they fought, Atalanta began to glow --- Slyvi's eyes lit up seeing the bird grow and change in shape. She grew larger, her wings stronger, her head covered by a hood to hide her face and shield her from attacks, and her talons sharpened. Her claws dug into the cobblestone, leaving deep gashes in the surface of the stone. The large owl let out a screech, letting her opponent know that it had a big storm coming.

Upon seeing his opponent's new evolution, the sword's temper lessened considerably. It began to back off slightly, trying to avoid the bird's line of sight and escape the playing field. Atalanta however, was not a bird to be trifled with. Using her new power, she let lose a mighty Spirit Shackle --- causing purple chains to appear upon the surface of the sword. It let out a scream, realizing it was stuck in a battle with this new terrifying opponent. It faded into the shadows quickly, making sure to get a Shadow Sneak on it's opponent before she attacked again. Atalanta's new typing made her hit hard, but it also caused her opponent's attacks to connect much harder than they once did. Atalanta cawked in pain, slinking into the shadows as her trainer commanded. The Honedge looked around, baffled as to where the creature had gone. Atalanta reappeared, striking the Honedge for heavy damage.

The sword let out a loud hiss in response, going in for an Aerial Ace. However, Atalanta was prepared --- preemptively striking the sword with a Sucker Punch as it came at her. It howled out a loud metallic scream, before swinging itself high and coming down on Atalanta for it's Aerial Ace. It was clear that the Honedge had taken heavy damage, it was probably close to coming down at this point. Atalanta herself looked way better off than she once did, standing in a clearly superior position to the Honedge.

What do you do?


With your Starly scouting a path ahead thanks to it's Keen Eyes, it seemed to come to a decision for which path you should take at the crossroads. It seemed to want to go straight, right into the belly of the beast --- the throne room of the mad king. As Hope followed, you could only mutter you grievances under your breath --- you really did not want to suffer the same fate as the mad king. The air here felt oppressive, and as you moved towards the throne room you could only feel it getting more intense.

As you walked forward, you swore you could feel someone watching you. Perhaps it was the same person who lit those torches? Either way, it was spooky to even consider the thought that someone other than you could even be lurking around the corner. The castle was oppressive enough by itself, you really did not want to assume that someone else was here --- especially someone who could prove themselves to be a threat. As you approached the throne room, you could see something sitting on the throne, the room was dark, all you could really make out was the vague shape of something and it's glaring eyes beaming down at you in the darkness. It gave a startled yelp upon seeing you approach, making some small snapping noises as it leap down and ran past the throne.

Going after the creature, you noticed a small puddle of saliva near the throne. Gross, but what sort of monster were you facing that could produce so much saliva in such a short period of time? It was troubling to think about, as you walked towards where it had gone. As you stepped behind the large throne, you noticed a hole in the foundation of the building. It seemed to lead directly outside, into a darkened courtyard.

Do you follow the creature or go elsewhere? What do you do?


Forward was your only option, even if it was through a rather treacherous looking hole in the foundations of the wall itself. If it had decayed enough to leave such a hole, you had to wonder if the entire thing would just collapse on you as you tried to wander through it. You weren't one to back down, besides, it wouldn't be the first time that you had almost died or gone somewhere that you could die... and you doubted it would be the last. As you got down on your hands and knees, you couldn't help but smell the sheer scent of decay from within this hole. It stunk of death, as well as a strong metallic smell that seemed to waft from within. As you crawled deeper, you heard a scream from Wisp --- who was leading the pack and providing you with light. As you crawled faster, you noticed the source of his distress.

In front of you in the hole, laid a small Beldum. It was shaking on the ground, it's body having large chunks missing out of it. Something had cannibalized the poor creature, and it was laying here just waiting for death. It's eye flared up in fear seeing you approach, there was no possible way it could escape and unfortunately it seemed like it wasn't exactly worth a capture --- as it was likely it would succumb to it's wounds at any moment. Was this what was watching you? Maybe. But it was more likely whatever had attacked it had done so in a hurry to escape from you, and that that was who you were hunting.

There's nothing you can do for this poor Beldum, but maybe you can catch it's killer.

What do you do?
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