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134- With the Golisopod retreating, Pouli realizes that Niho was still trapped in the flooding hot spring! The Houndoom breaks into a sprint as she rushes back to where she had last seen the Totodile, behind the wall of rocks that the sneaky Wimpod had sent crashing down. If she had to return to Tate with news that Niho had been hurt, there was no telling what her trainer's reaction would be. Sure Niho was a Water type, but if the water was hot enough the Totodile would surely boil? There was no time to think about it, she just had to get back there and get her out.

Much to Pouli's surprise, Makamae was waiting for her when she arrived. The Dunsparce had disappeared some time ago, her help would certainly be appreciated. Barking orders, the pair begin to tear away at the rocks, slowly but surely clearing them. Suddenly the rocks begin to shake, causing the two to move back and give them some distance. A bunch of the rocks crack and tumble away as water floods out, washing over them as it disperses. As they shake themselves dry, a figure makes its way through the cleared passage.

"Niho?" Pouli questions as the now Croconaw makes its way towards them. Niho had grown quite a bit in her absence it seemed, although it explained why she was now strong enough to break through the rocks.

"About time you came back for me", snaps Niho, "you're lucky I evolved!" Looking around the debris, Niho finds a couple of useful items. She picks up a rainbow coloured Heart Scale, as well as a Damp Rock and what appears to be a Bell made of Shells. "Looks like we got some loot Pouli, do you think Tate will be happy with us?"
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