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Biggggg5- Upon taking in all the evidence, including the evidence found by 'detective' Geddy, you surmise that the criminal in question is in fact a Sableye. Harrison ponders this for a moment, but even he couldn't deny that it made sense.

"I think you could be right, but I don't think you should get ahead of yourself. If it is in fact a wild Pokemon, then having you battle and capture it would help prevent a repeat of what happened here. However, we don't know whether it is wild or if it was following orders from a trainer. We also need to try and recover the gems. So if you're willing to help me track it down, your help would be appreciated and rewarded." You weren't about to deny his offer, already having expressed your interest in pursuing the gem thief. You give the officer a nod, he would have your aid. "Excellent, we better get going if we are going to have any hope of tracking it down."

The pair of you and your Pokemon climb back out of the vault and head down the tunnel once more, with Geddy keeping a close eye on the clawed ceiling. You're charging down the tunnel when all of a sudden Geddy comes to a stop, causing you all to put the breaks on. The Tynamo stares at the wall of the tunnel, the claw marks seemed to disappear! The last few seem to turn towards one of the walls, but then they simply stop. Suspecting something, Geddy charges at the wall. You go to stop him before he hurts himself, but the little eel passes straight through! He comes back out unharmed, it appears to be some sort of magical veil.

"Well would you look at that", grinned Harrison, "I don't think I've seen anything quite like that before. Squirtle, have a quick look inside and make sure the path is clear." The Squirtle nods before jogging through the fake wall. All is quiet for a moment, but then you hear a cry, followed by Harrison's Squirtle as it is sent flying back through into the main tunnel. A rock follows it, striking it in the chest, then a moment later another one strikes it. The Squirtle scrambles back to its feet, shouting and pointing through the wall.

"It seems something is guarding the other side, how should we go about this?"
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