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Hearing Momo's response, the Ancient's eye glimmer with repressed rage, but he merely shakes his head. Clearly the Sylveon is beyond salvation, so far deep into a pit of selfishness he has fallen, but that is his human Trainer's concern. If anything, Tyrantrum feels glad that Momo has loyal, more level-headed companions to keep him safe...

"I sincerely pity the two of you," says the dragon with a deep sigh. "But you have proven yourselves. Bravery and empathy... Pokemon with such qualities deserve better than to serve as a meal. Inside is the treasure I have amassed over generations; I doubt most trinkets would be of use to you, but take back to your Trainer whatever you feel she would like."

Once Mio and Kei have stepped inside, Tyrantrum's massive tails falls and blocks Momo's path.

"Not you. You don't deserve to lay eyes on my life's work," he growls ominously. "You will wait here for the friends you're lucky to have."

As it turns out, despite Mio's reserve, Tyrantrum hasn't lied to them; this isn't a trap. The second cave, despite being much smaller in size than the Ancient's lair, is absolutely full of loot! But the dragon was right - most of the items found within are of little use today. Old metal coins from past eras, golden plates and chalices, stone sculptures from lost ages...

Thankfully, some trinkets do seem to hold some use. Mio spots a glimmering object amidst a heap of copper coins, and retrieves it to reveal a rainbow-coloured 1x Heart Scale. After a while, Kei calls out to his partner, sounding very excited! Mio turns around to find the Charmander holding two beautiful rocks of intense colour, a bright yellow 1x Thunder Stone and a lovely blue 1x Ice Stone!

Deciding that was about all they could take of use, the duo prepares to walk back out, until Mio spots what could potentially be the solution for all their problems - at least concerning Momo's constant complaining. Without a word, she climbs up a broken statue and retrieves a peculiar rock hovering just above where the sculpture's head should be - the 1x Float Stone could very well be the answer for the Sylveon's walking... "impairment".

When the pair walks back out of the cave, the Ancient looks at what they brought with curiosity and a strangely warm smile.

"Out of all that I own, the treasures collected for centuries... four simple items are all you'll take?" he asks with surprise. "Very well. Then take this as well, a memento of our meeting."

The dragon breaks off the tip of one of his claws and hands it to Kei, who instincively steps back before accepting the 1x Quick Claw.

"Your Trainer has taught you some important values, though you still have much to learn. I was... pleasantly surprised to meet you, " Tyrantrum admits. "You reminded me that the world out there, beyond this chasm, is full of things worth preserving, such as the bond you share with your human... Go back to her, she must be growing worried. My Mandibuzz will escort you out in safety."

Before the trio leaves the cave, the Ancient speaks for the last time.

"I am glad to have met you. But now, it's time I rest. Please, tell nobody else of my existence... I, as well as this whole Isle, need a long rest."

((This concludes your II adventure! Hope you enjoyed it Patches! ^^))
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