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Sandaa: The trio's eyes meet the strangest dream catcher they've ever seen and, intrigued by its strange craftsmanship, they give in to their curiosity and atttempt to retrieve the item from the branch it's tied to.

The task itself is easy; the string breaks with the gentlest of pressures, and soon Lynxa is holding the item in her hands. It makes her feel... strange, for whatever reason, and Akame notices their Murkrow partner is also growing agitated. However, before they can make any sense of it, a deep laughter coming from the hole in the tree catches their attention.

"None of you are cats, but you sure are curious," says a small, old-looking Oranguru as he exits the hollow tree. "My little trinket caught your eye, I see."

The ape takes a long, silent look at the Pawniard, the Murkrow and finally the Sneasel, then lets out another chuckle while sitting down indian-style in front of the trio.

"Interesting. There's a bit of Dark in all of you, and yet, I sense no evil. Why, then? Why steal from me? Was it Greed? Envy? Or just simple-minded curiosity?"

He uses his psychic powers to take the dream catcher from Lynxa's hands and set it on the grassy floor.

"I took this from a human poacher. Found him at death's door at the edge of Withering Woods after an unfortunate run-in with a pack of Mightyena. I could do nothing for the man, but after seeing the trinket he'd built, I felt no wish to aid him either," the Oranguru confesses. "Take a close look: he stole from and slayed many Pokemon in his hunts, and this is a trophy he handcrafted. Three blades taken from his prey did he dangle - Razor Claw, Poison Barb, Grip Claw. And at the center, wrapped in cloth, a Dusk Stone stolen from a Honchkrow nest."

He shifts his gaze from the cursed dream catcher to the Pokemon trio.

"So tell me... why should I give you this trinket, soaked in blood and sin? Why does it appeal to you?"
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