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Throughout the casino various trainers were sleuthing and snooping around as they attempted to investigate the mysterious rumors about shady dealings behind the proverbial curtain. However, aside from run-down slot machines, eerie animatronic puppets, and the suspicious guards, things were relatively quiet on all fronts. Things were in fact too quiet, and a shadowy figure descended upon the building in order to get to the bottom of it.

Elevator: Brave Saix, OkikuMew, Patches, PikaGod
A few of the trainers sat in the elevator, hoping that it would take them to new heights or depths to uncover a mystery of the casino, or maybe they were just along for the ride. However, a Rotom’s smiling face suddenly appeared on the control panel of the elevator and it began to move downward. It giggled a few times before the doors opened, letting the trainers out by the downstairs stairwell. The elevator’s control panel flashed a message that read, “It’s time to clean house.”


A few minutes later, several of the trainers had made their way down the staircase while a few stepped out of the elevator. They congregated and murmured quietly amongst themselves, wondering who or what had summoned them here. Suddenly the lights dimmed and a hooded figure Teleported in front of the crowd with a Natu on their shoulder. Pulling the green hood off of his head, the figure revealed himself to be a young man in his late 20’s with a thin mask across his eyes.

“Glad you all could make it,” he spoke in a low voice as he addressed the group. “We don’t have a lot of time before they catch on, so I’ll be brief. “The one who leaked the info to the media about the shady business behind the casino was none other than myself. You don’t need to know my name but you can refer to me as the Jack of Hearts. Just know that like you I want to put a stop to this casino and return the goods and Pokemon they smuggled back to the community. Follow me.”

The Jack of Hearts quickly turned and walked down the corridor at a brisk pace. He arrived at a door and allowed for the trainers to catch up. “Rotom, if you will.” The Rotom that had previously commandeered the elevator phased through the wall and came face to face with the electronic panel that locked the door. Rotom integrated with the machinery and after a moment, the door was open. “Quick, grab what you can, but make sure there’s enough for everyone.”

What lay before them was in fact the casino’s treasure vault. The room was filled with shelves covered with various valuable items and the walls were stacked with unhatched eggs. “They’ve caught wind of our plans and already begun to move some of their goods out of here, but let’s clean them out and take the rest.”

The Natu on the Jack of Hearts’ shoulder’s eyes suddenly glowed blue as if it was getting a vision of the future. It let out a low chirp. “We have to move quickly. The guards will be down here any minute. I’ll set off a diversion while you all escape, so hurry!” He quickly nodded to his Natu, who Teleported away. A faint explosion was heard moments later as his Scraggy had presumably set off a number of explosives in the bathrooms upstairs. Once the trainers had loaded up on goods, it was time to leave. The trainers hurried back down the hallway as a pair of Granbull with guards’ hats stepped out of the elevator. They growled menacingly.

“Go up the stairs and get out of here quickly! We’ll hold them off!” The Jack of Hearts pulled out a Pokeball and tossed it, revealing a Decidueye. “Freeze them, Robin Hoot!” The owl nodded and held up his wing like a bow and arrow, firing off a pair of feathers at the Granbull. The feathers missed the Granbulls and landed harmlessly on the ground behind them. The two Granbulls laughed and began to step forward only to find their paws frozen in place. Robin Hoot’s Spirit Shackle had done its job, pinning their shadows in place.


As the trainers quickly ascended the stairs and exited the building with the crowd of tourists who were visiting the casino. The fire alarm had been triggered, causing a mandatory evacuation to call for everyone to leave the building, staff included. The pair of Granbulls were last to leave the building, scratching their heads in confusion with a defeated expression on their faces. It was tough to spot with the untrained eye, but a shadowy figure emerged on the roof of the building and glided away with the wings of an owl carrying him.

At this point, the Fizzytopian fire department and police department had arrived at the scene and cordoned off the area. One of the police members announced that there was a bomb threat and the police force began questioning people, starting with the casino’s staff. Suddenly, without warning, a loud explosion erupted from inside the building and the roof caved in. Like a volcano, a cloud of dollar bills spewed out of the casino and into the air. A frenzy erupted throughout the crowd as people scrambled to collect the money as it floated back down to earth.

“Hey, this money’s counterfeit!” one of the officers exclaimed while another slapped the giant pile of money out of his hands. “You heard the man, book ‘em!” The second officer exclaimed as they turned to arrest the casino’s staff. As confusion and chaos swirled in the air while the foundation of the building slowly began to crumble, it would be in the trainers’ who knew the secret behind the casino’s demise best interest to flee the premises before it was their turn to be questioned. As the firefighters began to put out the fires and smoke billowed into the sky, a dark chapter in the history of Fizzytopia’s history had finally been closed… for now.

It is unfortunate we couldn’t deliver on more of an event, but as promised it is time to cash in on the closure of the Cinccino Royale. For those of you who participated in the event, please feel free to claim the following items. This thread will remain open until January 1st, 2018.

Participants of the Cinccino Royale may collect the following:
• 1 Heart Scale
• 1 Cherish Ball
• Evolution Items - Choose 1 of the Following:
o Fire Stone
TMs Pay Day, Snatch, Thief, & ONE of the following:
o TM Earthquake
One Rare Casino Egg
Disclaimer: Casino Eggs will be hatched in THIS THREAD on January 1st, 2018 for all who claim them. Please do not overrun the Hatchery with egg vouchers!
After riding the elevator downstairs, suddenly a message was displayed on the control panel. “Oh look at that Mio, looks like they need us to clean!” Patches runs out of the elevator as soon as the door opens and throws a hand up in the air and then loudly shouts for all to hear. “I call mopping duty!!!!” She then begins to glance around the room in hopes of finding the mops before others get to them first. “Mopping is the best so I know everyone else will probably want to get to do it too! It’s the one chore where you can draw pictures on the ground with water and not get yelled at!” Just as she had prepared to run around the room frantically looking for a mop, she is caught off guard by a mysterious hooded figure teleporting into the room.

“Oh, this must be the person that assigns us our duties, I still hope I get to mop. If he gives someone else mopping duty then maybe they’ll trade me. Oh who am I kidding, no one would ever be willing to give up mopping duty… Aw man I really hope that I’m picked for something good…” She whispers to Mio who has been comfortably sitting on her shoulder. She had been whispering the whole time the mysterious man gave his introduction so she had completely missed what he said but noticed that everyone was now following him so she began to do the same.

Once the man explains that everyone gets to grab what they can, Patches gets her hopes up again. Maybe if she’s fast enough she’ll be able to get her hands on a mop. She slowly begins to push her way to the front of the crowd in order to leap in the moment an opportunity arrises. “Wait, did he just say he is distracting the guards? Do the guards get mad when people clean?” Suddenly the other trainers began to loot the room as Patches was trying to comprehend that last statement from the strange man. Once she finally snaps out of it, she gets to work searching for a mop. Mio had been listening the entire time and knew exactly what was needed. She pulled the bag off of Patches’ shoulder and dragged it over to the loot. She quickly filled it up with as much as she could, even rolling an egg into the bag too. Once she was done she pulled it back over to Patches who was looking around in confusion. “Mio… Not only are there no mops but I don’t even see brooms or cleaning cloths anywhere.” She picks up her bag, completely unfazed by the fact that Mio had taken it and that now it was significantly heavier and larger than before.

Suddenly, a fire alarm goes off and this is something that even Patches knows well. “Ah! We need to get out of here Mio! They’re having a fire drill!!” She doesn’t understand why no one seems to be getting into a single file line but regardless, she escapes. Money is raining down on her once she is outside but she doesn’t seem to think it’s anything out of the ordinary and she just continues to exit the premises. “Well that was fun! Even if I didn’t get to mop. Wait, wasn’t there another reason why I was in there?” It just occurred to Patches that she must have gotten side tracked. It is then that she turns around in order to go back inside but instead she ends up watching as the building crumbles right in front of her eyes. “… Let’s just go home and play dress up with Kei!” And with that, she turns right back around and skips down the path away from everything that had just occurred.


x1 Heart Scale
x1 Cherish Ball
x1 Fire Stone
x1 TM Pay Day – Teaching to Mio the Pikachu
x1 TM Snatch – Teaching to Sir Tibs the Sneasel
x1 TM Thief – Teaching to Aya the shiny Furret
x1 TM Earthquake
x1 Rare Casino Egg

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