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Sandaa: You patted Masao's shoulder to comfort him, hoping to ease his upset. He flinched, but it was only out of surprise. He had tunnel vision over his Drifblim and it had made him easily startled – although not noisily, to your relief. Trying to be quiet, you release Scurvy the Aipom, and the Ranger listens to your orders. He looks a bit impressed – and Trunks is intrigued by the sight of another teammate. The elephant watches the monkey's adorable salute, and sees it bounce away on many limbs up into the trees, soon out of sight despite his distinctly purple and cream fur.

All you can do then is wait and listen.

“... If we separate too far from each other, we could end up getting lost. And having flares is fine, but if we set one off we might attract attention from the mainland.” The man reasoned, his friend sighing in resignation.
“Yeah, you're right, but I can't be bothered to haul this thing everywhere. It's going to get caught on everything.” She complained miserably.
“Well, we'll load it up, and have one or two of our Pokemon follow a short distance behind. Or get one of them to pull it. Then we don't startle any prey, they can track, it's all simple. Just awkward terrain. And even if someone's out here, all that means if that if they show up... More for us.” Both of them broke into a sinister grin, minds racing at the thought of conflict and the profit they would make from it.
“Nobody to hear 'em scream out here.”

Masao felt a pit in his stomach, the man starting to shake with fear and rage. He was far more tempted to dive in than to run for himself, but before he could do either, Scurvy had returned. It held some kind of oval-shaped stone in its tail-hand as well as what looked like a knife and a plastic card set in its cheshire teeth. He looked rather proud of himself, but Masao was more worried Aipom might cut himself. The thief was eager for praise, but all the movement had caught the attention of the two poachers, who were peering in your general direction.

“Hm? What the fuck's that?”
“Shush. Looks like we've got something else~”

Think fast. Or die young.


Lil'twick: Although you knew you were winning, you made sure not to become overconfident. If you didn't push this advantage that you held it would surely be lost, especially against a Pokemon that killed and from a type that was known to have many tricks. Frillish still looked angry from being shocked, after all,and while cotton spore didn't seem to be necessary – she certainly wasn't risking getting closer yet – the upcoming attacks would only make her angrier.

And that was definitely the case. The shockwaves hit their mark, the ghostie looking significantly weaker already. The ghost was trembling with anger, eyes glowing from her rage, and she responded with a heavy amount of absorb. It did nothing to Parker in comparison to what Frillish had already suffered, but after those moves were delivered... She seemed to fade away.

The sailors all balked in bewilderment, looking around as if they might spot her. “Where did she go?” One of them asked. Another warned you to be careful. He didn't trust that she had fled.
“Look out! Behind you!” Following the sailor's words your Pokemon called out as well. Looming over you was the furious Frillish, veil-like tendrils reaching out for you. To paralyze you, to drag you to the depths, to shriek as she pried the pieces of your soul from your drenched corpse at the bottom of the sea.

What do you do?


EpicSquirtle: At first you were ecstatic that Leif seemed to have caught your target, but then things didn't go as planned. You lost the bug, and while that was a worry, to your credit you didn't lose your damn mind. Instead, you and your talkative Pokemon put your noggins together and came up with a rather sensible plan.

The Snover escorted you as you slowly tracked the sounds of a worried Sewaddle and the rustling of leaves high up in the trees. As you both went, you made a point to shake your open bag, trying to lure the thief back in the direction it had come from. It took a bit of time – or so it felt when worrying for your poor Pokemon – but the criminal came back with a vengeance. The rustling increased tenfold, coming closer, and Benny braced himself. All of a sudden, Leif came hurtling towards you, wiggling his little limbs in distress; and then behind it shot out a blur of colour. Benny responded as quickly as he could, shooting off a powder snow attack. It didn't fully catch the attacker, but it did enough to surprise and hurt it, forcing the Pokemon to divert its course from you to the wayside. When it landed on the ground, paws furiously trying to remove snow from leaflike fur, you see it for what it is: an energetic Pansage.

What do you do?


134: As much as you loved horror movies, and as often as you got yourself into bad situations, you hadn't been made much braver for them. As a result,hearing your own voices through the brush was more than just unnerving. It was damn terrifying. Your Pokemon were less than impressed with your bee-ess, and that especially went for the bird-turned-dolly in your arms. At the very least the hound was enjoying itself. There were plenty of things to smell, and if anything went wrong, Pouli could probably kill it with a good howling of hellfire.

Just silly birds. Just silly birds. You chanted this to yourself quietly as you advanced, trying not to make much noise as you followed the eerie warnings spoken by 'yourselves'. The calling grew louder and louder, your heart rate quickening and sweat seeming to increase as you took those very final steps... To find that you were right. Got 'em. Up in one of the trees you spotted a little bird, black-feathered head resembling a musical note; the rest of its plumage filled with colour. Its eyes seemed to be naturally beady, making it hard to tell if it was trolling you out of anger or genuinely trying to warn you of something.

The Pokemon cocked its head, pausing for a moment as it examined your quartet. Less than a minute later, quieter now, it carried on its echoes. “Go back. Dangerous. No. Bad. Minnao.” It repeated in no particular order, over and over. The smoke was closer now, close enough to be able to smell it. Kai and Pouli's ears were both twitching, Pouli seeming to be more eager to press on than Kai – who obviously sensed danger and was more cautious about it. There's something to the Chatot's warning, definitely, and this could be your last chance to turn back. What do you do?
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