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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Abomasnow roared loudly in discomfort from the number of fire attacks being used against it, but didn’t seem too entirely bothered as the sheer cold coming from its body seemed to lower the temperature in the area drastically, sapping much of the fire’s strength in the process. Not to be deterred, Alex stood firmly in his strategy to try buffing up the remaining fire typed Pokemon with the Flash Fire ability as he called out to his allies. Taking him up on the offer, Hyrem called forth Happy the Flareon, who was more than happy to receive the buff to his natural element.

Accompanying Alex was an Abomasnow of his own, and as the stone on his mega accessory glowed, Mistilteinn grew with the bond of his trainer until he took the form of a Mega Abomasnow as well. Noticing its counterpart, the Abomasnow stood tall over Mistilteinn and stared him down with an icy glare. Despite being the average height for an Abomasnow, Mistilteinn dwarfed in comparison, with the angered opponent being twice his size. Undeterred by the big boss’ intimidation techniques, Mistilteinn proceeded with Alex’s plan. He quickly fired an orb of Hidden Power at Happy the Flareon, the fire typed energy flowing into the Flareon’s body and empowering him.

Ready to take on his foe, Happy engulfed his body in Flames and Charged forward to strike the Abomasnow. The frozen beast’s eyes narrowed as it blew forth an Icy Wind, chilling Happy to the bone and cooling his jets a bit. Happy stood his ground however and quickly blew a ring of Fire that Spun around the Abomasnow and trapped it inside. Abomasnow bellowed another angry roar in discomfort before blowing a fierce Blizzard as the harsh winds dissipated the flames. With Abomasnow now freed, Happy rammed into it and struck it with a Covetous slap, but alas nothing seemed to shake loose off of the creature’s body.

Taking a more careful approach against such a fearsome enemy, Kai the Vaporeon coated her body with an Acidic Armor before summoning an Aquatic Ring that surrounded her like an orbiting vortex. Mistilteinn joined in the support effort as he conjured a protective Mist that shrouded the entire side of trainers’ Pokemon. Kai then stepped up beside Happy and sprayed a jet of Scalding hot water at the Abomasnow. It had little effect against the grass type, until that is when Mistilteinn added in a Blizzard of his own, the rapid cooling of hot water creating an explosion of steam on the Abomasnow’s body. Abomasnow groaned in anguish and reached out to smack all three of Happy, Kai, and Mistilteinn at the same time with a powerful Wood Hammer. The fire and grass Pokemon took glancing hits, but the water type did not fare quite as well. However, it was thanks to her quick thinking before that Kai’s bolstered defenses kept her standing as she gradually absorbed water from her ring to replenish her health.

As the giant Mega Abomasnow was distracted by the Flareon, Vaporeon, and the opposing smaller Mega Abomasnow, Sigurd the Gallade and Caeda the Skarmory prepared themselves to strike next. As Sigurd donned a magical superhero cape and Caeda flapped her metallic wings, the pair took to the air and flew in formation to launch the next attack. Sigurd spun rapidly and swooped in to hit Abomasnow with an Aerial Ace while Caeda’s body began glowing brightly. Caeda followed up Sigurd’s hit with a powerful Sky Attack, knocking the Abomasnow back a couple of steps. The two continued their coordinated assault as they each swooped around to kick up a variety of rock attacks on the ice type. A shower of Rock Slides from Caeda hit Abomasnow from above while a Rock Tomb by Sigurd erupted from below. However, Abomasnow’s body seemed to be too large to become entrapped by the attacks, and the beast angrily blew a Blizzard in retaliation, hitting both Pokemon hard. Looking to steal back some health, Sigurd ran up to the Abomasnow and Punched it before Draining some health.

Not wanting to be left out, Mio the Pikachu joined the Pokemon battling the Abomasnow. She began offering support by setting up an Electric Terrain, as a slight static current coursed through the snow and seemed to perk everyone up. Looking down at her hands, Mio realized that she was still holding some loose change from Patches’ wallet and not knowing what else to do with it, she chucked it at the beast. Abomasnow hardly seemed to even notice the attack, and as it moved an arm, it unintentionally sent some coins back at Patches’ feet. Somehow, through Patches’ sudden Pay Day, she managed to come up with a $50 profit! Now that she was able to fight seriously, Mio sparked with electricity and fired off a boosted Thunderbolt at Abomasnow. The beast felt it this time and looked down at the Pikachu, chilling her with an Icy Wind.

Shaking off the cold, Caeda soared back around the battlefield as her trainer Liawe stepped forward with her Z-accessory bracelet shining a bright blue light. “Supersonic Skystrike!” she called out as she held her hands high in the air. Liawe slowly flapped her hands down as she bent down into a crouch. She then sprung up and stood tall, holding one fist high into the air and held the post as a surge of energy flowed into her Skarmory’s body. Caeda beat her wings, and with a powerful flap she soared high into the air, reaching well above the clouds that surrounded the mountain like a halo. Then, like a meteor, the Skarmory began plummeting back towards the earth, reaching Mach speeds as she slammed into the Abomasnow with such force that the ground shook. Snow and ice went flying in all directions as Abomasnow roared in pain; the hit seemed to really take a chunk out of its health as trainers began to cheer.

However, their joy would not last long as hail continued to fall from the sky above. Only Mistilteinn seemed unaffected by it among the trainers’ Pokemon. Despite taking its share of hits, Abomasnow seemed relatively calm, which was probably disconcerting to the trainers who had worked hard to chip away at its health. Sprouting up from the powder snow was an assortment of Snover, who each turned to face their leader and firmly Ingrained their roots into the soil below. To make matters worse, the Snovers then began spreading their roots towards Abomasnow, sending their energy its way in an attempt to recover it. Abomasnow smiled, feeling energized and prepared to launch its next attack.

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Their objective was clear before them as the giant Abomasnow brought forth an assault. With Mist at the ready, Alex pressed his fingers into the key stone, pointing hand at his own Abomasnow as several trainers assaulted their opponent with their own pokemon, a myriad of fire types peppering it with flames. As the energy flowed from gauntlet to Abomasnow, Alex could tell a significant difference: while the previous utilisation of power had exhausted him, this was more a drain on his mental and emotional capabilities, and as an orb of energy engulfed the ice type, Alex could feel the strength building up. The shell broke free, and Mistilteinn was transformed, his pine pods on the back erupting and bursting into icy spires, and the beast gave a bellow, part of it invigorated pain, part of it a war cry.

This had the immediate effect of getting the much larger foe's attention as it stared down at the smaller mega pokemon. Its intimidating appearance was met with a stare back, Mistilteinn not at all fazed by his opponent, and proceeded to release a burst of orbs, catching a Flareon with some, energy empowering them. As the Eeveelution rushed forth to battle, he held back, opening cavernous maw and exhaling a thick mist that quickly spread across the field, ensuring some defence against reduction effects, before taking time to blast a frigid blizzard as a Vaporeon sprayed hot water on it. The effects were definitely felt as the water exploded into steam, and the Abomasnow felt it, before swinging a massive limb round, catching Mist in the body and shoving him back a couple of steps, while allies assaulted further. One Pikachu managed to electrify the ground somehow, as Alex felt the tingling beneath him.

Following this, a trainer's Skarmory, familiar to Alex, promptly became empowered by energy he had experienced only yesterday, tapping into the bird's aerial typing as it rocketed into the sky before divebombing like a missile into the giant, a hit it definitely felt. However, the good news ended there, for a number of Snover popped out of the ground and began their own support, digging roots deep and sending some the giant's way in an attempt to energize and keep it healing.

"Fire's not as effective as it seems..." he murmured, but wasn't too fazed despite the hail dinging down. Indeed, Mist seemed the only pokemon on their side unaffected by the frost, but clearly the time for support was over, and it was time to get serious. "Mist, amplify your physical strength with a swords dance, then thump up to the flank of the big guy and nail him with an iron tail in the side. Take the opportunity to soak up whatever it throws at our allies, then retaliate by burying it and the Snover in an avalanche!"
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