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Biggggg5- With the enemy identified, you reluctantly decide that it has to be dealt so that you can continue searching for the Sableye. "Nice strategy", notes Harrison, "we'll help keep it distracted. Squirtle catch its attention with a Bubblebeam then try a Water Pulse." The Squirtle takes a deep breath before exhaling a barrage of glistening bubbles that stream out in front of it as it charges towards the Rock type. Geddy joins in, firing a Charge Beam at the Gigalith, gaining a boost in the process. The two attacks collide on the Gigalith at the same time, causing it to roar in both pain and anger. Hotstuff takes the opportunity to start skirting the edge of the tunnel, hoping to stay out of the line of fire as he gathers a large mass of energy around his right claw. The Gigalith doesn't take long to retaliate, sending a barrage of boulders sliding through the tunnel. Thankfully Hotstuff isn't in the direct path of the boulders, however the same can't be said for Geddy and Harrison's Squirtle. The pair are smashed by the hard stones, crying out in pain as they are sent tumbling backwards. While the Gigalith recovers, Hotstuff strikes, having gotten in close just in time. He swings a powerful punch into one of the Gigalith's legs, all of the energy he focused into the attack results in a devastating blow.

Back on the offensive, the Squirtle hurls a Water Pulse at the Gigalith, but not in time to stop it from retaliating against Hotstuff. The dark crystal in front of Hotstuff glows before promptly erupting, the powerful blow from the gem sends him skidding back down the tunnel. The Squirtle's Water Pulse bursts over the Gigalith, the Super Effective blow pains the Rock type but unfortunately doesn't confuse it. Geddy follows with an even stronger Super Effective hit, landing a boosted Flash Cannon that leaves the compressed Pokemon moaning in pain. For this the Gigalith targets him individually, sending a sharped stone whistling towards him. The stone seems to be on a strange flight path, arcing up off the ground. Before you realize the Gigalith's intention it is too late, the stone strikes from above, smacking Geddy into the ground. The Tynamo tries to rise of the ground, but seems to be struggling to do so as he is left slivering along the ground. Hotstuff jumps in to defend his flailing friend, releasing a Hidden Power as orbs of Water energy pepper the Gigalith. It seems to be weakening, but a fully evolved Rock type like Gigalith was going to have plenty of fight in it.
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