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The Abominable Snowdown
A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign

Town: Ironthunder, Raves, Patches, morningstar, lilbluecorsola, OkikuMew, Median Dia, CyberBlastoise, Schala, biggggg5, PikaGod, Rotom310

There was a kind of silent chaos in Galea Town as a bevy of Smoochum looted the small family-owned businesses while the citizens of the village were knocked out cold both metaphorically and literally. As Poppy’s warning and plea for help echoed across the walkie-talkies before being put to sleep, trainers quickly hurried in the spare carriage, hoping to restore order in Galea Town.

As the second carriage pulled into the city, there was an eerie atmosphere, almost like they were in a ghost town. The trainers disembarked and made their way into the town square where they spotted a number of sleeping residents, including Poppy and Primrose, and like the gardener and heiress their arrival seemed to draw the mischievous Smoochum out of their hiding places in various storefronts.

“Smoo! Smoo!” they cried, ready to chase the newcomers out of the town, or at least let them join everyone else in slumber. However, the trainers were ready and packed with Pokemon to put a stop to the thieves. Megas the Golett was first to make an appearance, the spectral golem standing tall over the Smoochum. It kicks up a pair of Mud Slaps that covers the Smoochum in dirt as well as the scarf she had stolen. With her image ruined, Smoochum turns in anger and runs up to it, Licking the Golett. Megas shuddered, feeling a sudden chill as its joints locked up in paralysis. As Smoochum examined the now stiff opponent, she was about to leave to go clean up before Megas suddenly raised its arms and Astonished her with a quick startle.

The next Smoochum to find an opponent was a rather chubby one who had just finished robbing the grocer. As she prepared to sink her teeth into an Apicot Berry, she felt a sharp pain. Whipping around, Smoochum came face to face the small Caterpie known as Calem who had given her a painful Bug Bite, stealing her meal in the process. Calem quickly went in for a couple more Bug Bites, causing the Smoochum to squeal in pain and discomfort. Angered by the assault, she blasted Calem back with psychic energy, but the Confusion seemed to do less than expected as Calem was feeling the effects of the Apicot Berry that was eaten.

Geddy the Tynamo hovered out of his Pokeball and stares down a Smoochum of his own. Crackling with electricity, the small eel fired off a Charge Beam that knocked back the Smoochum. However, instead of retaliating with her own attack, Smoochum went up to Geddy and gave him a Sweet Kiss on the cheek. Geddy looked around confused by the turning of the other cheek before firing off another Charge Beam, slightly more powerful than the one before. Geddy then followed it up with a third blast, the strongest Charge Beam of the three hitting Smoochum for good damage before she finally retaliated with a hard-hitting Pound.

Wrapping up the town’s rescue mission was a pair of trainers who hoped to rouse the citizens from their slumber. Jess hurried over to Primrose’s aid, helping prop up the young girl’s weak body while she dreamt. As she did so, Link the Poochyena kept guard and Howled intimidatingly. Next to Jess was Mélina, who pulled out a Blue Flute and began to play a rousing melody. As the tune echoed across the town square, the song didn’t seem to be as effective as it would have on a sleeping Pokemon, but the townsfolk seemed to begin stirring in their sleep gradually. Attracted to the noise, a group of Smoochum converged on the two trainers. Link blasted a couple of Smoochums back with a Dark Pulse followed by a Shadow Ball while Mélina’s Eevee Lune returned to action to bat her Baby-Doll Eyes to lower a Smoochum’s guard and followed it up with a Bite. The Smoochums squealed in pain and retaliated with a chilling Powder Snow.

With the Smoochum’s numbers beginning to thin out as several of them fell in combat, some of the villagers had finally woken up due to the combined noise of the commotion and the flute playing. “Let’s get these pests out of here!” some of the villagers shouted while others lamented their property damage that the Smoochum had caused. A few of their Pokemon appeared, a Meowth, Lillipup, and Glameow started chasing some of the thieves away while a pair of angry older ladies used brooms. “What happened…” Poppy groggily asked as he slowly got to his feet and regained his bearings. “Young Miss! Is she okay?” he thanked the trainers for their rescue and quickly called over a local doctor. “She doesn’t look good, but it’s not too late,” he commented, examining Primrose. “Let’s hurry and get her over to my clinic.” The trainers were finally able to let out a sigh of relief as Primrose had been escorted to safety.


Meanwhile, not all was rosy as the Beartic continued its march towards town. As buildings appeared on the horizon, a few trainers hurried after it to try and delay the beast further. Looking to stop the accompanying Cubchoo as well, Attila the Larvitar ran up to the one she had been fighting and Crunched down on it hard. Before Cubchoo could retaliate, Alex quickly pulled out an all-white Pokeball fittingly known as a Snow Ball and hurled it at the bear. It pulled the Cubchoo inside, vigorously shaking once… twice… three times… before coming to a complete halt with a successful “Ding!” Congratulations, Alex has captured a lv.13 male Cubchoo!

With the Beartic ignoring its opponents and continuing down its path, Khione hurried after it and smacked it in Pursuit for solid damage before attempting to trip up the large polar bear with a Low Kick. The Beartic roared in discomfort before turning to swat her away with a Super Powerful strike. Khione went flying, landing in the snowbank as her entire body reeled in pain. Beartic seemed to begin panting a little bit, but it continued its march regardless. Aya the Furret darted forward with great Agility, running up to the Beartic and bit into its flank with her Super sharp Fangs. Beartic roared in anger, turning to face the Furret and Crash a pillar of Icicles on her for great damage.

After getting up from the hard hit from earlier, Palmier the Litwick began to Calm his Mind before hoping to Astonish the Beartic with a distracting startle. However, Beartic ignored him and continued marching forward. Annoyed, Palmier blew forth a ring of Fire that Spun around the Beartic and trapped it inside. As the snow melted around it, Beartic let loose another bellowing roar of discomfort before blasting through the fire with a quick Aqua Jet, ramming into the candle Pokemon once again. Palmier fell over, defeated.

Stepping up to try and slow the beast next, Attila let loose a deafening Screech to get its attention. As Beartic glared at the Larvitar and covered its ears, Khione ran up and Punched Beartic, Powering herself Up in the process. Aya looked to get revenge next, smacking Beartic with a hard Iron Tail as Attila brought up the rear with an Iron Head. Not to be outdone, Jet’s Staraptor hit Beartic with a powerful Close Combat. Beartic roared angrily and began glowing blue once again before releasing an Avalanche of snow at the four attackers. Attila, Aya, and Jet’s Staraptor hung on, critically weakened, while Khione unfortunately succumbed to her wounds from earlier.


Beartic drew ever closer to the town as a number of lights illuminated the horizon. The townspeople had chased out most of the Smoochum and were still battling the rest while a few others had learned of the Beartic’s presence and prepared to hold it off. Their Pokemon hurried into the fray as a few Growlithe and Machop looked to intercept the Cubchoo. Beartic let out another booming roar as the sky turned dark. With the sun beginning to slip beyond the horizon, pellets of Hail began to fall from the sky. Beartic seemed to benefit from the weather effect immensely, appearing faster than ever as it Rushed through the Slush towards the town. “This is our last stand guys!” Jet called out, “We’ve gotta stop the Beartic here, or else who knows what it’ll do to the town!”

With the Smoochum and Cubchoo mostly taken care of, all that remains is the looming Beartic! Time is running out before it reaches town, so it’s now or never. If you wish to make any captures in any of the previous [Town] areas this is your last chance, so have a Pokeball ready to go! It is strongly encouraged that you attempt to take down the Beartic! The more Pokemon that gang up on it, the easier it’ll be!
Mélina’s plan totally worked. Well, maybe not as much as she wished, but it did. Although the flute wasn't as much as effective as would be on a sleeping Pokémon (perhaps it has to do with wavelengths the human ear cannot pick up), it still gradually woke up the town from its slumber. As suspected, her music caught the attention of the troublemaking Smoochum, but she ended up being more ready than she thought she was: of all people, accompanying the sick girl and the man, there was Jessica, a friend Mélina hasn’t seen in ages! She ordered her Poochyena to attack alongside Lune. Mélina wished she could tell out “Woo, teamwork!” and initiate a hi-five, but being busy playing the Blue Flute, she simply gave her a knowing glance and nod.

At some point, as the villagers went back to their senses, they immediately went out for revenge on the baby delinquents, shooing them out with Pokémon or brooms. As for the girl and man, they immediately ran to the nearest doctor, to everyone's relief. Estimating that they can take care of themselves from that point on, Mélina stopped playing her instrument, shared a smile with Jessica, then addressed to Lune, who was pulling a raspberry at the Smoochum running away.

“Wooo, awesome job my girl!” She walked up to her gave her a good scratch on her cheek. “You sure got a bite out of crime there! You deserve some rest now.”

After calling Lune back to her Pokéball, the trainer made a run (well, more of a fast walk) to the new top priority: The Beartic and Cubchoo. What she didn't know though is although the Cubchoo seemed to be handled and gone, the Beartic has gone berserk and getting dangerously close to the town! Biting her lip, worried about what destruction the arctic bear could do and wondering what she would do, she decided of throwing Soleil into the fray again.

“Soleil, I need your rays of help again!” She pleaded. “Before you do anything though… I think you better have a snack. You’re still tired from that fight against Vulpix… aren’t you?”

“Vee...” the furball sighed while slowly nodding.

“Then here, have one of these. That should be a good pick-me-up,” the trainer gave Soleil a Sweet Heart, which the Eevee chomped on carefully but hastily. After she finished eating, Mélina continued. “Seems like we need to take down that Beartic, and fast! Everyone’s after it already, but we still got to do our part!”

“Eevee!” Soleil nodded again, this time resolute.

“...Unfortunately we’re a bit of a size disadvantage, so I think we’re better play it safe by attacking mostly from afar. First, give it a Tail Whip, then hit it with a couple of Swift attacks!”

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