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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
The strength of the trainers and Pokemon on the battlefield was obviously waning. However, with a rally cry from Athena, spirits were raised. The trial captain and her Mawile continued to focus on the crowd of Pokemon around them. Mawile sent out Fairy Winds to hit two or three Pokemon at a time and knock them out. Snowball the Mamoswine assisted by Thrashing through the crowd of Ice-types and sending them flying up into the air with her tusks. Glalie seemed to be noticing that his reinforcements were growing thin.

A strange aura surrounded Kilogram the Steelix as he raised his stats with Curse. He raised himself high into the air and came down with a Heavy Slam on a nearby Bergmite. The small Ice type Pokemon could only look up in absolute horror as the heavy Steel type brought himself down. After the cloud of snow and dust cleared, the Bergmite was just barely struggling to blow an Icy Wind to attack Kilogram and repair some of the cracks in its glacial body. Hyrem, surrounded by the warmth of his Pokemon, saw the opportunity to throw a Christmas Ball at the weakened Bergmite. The festive Pokeball shook weakly as Bergmite attempted to free itself, but it soon succumbed and the ball stopped moving with a satisfying click.
Hyrem has caught a Lv. 14 Male Bergmite!

Despite an overwhelming feeling of doom, Alice found some luck with landing right on her targeted Pokemon. Maasa splashed a Bomb of Mud on the Snorunt which was attempting to flee the trainer. The Swinub raced in front of the Snorunt to stop it in its tracks, then sprayed Mud Shot right in its face. The mud that was now covering Snorunt began to freeze, causing it to be unable to move. Maasa tried Biting Snorunt, but ended up just getting a mouthful of caked dirt. Alice tossed a Pokeball at the unmoving target, who could not even see the ball heading his way. The Pokeball barely shook before it let out a click, locking the Pokemon inside.
Alice has caught a Lv. 14 Male Snorunt!

Another Snorunt was currently being engaged in conversation with Tate. The Snorunt shook where it stood in the snow, a blank look on its face as Tate talked with it about their plans. The Pokemon didn't seem to understand that it was creating a problem, and with a shrug it started to walk away as Tate dug through their bag for a Pokeball. Pahalo, who was Roosting nearby called out to get her trainer’s attention before Snorunt got away. They threw it after the Snorunt, and the ball landed on the tip of the pointy Ice-type. It disappeared into the ball and caused it to shake a few times. After the third shake, the Pokeball clicked, remaining still in the snow for Tate to retrieve.
Tate has caught a Lv. 12 Female Snorunt!

After Jayson shouted his intentions to finish off the Froslass, the Ice and Ghost type flew into a hysteric rage. Each one of her Double Team clones screamed in fury. Odysseus the Magneton unleashed Magnetic Bombs, causing illusions of Froslass to disappear. Pahalo joined in with Dark Pulse, dispelling more clones with blasts of dark energy. It was down to just two Froslass. Lucas’ Mamoswine Snowball joined the group fighting Froslass, and took a moment to Sleuth the Odor of the real Froslass. She barreled through the last clone, causing it to disappear with the snow and wind. Once the true Froslass was left, she sent a Icy Wind at Odysseus, knocking another Magnet Bomb out of the air. Pahalo came down with Steel Wing, slicing into the Ice-type’s body. She screamed again, and the sound carried on the wind and echoed all around the waterfall. She prepared an Ice Shard only to be hit by Odysseus' last Magnet Bomb. Still in a blind rage, she formed several Shadow Balls and sent them at Odysseus. Luckily for the Magneton, it was only hit by one and the others were blown away by an Ominous Wind from Marie the Gengar. The super effective wind tossed Froslass in all directions. Draping an arm dramatically over her forehead, Froslass fainted and collapsed to the ground.

Rorik's sparkling Stahl took on the positon of support for the team. It raised a Screen of Light that shielded its allies. Conjuring the mysterious powers of the cosmos, the Starmie drew attention to itself, shining brightly as if it were being hit by a Spotlight. Glalie's attention was drawn to Stahl as if it was a Wingull locating a new treasure for its nest.

Over the howling wind, Keith directed Meowth to start by tricking Glalie with Feint Attack. The Mega Pokemon's tough body seemed unaffected by the attack, but when Meowth attacked again with Iron Tail, it hissed in pain.It turned from Stahl to Meowth, attempting to Bite at the small creature before it leapt away.

The purple gem inlaid in Keith's bracelet sparkled, and his partner Meowth was surrounded with Z-power. Keith went through the motions to unleash Meowth's Z-move, ending with his arms out and imbuing the spirit of Poison. Using Gunk Shot as a base, Meowth released a Downpour of deadly Acid. The dark purple substance rained down on Glalie, sizzling as it hit it and the snow on the ground. Glalie roared and began to shake, attempting to get the poison off of itself. Droplets of the acid flew off of Glalie and landed on Stahl, Marie, Snowball and Meowth as well.

Glalie heaved, the poison slowly taking its toll on its entire body. In a bright flash of light, it returned to its normal form. In anger, it Headbutted the ground and the icy walls several times, and both captured and wild Pokemon had to run to protect themselves from its rage. An Aura Sphere sent by Raphael smashed into Glalie. Melissa’s Mar, floating with Magnet Rise and its Defenses raised with the power of Iron, and egged Glalie on with Spite. It roared and sent out a much weaker Icy Wind, which only blew Raphael and Mar back a bit. Gary’s Blastoise charged up another Aura Sphere and hurled it right in Glalie’s face. It attempted to get its attackers away once more with Icy Wind, but Mar had depleted the power of the move. It let out a distressed cry, Struggling to continue the battle. It frantically smashed into the ground again and tried to loose enough snow to throw at its attackers. Glalie finally smashed itself hard into the frozen waterfall, causing it an Avalanche of ice and snow from the top to fall. It covered the Glalie completely in snow and ice as it was finally knocked out. The wind slowed, and it even felt like the temperature had raised a few degrees.
“Gather up!” Athena directed, she returned her Mawile back to its Pokeball as the remaining Pokemon returned to the wild. “Is everyone ok?” She performed a quick headcount to make sure that they had not lost anyone in the fight. The trial captain was relieved to see everyone’s tired faces. There was the sound of jingling bells and hooves on snow, and the Waterfall group turned to see a carriage full of the trainers who had stayed back in the town. They looked just as exhausted.

Please refer to Sandaa's post for further instructions!
Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
The town had been saved and the waterfall had been reclaimed, but the danger surrounding the Cloud Garden was far from over. “Great work so far everyone, I’m proud of all of you and thankful for your bravery,” Athena addressed the trainers. It was getting quite dark out now, and waterfall remained encased in a pillar of ice. “I think it would be a good idea to set up camp and regroup in the morning,” Athena added. A pair of Lycanrocs suddenly descended the mountain trail from the east; the midday one looking a bit worn-out while the midnight one looking raring to go. “You guys are welcome to stay at the Stone Shrine,” a voice called out from behind them, revealing Madoka the shrine maiden. “We finally managed to chase the invaders out.”

Beside Madoka was Marina and her Poliwrath, looking pretty exhausted as well. Samuel the woodsman spoke up next, “You lot did a fine job to get us this far. Now it’s the Cloud Garden’s trial captains’ time to shine!” Athena, Jet, Marina, Madoka, and Samuel all stepped forward and nodded at each other. They each sent forth a Pokemon, revealing Athena’s Mawile, Jet’s Drifblim, Marina’s Poliwrath, Madoka’s midnight-form Lycanroc, and Samuel’s Kabutops. The five Pokemon moved forward to the giant frozen pillar of ice and readied themselves.

Jet’s Drifblim floated up into the air and casted a Hex upon the pillar of ice. Madoka’s Lycanroc cracked the ice’s foundation to the frozen river underfoot with a Stone Edge. Athena’s Mawile shook the pillar with a cracking Iron Head while Samuel’s Kabutops chipped away at the weak spots with a Night Slash. Lastly, Marina’s Poliwrath gathered all of his remaining energy and poured it into his fist. Poliwrath cocked his fist back and hammered the ice with a devastating Dynamic Punch that shattered the entire pillar. Shards of ice accompanied by a torrent of water cascaded down from the sky as the waterfall began flowing like it normally was supposed to. The captains cheered and quickly recalled their Pokemon to avoid getting hit. They all quickly hurried off the icy river as the pressure of water slowly began to crack and break up the ice underneath the falls.

“Alright, let’s go get some rest,” Athena called out with a yawn as she and Madoka escorted the group of trainers up the short mountain trail that led to the Stone Shrine. The shrine itself was an open plateau that was up against the steep cliff side that accompanied the waterfall. There were a few scattered trees and rock formations to the sides, but the central part was neatly decorated with rows of stone lanterns and a giant red Torii gate at the main southern entrance. Toward the mountainside was a magnificent and old shrine building with a building to either side of it; to the left being a cabin for travelers to stay and to the right an administrative building for the shrine’s daily operations. “Since there’s a lot of people, I hope you all don’t mind staying in sleeping bags in the central room,” Madoka explained.

With everyone physically and mentally exhausted from the day’s action, the trainers quietly mingled amongst themselves while the trial captains served them a warm soup for dinner. Soon after, everyone eventually went to bed where the captains took turns on lookout with little to report.


Morning seemed to come almost too fast as beams of sunlight flared through the windows into the cabin. Being a natural early riser, Madoka was already up and stepped outside to sweep when she exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! Everyone come quickly!” There was a rush to the door as trainers hurried outside in anticipation of another attack. However, what lay before them were stacks of neatly wrapped gifts. They were all unmarked boxes but featured a small ribbon that held them together with a neatly-tied bow. After counting each of them, there appeared to be the same number of gifts as there were trainers present. “How peculiar…” Athena mused, picking one up. It wasn’t too heavy.

After pulling on the string, Athena’s box opened up, releasing a soft flash of bright energy that flowed through her body. She gasped but then moments later let out a giggle. “Wow, I feel great! It’s like I’m re-energized!” Holding up her Pokeballs, her Altaria and Clefable reappeared, just as energetic and at full health. “Open yours too, everyone!” The gifts were distributed one by one until everyone was handed a gift. As they were opened up, a similar effect went off to what Athena experienced. At the bottom of the boxes were a small card that read “Merry Christmas!” and a Revive and an Aspear Berry as well.

Everyone has received the following:
1x Revive
1x Aspear Berry
The following Pokemon are fully healed and receive the following levels (if a Pokemon is lv.100, you shall receive an equivalent number of rare candies to levels received):
Alex: Nuhuko the Lunatone (1), Isaac the Alolan Marowak (4), Attila the Larvitar (2)
Alice: Millie the Miltank (3), Maasa the Swinub (3)
Athena: Choux the Snubbull (1), Monte the Scraggy (2), Palmier the Litwick (2), Éclair the Mawile (1)
Austin: Nick the Ninetales (2), Marie the Gengar (1)
Big: Hotstuff the Charmander (5), Geddy the Tynamo (3)
Bill: Silver the Squirtle (4), Megas the Golett (1), Swift the Finneon (1)
Chroma: Louise the Mawile (3), Miapladicus the Staryu (2)
Drew: Rotom (2)
Eskil: Belial the Houndoom (3), Khione the Sneasel (3), Nyx the Liepard (1)
Gary: Akame the Pawniard (3), Raphael the Blastoise (3)
Hyrem: Happy the Flareon (3), Silas the Houndoom (2), Kilogram the Steelix (1)
Isaac: Morgana the Incineroar (2)
Jayson: Balerion the Charizard (2), Spartacus the Scizor (3), Odysseus the Magneton (2)
Jess: Leo the Spheal (1), Epona the Ponyta (2), Sheik the Houndour (1), Link the Poochyena (2)
Keith: Aster the Toxapex (2), Kyle the Heatmor (2), Meowth (3)
Liawe: Caeda the Skarmory (3), Hope the Shuppet (2), Calem the Caterpie (2)
Lucas: Kong the Slaking (2), Amabel the Eelektross (2), Snowball the Mamoswine (1)
Mélina: Lune the Eevee (2), Soleil the Eevee (3)
Melissa: Wildfire the Cyndaquil (4), Mar the Aron (2)
Melody: Princess the Stufful (4)
Patches: Rika the Espeon (2), Aya the Furret (4)
Rorik: Stahl the Starmie (2), Volg the Charmeleon (3), Guntz the Snorlax (3)
Tate: Pahalo the Mandibuzz (3)
With the gifts given out, everyone refreshed and restored, and breakfast served, it was time to head out and make their way up the waterfall. The trainers followed the captains back down the mountain trail towards the waterfall, where they found a large makeshift raft awaiting them. Samuel had apparently worked through the night building it from a couple of fallen trees and appeared quite exhausted. “It might not look like much, but it’ll hold. I bet my entire craft on it,” he smiled, flexing his bicep. The logs had been neatly cut and tied together with a few ropes being held up by none other than Jet’s Drifblim.

“All aboard!” Jet called out, helping the trainers onto it. There was about just enough space for everyone, as long as most of the Pokemon remained in their Pokeballs. With one hard tug, Drifblim slowly began to pull the raft off the ground. It was assisted by the strength of Marina’s Poliwrath, who pushed it from underneath toward the waterfall. Not to be outdone, Marina’s Gyarados came out as well to help drive the raft up the waterfall from underneath. Samuel and Madoka waved goodbye from the ground, wishing everyone good luck as they ascended the falls. “If you aren’t good with heights, please stay in the middle of the raft,” Athena called out as the raft swayed ever so slightly. It was a slightly-unnerving few minutes, but eventually the raft made it to the top of the cliff where Gyarados pushed it onto the riverbank.

At this point, Drifblim, Gyarados, and Poliwrath were simply too tired to continue, so Marina and Jet decided it would be best to secure a base camp here while the rest moved ahead. A chilling winter gale blew across the mountainside. “The air is a lot thinner up here, so bundle up and preserve your energy,” Athena called out, wrapping a scarf around her neck. It was certainly colder up here than it was down on the plains.


The group proceeded up the trail to the northeast, where Athena had detected some unusual activity on the mountain before all of this started. They passed by another enshrined area known as the Cloud Shrine; Jet’s usual base of operations when the mountain isn’t being taken over by ice types. They then crossed a small and frozen section of the Starline River, which weaved its way around the mountain and flowed down into the waterfalls. Up here, the river acted as a natural boundary for the Burnt Forest; a section of woods that typically smolders all year long.

Once across the river, all that lay before the trainers lay a stretch of endless plains completely covered in snow. On the horizon stretched a steep slope of mountain going straight up while a rather low ceiling of clouds orbited around the mountain’s peak like a halo. As they approached the mountain slope, a rather large cave stood before them. “There didn’t used to be a cave here…” Athena murmured, a bit perplexed. However, loose snow and rocks all around the area were clear signs of a recent rockslide or avalanche causing this cave to become unearthed. “Something must have pushed its way out, from the looks of it…” Athena slowly approached the cave before looking around.

A small white orb floated down beside Athena, almost appearing like a snowflake. She slowly stared at it for a moment as a couple other orbs floated their way down. The first orb suddenly burst with a pop, scattering some rocks by her feet. “Oh no… Everyone get back!” she called out, turning to run. The other orbs exploded as well, to much greater effect as their booms echoed across the cave entrance. Just as the dust and rocks began to settle, the ground began to shake causing a number of icicles to crash down from the cave’s ceiling. A loud bellowing moan erupted from the interior of the cave and a harsh Blizzard of icy wind followed. “That can’t be good,” Athena whispered as she stood in front of the group to try and protect them. While she was but a teenage girl, she felt responsible for bringing all of these people to this perilous situation.

The earth continued to shake as a massive shadow appeared from deep within the cave. THUD. The creature inside smacked aside a stalagmite that was in its way. A chunk of rock went flying out of the cave and crashed into the snow not too far from where the trainers stood. As the creature drew nearer its frosty breath could be heard echoing through the cave while the temperature dropped drastically with each passing moment. Glaring red eyes could be spotted coming from the darkness. As the trainers slowly back away from the cave’s entrance, a few more energy bombs floated down from above. “Guys, let’s fall back!” Athena cried out, “Head back in the direction we came from, towards the river!”

She didn’t need to tell anyone twice to get out of there as the group of trainers turned tail to retreat. Looking back as they ran, a massive, giant beast erupted from the cave coated in white and green fur while imposing spikes covered its back. It resembled a creature known as Abomasnow, but it was nothing like the ones native to the frosty region of Sinnoh’s Mt. Coronet. It was rounder and bigger- much bigger in what some might identify as a Mega Evolution of Abomasnow. On top of that, this beast appeared twice as large as any Pokedex would indicate, maybe even larger than that. The Abomasnow let out another bellowing roar, breathing a powerful Blizzard at the fleeing trainers’ heels. Fortunately for them, it did not leave the cave’s immediate entrance to pursue the group.


Back at the river crossing that they had passed over earlier, Athena slowly caught her breath. “This is awful… Who knew such a beast was sleeping inside the mountain all along?” She bit her lip, trying to think of a plan. “There’s no doubt that it’s the cause of all of this. We’re going to need to take it down somehow. The only problem are those pesky bombers up above the cliff side. I’ve got an idea though. We’ll need some trainers to hold off the Abomasnow and distract it while I lead a group up an old mountain path I know of and take care of the pests. There’s an old section of the Cloud Garden called Delibird Ridge, and I can guarantee you those are the culprits behind those bombs! I can’t imagine they’re all bad though, or who else would have left us those presents at the Stone Shrine this morning?”

Athena looked up to the sky as pellets of Hail trickled down from above. She paused for a minute to let the trainers decide what they were going to do. Would they be brave enough to take on the beastly Abomasnow or would they follow her up the mountain path to Delibird Ridge? The battles from here on out were only going to get more intense than ever before, but with everyone’s help they might just be able to take down the leader of all the ice Pokemon. What would they choose?

It’s finally time for the climactic battle of the Abominable Snowdown! In your reply please indicate which path you wish to choose. You will be able to change actions each round, so do not feel like you will be locked into a specific group this time! Regardless of which path you choose, it is recommended that you have a Pokemon ready to fight with up to three attacks in mind! Remember, teamwork is the key to victory!
Glalie was getting pummeled by attacks left and right, but Acid Downpour was the straw that broke the Numel's back. It got Glalie roaring in anger and pain, and though it shook some drops of acid off of it and onto a few opponents, Meowth included, ultimately the Ice-type still took the very worst of the move, and even reverted from its Mega Evolved state back to a regular Glalie. "It's getting there!" Keith exclaimed, emboldened by this success. And indeed, Glalie was getting worn down very much, to the point where it started to just slam itself into the ground repeatedly in a desperate attempt to loose enough snow to use in an attack. It seemed to be doing way more damage to itself than anyone else, however, and Keith's Pokédex spoke up on the subject of this almost laughable desperation move.

"Struggle- a desperation move a Pokémon will use when it lacks the power to use any of its other attacks," droned the device. "Highly inefficient, Struggle will cause the user to expend large amounts of its own health, regardless of how effective the move actually is."

And with that, Glalie slammed hard into the frozen waterfall, causing a deluge of ice and snow to fall upon it from above, knocking it out once and for all. "Yes!" Keith exclaimed in relief, gathering with the others at Athena's word. Meowth resumed his usual position on Keith's shoulder, and Keith himself climbed back onto Vinny (having temporarily dismounted in order to do the necessary poses for Acid Downpour), while Athena performed a quick headcount, discovering to her relief that everyone was present and accounted for.

Soon afterwards, they were joined by the Trainers who had remained behind in town- they looked no less worn-out, telling Keith that there must have been just as much intense action going on in town. And soon, the trial captains of Cloud Garden were springing into action. Athena's Mawile, Madoka's Midnight Lycanroc, as well as a Drifblim, a Poliwrath, and a Kabutops, chipped away at the icy pillar until they were able to shatter the ice and get the waterfall flowing once more.

After this, Athena voiced the very welcome notion of getting some rest. "Best idea I've heard all day," Keith called in response, grinning.

"Let's get movin', then, hat man," Vinny responded, following Athena and Medoka as they led the Trainers onward to the Stone Shrine. Once at their destination, Keith was able to finally relax, talk to some of the other Trainers, complement some on the awesome job their Pokémon did back at the waterfall, discuss the Pokémon they'd caught (during which Keith decided that he would nickname his new Cryogonal Winter), and later on, enjoy a very welcome and warming dinner of hot soup. It wasn't Hermione's cooking, but by no means was it a poor substitute either. And at last, the group was off to sleep for the night. Vinny was back in his Rocket Ball, but Meowth slept right beside his Trainer.


Keith yawned and stretched as he woke up the next day, awoken by Madoka excitedly calling for everyone to come quickly. Groggily, half-asleep, Keith scooped up a snoring Meowth in his arms and headed outside, ready to react at a moment's notice, to battle once more. "Gah, what in the Distortion World is attacking us this ti- holy crap," Keith murmured as he finally got outside and saw what awaited- neatly stacked piles of neatly wrapped presents. And a quick count confirmed that there was one for each Trainer present. Athena tested the waters by opening her present first- it unleashed a flash of light, and it seemed to revitalize not only Athena, but her Pokémon as well. Keith exchanged looks with Meowth, who was now awake (though I use the term loosely here), and raced to grab a Present of his own. Pulling the string, Keith felt the soothing flash of light. "Ahhh," Keith and Meowth sighed simultaneously.

"Man," Meowth remarked, now fully awake and re-energized. "Now dat was good!"

"Ohh, yeah," Keith grinned. "Hey, I wonder," he added, producing a Poison Ball and Level Ball. "If Athena's Clefable and Altaria were healed as well, then maybe... Go, Aster! Go, Kyle!" And with that, he tossed up the spheres. From the Poison Ball, a pink Toxapex appeared with a swirl of sapphire stars, and from the Level Ball, there emerged Keith's trusty Heatmor. Both of them looked just as happy and energetic as ever, neither of them showing any signs of damage from the previous day's intense battling. "You guys feeling better?" Keith grinned.

"Heat! Mor!" Kyle nodded.

"Toxa~" Aster added, jumping up and hugging Keith. It took her some practice, as her legs looked quite different, but she was eventually able to hug him without hurting him, and likewise, Keith was able to work out a way to hug Aster despite the body within the dome of legs being rather smaller now.

Following a much-appreciated breakfast, the group was off once more, back to the waterfall. Keith rode on Vinny once more, but once they got there, it was clear that the Camerupt would need to sit out this next leg of the journey, for it was to take place on a makeshift raft. Only Meowth remained out of his ball and on Keith's shoulder as the Poison-type Trainer boarded the raft. The Drifblim from yesterday was the one pulling the raft into the water, though the Poliwrath helped as well, and even a Gyarados propelled the raft up the waterfall. It was a long and slow climb, and once they were at the top, the trio was simply too tired to keep going.

A base camp was established where they went ashore, and the group of Trainers forged onwards. Keith sent Vinny back out, knowing he'd need the Camerupt for both transport and heat as they continued. He had to sit out the trek across the frozen river, so as to not break or melt the ice, but other than that, Keith rode Vinny practically the whole way.

Finally, they came to a large cave. Most ominously, Athena remarked that no such cave existed here previously, before small, white orbs began to descend upon them, almost like snowflakes... until they burst. The group retreated from the blasts with great haste, avoiding damage for the most part. And then, to add to the ever-growing sense of general unease, a bellowing roar and a howling Blizzard came forth from the cave, causing Keith and Meowth to exchange worried glances. And the ground shook with every footstep made by... whatever the hell was in that cave. It sounded massive, and Keith could not blame Athena for ordering them to retreat towards the river. And as they did so, Keith looked back, his jaw dropping as he saw a massive Mega Abomasnow emerge from the cave, blasting yet another Blizzard their way.

Back at the frozen river, Athena voiced the notion that that Mega Abomasnow was the cause of the entire frozen fiasco, and stated that it had to be taken down. And of course, the bombers from before- likely Delibird from Delibird Ridge- had to be dealt with. It now fell to the Trainers to decide- do they volunteer to go after the Delibird, or face off against the Abomasnow?

Keith clutched a Level Ball in his hand. Kyle hadn't had the best of luck against Mega Glalie yesterday, but against an Abomasnow, Mega or not, gigantic or otherwise, fire was their friend. Keith had complete and total faith in his Heatmor, and it was with that total confidence that he spoke up. "I'll help against Abomasnow," he said, tossing the Level Ball. "Kyle, let's go!"

And in a flash of light, Keith's Heatmor appeared once more. "Heat..." he murmured, eyeing the falling Hail. "Heatmor heat?" he said to Keith.

Keith nodded. "There's a Mega Abomasnow back that way, Kyle," he said. "And we're gonna help take it on. First thing we'll need to do is try and turn the environment in our favor, so when we get there, I want you to open with Sunny Day, and hopefully you won't be the only one going for that move."

"Mor," nodded Kyle, looking around at the gathered Trainers, before turning back to Keith.

"And then," Keith continued, "go for a Fire Spin that'll keep that terrible tree rooted to the spot, and follow up with your Inferno attack!"

*Aster grew to level 39!*

*Aster grew to level 40!*

*Kyle grew to level 37!*

*Kyle grew to level 38!*

*Meowth grew to level 28!*

*Meowth grew to level 29!*

*Meowth grew to level 30!*

*Obtained the Revive!*

*Obtained the Aspear Berry!*
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