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Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to PASBL 2.0.

We're starting the first phase of rolling out the shiny new version of the ASB, starting with a Test Period. We're going to be testing out the new system, with AP, Items and the new move descriptions. For the time being, we'll be giving everyone their TL1 20 AP that they can spend how they choose without the need for evolution, and access to unlimited items. Once we actually start, you'll have to buy items and evolve your Pokémon, but for now, go wild. Submit your test squad here.

Any KOs and SP earned during this period will be preserved, though win/loss won't count towards your lifetime ratio.

A Quick Guide to PASBL 2.0

- Pokémon Acquisition Levels/Point Values
- Moves
- Points and Levels (see below!)
- Newbie Battling Guide
- Ref FAQ
- Newbie's First Squad Guide
- Items
- SCs*

*Ugly and unchanged, sorry.

With regards to the actual reset/new League, here's how it'll work: we're doing a (fairly) hard reset, which will mean all points, levels, Pokémon and signature moves will be wiped. The only exceptions will be badges, legendaries and special gift Pokémon, which will be accessible when the trainer reaches a certain Trainer Level.

This new system has been completely reconfigured so that KOs are awarded as the sole point dictating progression. Partial KOs will be awarded for losses (number of KOs earned rounded down), which should help ease progression woes. Pokémon acquisitions are no longer bound to Trainer Levels but are now limited by Acquisition Points (AP). Each Pokémon has been assigned a value, and you can have any combination of Pokémon that is equal to or less than your AP allotment for your current level. Level requirements and point breakdown is as follows:

Spoiler: show
Point Requirements:

TL1 = 0 KOs
TL2 = 10 KOs
TL3 = 25 KOs
TL4 = 45 KOs
TL5 = 65 KOs
TL6 = 90 KOs
TL7 = 120 KOs
TL8 = 155 KOs
TL9 = 195 KOs
TL10 = 235 KOs

AP per Level:

TL1 = 20
TL2 = 40
TL3 = 65
TL4 = 100
TL5 = 140
TL6 = 190
TL7 = 245
TL8 = 305
TL9 = 375
TL10 = 450

Thanks to MCXD for help with the maths and fancy table.

Acquisition points can be found here.

In addition to this reconfiguration, we have revamped nearly every move in the game, as well as added metadata for easier comprehension. A list of updated moves can be found here, along with terms and definitions, at the bottom. We will also be rolling out new held items, aimed at improving their viability and influence on the meta. A list of new items is here.
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