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It had been some time since Jayson’s last visit to the Cloud Garden, but the intense trial challenge versus Samuel was still fresh in his mind. Looking to start fresh and explore a new area of the mountain region, Jayson recalled Samuel’s parting words. The prospect of checking to see what the Stone Shrine had in store for him intrigued Jayson, so he set out in that direction with his gathering of Pokemon. Joining him was Tangaroa the Vaporeon, Alexander the Nidoking, Ajax the Chespin, and Tomoe the Wimpod.

The trainer and his Pokemon walked for quite a while as they headed west across the Galea Plains. Gradually the landscape became more and more rugged, with the mountain’s slope getting steeper. They were nearing the Starline Waterfall; the great falls that served as a gateway to the upper parts of the mountain and the sound of rushing water could be heard around the bend. They did not proceed any further to check it out however, as they had arrived at their destination.

Before them stood a large, rocky hill that stretched up towards the mountainside and topped with a flat plateau. The hill was lined with stairs that extended up to the top, where a giant red gate stood at the top. It was a bit of a hike, but Jayson and his team climbed the stairs and made it to the shrine’s entrance. As they got to the top and crossed under the gate, Jayson took in his surroundings. To the left was a cluster of dense pine trees and to the right an assortment of jagged rock formations. Before him lay a straight path that was lined by stone lanterns on either side. At the end of the path he could see the shrine itself, an old wooden building with a slanted roof.

Jayson and his group proceeded further, walking down the path as they approached the shrine. As they got nearer, they could see a girl in shrine maiden attire gracefully sweeping the steps to the shrine’s entrance. On either side of the wooden stairs sat a large stone platform, with a statue of a stone dog on each one. However, as they got closer and the girl noticed their presence, opting to smile and give a welcoming bow, Jayson noticed that the two statues began to move. The two wolf-like heads followed the newcomers’ every movement, and upon closer inspection they appeared to be a pair of Lycanroc; the one on the left being the midday form while the one on the right a midnight form.

“Welcome,” the girl greeted, clutching the broomstick in her hands. “My name is Ishi Madoka and I am caretaker of this shrine.” There was a very refined and polite air about her. “Are you here to take part of the trial challenge? Or are you looking to explore the area?”

It was a bright new day as Mint began her adventure on the sunny Galea Plains. Accompanying her was the Chatot Celeste, who chirped a song from her perch on Mint’s shoulder while a Rotomdex continued to offer dialogue while the trainer was just trying to make it through the map. As Mint gazed out across the plains, all she could see were lush, green rolling hills seemingly as far as the eye could see. There were a few scattered trees that offered brief oases of shade atop some of the hills while a gentle breeze blew at Mint’s back.

The trio of trainer, Pokemon, and Pokedex carried onward, setting out into the open plains in search of some wildlife. It wasn’t until after a short while of walking that they heard a commotion coming from the other side of a hill. Hurrying over it, Mint and company gazed down to see a pair of young trainers conducting a Pokemon battle. The young boy on the left seemed to have the upper hand as his Raticate bit down on the young girl’s Sentret, who squeaked in pain. The boy grinned confidently while there was a fear set in the girl’s eyes.

As Mint watched the battle unfold, it too her a few minutes to realize that there was a small yellow creature off to the side of the battlefield, quickly bobbing up and down in a peculiar dance. It appeared to be some kind of bird with pompoms in its hands, cheering for the girl’s Sentret in a futile effort. As the Sentret collapsed, the girl fell to her knees as well, returning the Pokemon to its Pokeball. “Rules are rules,” the boy commented with a smirk, holding out his hand. With tears in her eyes, the girl reluctantly put her Sentret’s Pokeball in his hand. “That’s no fair, Marcus, you didn’t tell me you evolved your Pokemon!” the girl sniffled as tears began to roll down her cheeks. “I can’t help that you’re a weakling, Kimmy!” the boy retorted, pocketing the girl’s Pokemon.

The pair then noticed Mint standing on the hill, and Marcus called out, “What are you staring at? She agreed to battle on the condition that the winner keeps the loser’s Pokemon!” The girl sniffled, “That was before I knew Ratty got big and ugly!” Marcus rolled his eyes, still feeling confident. “What about you up there? Do you think you can take my Pokemon on?” It was now up to Mint to decide what to do. If she beat Marcus’ Pokemon, maybe she could win back the Sentret for Kimmy.

Leo smiled as he listened to Isaac’s story about the Stunky and evolving his Eevee at the Mossy Rock. He seemed apologetic enough about the smoking incident, and he was still clearly rattled by the attack from Smokey the Ursaring. “Why don’t we get moving? We don’t want those wounds to get infected at all.” As they began walking down the forest trail, Leo offered a shoulder if Isaac needed one to keep the stress off his back, which was surely hurting.

It was a short walk as Smokey led the way. The tall trees of the Cloud Forest gradually began to thin out, and as they reached the edge of the forest, before them lay the expansive rolling hills of the Galea Plains. “It’s not too much farther,” Leo added, pointing to a cabin just in the distance. The sun was still shining bright overhead and a cool breeze blew across Isaac’s back, offering a slight relief to his wound.

Eventually they arrived at the ranger’s cabin and Leo let Isaac inside, opting to keep the Ursaring out as punishment. Leo quickly walked over to his desk where he pulled out a first aid kit. “Here, you can leave your Pokemon on the healing machine while I patch you up,” he said while motioning to a smaller version of a machine that was often seen in Pokemon Centers. “Please take off your shirt as well so I can dress the wound.” As he waited for Isaac to do so, Leo pulled out some gauze and disinfectant. He then continued, “I’m not going to lie, this might sting a little bit. Maybe to take your mind off of it, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself? Or maybe talk about where you would like to go next in the Cloud Garden?” (Please reply in lightgreen)
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