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Meetan- As Jasper's gems begin to glow and he restores his health, the Cubone puts on a cute display. The little ground type spins around, whipping his tail at Jasper and causing him to lower his guard, his defense dropping in the process.

David laughs, "you aren't my mum!" The kid seemed to be really enjoying himself, the smile stretching from ear to ear was an indication of this. As the Cubone focuses its energy, Jasper begins to glow even brighter. He focuses his hands in front of his chest, fostering an orb of fairy energy. Picking an opportune moment, the Sableye grins as he bursts the orb, causing a bright flood of fairy energy to wash over the Cubone. The Ground type whines as it takes its first real hit, thankfully it's skull helmet protects its eyes quite well. Despite this his eyes are a little dazed.

As the Cubone adjust his grip on his thick club, Jasper coats himself in a silvery aura. The Cubone pulls its bone back over its shoulder before throwing it forward with startling speed and precision. The bone comes spinning towards Jasper, striking his right shoulder with a sickening crunch as it continues spinning past him. The bone arcs back around through the air, coming back in towards Jasper for another hit. The Sableye attempts to avoid the attack but it comes in too quick, striking his back for a critical hit! The Dark type moans in pain as the Cubone catches its bone, pleased with its achievements so far. Jasper lifts himself up and grins, the aura around him had grown, it was now flaring intensely. Throwing his arms out, he releases a burst of steel energy, the mighty surge slams into the Cubone and sends it flying backwards, crashing into the ground at David's feet.

"Cubone!" Shouts the boy, scared that his friend may have been hurt. The Metal Burst had indeed been powerful, but it seems it wasn't enough to discourage the surprisingly resilient Cubone as it slowly props itself back up with its bone.

"Go David", shout the kids, "you can do it Cubone!" Both David and the Cubone are surprised by their cheer squad, both not familiar with having support. The Cubone turns back to face David, a look of renewed confidence in its eyes.

"What is it Cubone?" Questions David, unsure of what was wrong with his friend. Suddenly the Cubone begins to glow, its body starting to grow and change. As its body develops, it grows into its skull, causing it to change shape as well. Its bone grows longer as well, making it an even deadlier weapon. As the light fades, David finds himself no longer in the presence of a Cubone, his friend had evolved into a Marowak!


The Marowak spins its bone around in its hand, showing off its skills and testing out its new form. David has a shocked look on his face, as do the other children. "Did you just evolve Cubone? Oops, I mean Marowak?" The ground type nods. "You're in trouble now Alice! How about we try this one more time? Marowak give them one last Bone Club!" The Marowak locks eyes with Jasper and starts rushing towards him, bone held low and ready to deliver a final blow.
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