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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Raves- You gladly accept Doug's offer of a drink, taking a hold of the shot glass of fluorescent pink liquor. A quick tip and the drink was trickling down your throat. You wait for a moment to see if you would feel anything, but alas it seemed to be a dud. As you turn to talk to Doug once more, you feel something grip your mind. An energy seemed to be pulsing through your mind, you find yourself overcome with curiosity. Sure, you had been curious to find out what exactly was going on within this establishment, but the feeling you felt now was uncomparable. You felt compelled to question everything, to investigate every sight and sound, every possibility. How was it that one shot was all that was needed to draw you under the spell of this strange narcotic? You could feel your tongue drying out, your mind called out for more of the liquor. Doug raised his eyebrows as he realized the drink had hit you.

"It's good aye", Doug laughed, "I have half a mind to get my hands on the recipe and sell it to every place in town!" You question Doug about the beverage and whether he holds any grudge against his former employers. "Ba, of course I hold a grudge, the bastards would have me live on the streets. As I said, I know they make it on site, there is a back entrance in the catacombs that run beneath the city. I had to cover for a bloke on security down there once. They were sneaking some sort of Psychic Pokemon into the makeshift lab they built down there, you could feel their pain radiating from the place."

Your brain suddenly felt overloaded, Doug had provided answers but what he had said left so many more questions. The room started to shake and spin, you felt your legs beginning to grow weak. Bel grabs a hold of your leg in an attempt to steady you, but it isn't till Jake plants his hand on your shoulder that you feel like you're stable enough. "I think it is time for us to get out of here darling. Thank you sir for keeping my lovely wife occupied but I'm afraid we have to get home to the kids."

Doug can barely sputter a goodbye before Jake drags you outside, surprisingly with the assistance of Bel. As soon as you exit the building you feel your mind clear, why would it clear so quickly? Thankfully Jake quickly provides an answer.

"Well looks like we found our answer", Jake snickers."It seems that drink is our drug and from what I can gather it seems to amplify the mood and emotions of those who drink it. It appears rather addictive as well, I'm kind of surprised it hit you so hard though. It's effect seems to wear off rather quick though, which is why I think they have made it so addictive." Bel looks at you, his eyes display concern. "Did your friend tell you anything that might help us?"

The ex-security guard duly poured the liquor into the small glass, as Hephae examined the pink liquid, in a fashion similar to many connoisseurs of fine wine, before eventually placing glass to lips and in one swift motion tipped the contents into mouth and swallowed. At first, the liquid seemed to be just that, a relatively fine liquor, an indescribable taste to it, and as she looked into the empty glass, raised a quizzical eyebrow, but before she could respond to Doug, something hit her.

She felt some strange sensation, opening her mind as clarity and curiosity amplified, the woman's other eyebrow raising, there was so much to see, so much to discover. It felt she could hear every conversation in the room, understand every crevice in the walls, the contours of the other patrons, it was all overwhelming. Taking a breath of air, she put her hand to head, taken by the kick to her system as Doug laughs, and then responds to her other question, information slamming into her with the force of a tidal wave.

"I...see..." she stuttered as the world began to spin around her, Bel fortunately on hand to try and stabilise his companion, only for Jake to arrive and help with the support, while crafting a swift alibi and helping her out of the bar as Doug can barely spit out a farewell. As she left the building, the hold of the liquor over her faded as fast as it hit her, while the private eye gives a small snicker at the predicament, before giving her what information he had. Bel looked at her, betraying a slight concern.

"Well...damn. That kicked like a Hitmonlee..." she sighed, the Mawile frowning and looking at her accusingly. "I will be fine, Bel...besides, it appears our common informer may have gave us more than enough information." Turning her head to Jake, she removed his hand from her shoulder, before giving herself a small shake to ensure she was able to stand. "The man was a former security guard here, and holds little alliance with this establishment. He let slip enough information, thanks to that...substance. From what I understand, there is an operation under the bar that produces the drink, and an entrance within the catacombs beneath the city. What is of greater concern is the reason behind the addiction.

"The brewers appear to be seizing psychic type pokemon and using some sort of influence or extract to give the drink its kick, so to speak. I sampled the brew at their behest, and the sensation seemed to fit in with your description, with enhanced sensory functionality. I would wager that the pokemon beneath here are under some form of torture, and should be liberated with caution. How should we proceed, inspector?"

Her Mawile stood by, slightly rankled that he would not be drinking tonight, but still faithful with whatever plan she possessed.
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