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Sandaa- With Shuri holding a lead, it seems likely that the Ninjask will be able to overcome her Mega Evolved opponent. You knew better than to count your Torchics before they hatch however, Harry was a capable trainer and with Mega Evolution on his side there was a fair chance he could pull a rabbit out of the hat. He had already poisoned Shuri, placing the Ninjask at risk of collapsing from its effects before she was able to overcome the opposing bug. Her condition was worsening, you had to finish this now.

Shuri's wings beat faster as she slices through the air, sending blades of flying energy spinning towards Hercules. You hear Harry issues orders under his breath, although it must have been loud enough for Hercules to hear as the Heracross nods. Moments later he is struck by the barrage, arms crossed he endures the attack, a glowing red aura starts to build around his body. Unsure of what Hercules was planning, Shuri locks onto him with Laser Focus, searching his body for a guaranteed weak point.

Shuri was beginning to shake, the toxins in her bloodstream were strengthening, if she was going to win she had to do it now. The streaking speedster cuts through the air, closing in on Hercules with miraculous speed.

"Bide beam now!" Harry shouts, issuing his last push for victory. The aura surrounding Hercules quickly condenses as the Mega Heracross fires a massive beam of energy straight at the incoming Shuri. You lose sight of the Ninjask due to the resulting explosion, the Ninjask had been hit. Hercules and Harry grin, but then suddenly, the Mega Heracross's face goes blank. Shuri cuts the Fighting type down with one final Aerial Ace, landing a critical hit on Hercules' exposed underbelly. The Heracross slumps down onto the pathed ground, returning to his original form as he falls unconscious.

"It seems that we didn't land a direct hit", states Harry as he recalls Hercules into an Ultraball. Shuri returns to your side, looking battered and sickly. "That was our first loss, it feels bittersweet I must say. We haven't been here long compared to most of the others, hopefully you can give them a run for their money as well. Harry digs into a pouch on his hip and tosses you a few items. Catching them in your hands, you find yourself rewarded with 3 Rare Candies and a Pecha Berry. "I'd feed Shuri that Pecha Berry quickly, I'd hate to see her suffer any further. Make your way through the cave until you find your next opponent, good luck Gary, I'm sure you can make it to the top!"

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