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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Excitement filled the air as the dawn of a new year spread across Fizzytopia. A number of trainers who had participated in the heist of the Casino before it mysteriously crumbled to the ground came out with a unique type of egg, one that likely contained a number of species of Pokemon that were inhumanely farmed and bred before being sold off to the highest rollers in the casino. It had been some time since the fall of the casino, and after a long period of incubation, it was finally time for the eggs to hatch, bringing forth new life and hope for a brighter future for these otherwise endangered species of Pokemon. Slowly but surely, one by one cracks began to form on the trainers’ eggs as the small creatures inside began to claw their way out.

Congratulations to the following trainers, you are now the proud owners of the following Pokemon:
OkikuMew: Tyrunt (m)
Picking this little-big guy up... and thinking what to do with him ^^; Thank you for the event, and Happy New Year!
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