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morningstar: Your first and only instinct is to take Snivy from that horror scene and flee. Nothing else matters at the moment; you can do nothing else. A man has just died in front of you, and that man was Snivy's Trainer - if you're feeling horrified, you can only imagine what is going on through the snake's mind. The last thing you hear as you hastily leave the Refrigeration Unit is Seviper's chilling hisses, mocking you...

Back in the relative safety of the computer room, you finally put Snivy on the ground, but the Grass-Type isn't reacting. It has a blank stare on its face, as if catatonic. Mille, close by, has again shifted her attention to the Finneon tanks since Snivy is being so unbelievably boring...

In the distance, you hear the Refrigeration Unit door slide shut, and mercifully, it seems the black viper hasn't given chase. It has stayed behind with the corpse, but now it knows you're here... is it safe to just leave the Seviper behind and move onwards? Would that even be what Snivy wants?

You look at the Grass-Type with worry. It still hasn't budged, empty eyes locked on the floor, its mind having fully given in to the painful imagery it was confronted with. The once-proud, reliable-looking Pokémon Guard, who had intended to take down the criminal all by itself until it teamed up with you, now looks like a shell of its former self, helpless and emotionally shattered.

Is there anything you'd like to do or say? Can you help mend the broken Snivy?...

Schala: The chaos inadvertently caused by Ulysses, the toppled shelf, the potentially ruined books and the angry footsteps of the old librarian all send you into a panic, triggering your most basic of instincts and forcing you to flee the scene to the only place you can think of - the strange door the old woman was seemingly so intent on you never opening. Oh well... that's just one more thing she'll hate you for.

It takes a while for you to settle down, but eventually, your tears begin to dry up. Ulysses looks at you with visible concern, and no small amount of guilt over what happened back there. But more importantly, it seems the old woman hasn't given chase - or maybe she couldn't. As it turns out, it seems you did manage to lock the door in your panicked frenzy.

Looking ahead, you see nothing but a long wooden staircase leading down into unseen depths; candles light up the walls along the downwards path, indicating someone has been handling the path's maintenance at least. With nowhere else to go, you take Ulysses in your arms down the stairwell, wooden planks creaking as you go. Erebos, too, is following you, though you can't see him...

The further down you go, the heavier the atmosphere becomes, and the scent of mold fills the stagnant air. When the staircase finally ends, after what feels like hours of descending, you find yourself in a decidedly curious location, a tiny room that you never imagined existed in the sumptuous library.

The area is small for a human, forcing you to bend over slightly to avoid banging your head on the ceiling. Wooden shelves line the four walls of the room, and are filled to the top with dusty, archaic-looking scrolls. Are those... papyrus?!

Particularly interesting, though, is what you find in the middle of the room: a tiny wooden table with a burning candle, a small stool and, sitting upon it... a lovely-looking !

The black cat stares at you with a curious expression, then at Ulysses, and finally at a nearby wall, as if it knows where Erebos is. Then, it dips its claw into a small inkwell, and begins to scribble on the piece of paper in front of it. When it finishes, it turns the paper around and pushes it slightly towards you. Your eyes shift from the Litten to the paper's contents, and widen at what they see...

"Pleased to meet you. Did you blow up my library?"
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