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Sandaa: Oranguru listens intently to Lynxa's reply. For a long while he remains silent, staring not at the Sneasel, but at the dream catcher, his expression unreadable. Has he fallen asleep?

After a while, the dream catcher becomes enveloped in a violet glow once more, and begins floating and spinning slowly above the ground. Oranguru's eyes have not left the trinket, as he examines each of his components and finally begins to speak.

"The answer of a child. The mentality of a child..." he mumbles, his tone barely above a whisper. "WOuld this power make you wiser, or more dangerous?..."

Gary's trio watches as the dream catcher begins to dismantle in mid-air, under the intense psychic power of the old ape.

"Perhaps giving back to Pokemon what belonged to Pokemon is the right thing to do. Assembled, this is no more than a representation of human cruelty. But each of its parts belonged to us..." Oranguru stares at each of the three adventurers, his mind seemingly made up. "I appreciate your honesty, Sneasel. And for better or worse, you will outlive me any way - I have no right to take this with me to the grave."

The 1x Poison Barb, 1x Grip Claw, 1x Razor Claw and 1x Dusk Stone land in front of Gary's trio, the dream catcher broken apart completely.

"Take then. And let no human ever take them away again, unless they ave your trust. These are instruments of our power, not trophies," he concludes. "I would very much like to meet you again in the future, if Arceus would permit me to live that ling, and see what you have down with this power. But now you must leave. The fate of this Forest, along with the rest of Incognito Isle, is most uncertain."

With that, the Oranguru bows, before retreating back into the tree. The team can't help but wonder if they'll cross paths with the ape again - brief as their encounter was, the three get the distinct feeling there is much they could learn from the aging ape...

((Adventure concluded! It wasn't ideal and we had very little time to make this something special, but hey, in this case, the end justified the means! :P))
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