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Sandaa- It seemed that you didn't really have a choice on what Pokemon you were going to use in this fight, as Kratos takes it upon himself to face off against the Gyarados. The Golduck still harberd a lot of hatred for the species, although it wasn't without a valid reason. This would certainly be a tighter contest, neither Pokemon held a type advantage but Jasmine's Gyarados was about to have a power advantage. The Gyarados looms over Kratos, intimidating him and lowering his attack strength. Things only get worse as Jasmine whips her hair around, revealing her mega stone on a braid at the end of her pony tail. It immediately lights up as she deftly leaps down from the Gyarados's back, the Water type's stone also begins to glow. Soon the Gyarados is surrounded in a rainbow of light as its body changes and matures. Its previously serpent like body becomes more rigid as large, sail like wings develop on its back. The crest on its head grows larger and changes to a pitch black colour, perhaps alluding to a change in type.

"You might not know this, but Mega Gyarados sheds its Flying typing and becomes a Dark Type." Jasmine confirms that more than Gwen's figure had changed during the Mega Evolution process. "Now how about we get started? Gwen slow it down with a Scary Face then fire a Dragon Pulse before latching onto it with a Crunch!"

Kratos slams a glowing hand into the ground, causing a pulse of energy to flow through the battlefield. Kratos grins, knowing that Gwen would have a harder time restricting him with statuses. The Mega Gyarados doesn't seem to care too much about the unfamiliar technique though, her face begins to darken and intensify as she gives Kratos a good look of her scary face. The Golduck trembles with fear, he feels his muscles tighten and his nerves shiver as his speed is reduced. Stuck with fear, Kratos is a sitting 'duck' as Gwen belches a powerful pulse of dragon energy. The attack washes over Kratos, sending the Golduck tumbling backwards, coming to a stop right in front of you.

Rising back to his feet, Kratos rushes back into the fight, screeching at the top of his lungs. Gwen shakes in distress as her ears are assaulted, her defense dropping and opening a weakness for Kratos to exploit. Angered by the Golduck's sonic assault, Gwen lunges at him, crunching down on the Golduck's tail and pulling him into the water. The Gyarados shakes him around violently, sending water splashing out over the floor of the cave. Kratos cries out in pain as the Mega Gyarados's razor sharp teeth sink into his skin. Lashing out, he smashes the Gyarados in the face, the super effective attack causes a further drop in her defense while also causing her to let go of Kratos. The Golduck scrambles up onto one of the boulders in the middle of the river, his eyes remain locked on Gwen with a fierce anger that only seems to be growing.

"Your Golduck has plenty of fight in him", applauded Jasmine. "Gwen keep them on their toes, blow them away with a Twister then boost yourself with a Dragon Dance. Follow that up with a Dragon Tail."

Kratos had taken some tasty hits already, although it seemed he had reduced the Gyarados's defense significantly, perhaps providing an opening he could exploit.
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