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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
Doctor Grossman had really dressed up the back end of the Hatchery for the holidays, large wreathes adorning every door aside from the singular set of double doors leading out to the areas outside meant for business untold, which were completely covered in mistletoe from top to bottom. The doctor pranced about in a santa hat as well as his usual colored scrubs, though stitching of various holiday themes adorned them as though they were a terrible sweater a grandmother might give. Greeting one after another as trainers lined up to collect their hatchlings, the doctor ushered everyone inside the incubation room, clipboard and camera in hand.

Inside looked altogether similar to the normal, though the pictures of parents that have always hung from the incubators found themselves wrapped in small lights of many different colors, while the eggs themselves all had large stick-on bows affixed to their tops. Various assistants run about constantly checking meters for temperatures and such, dressed the part for the season in green scrubs with small pointed elf hats.

After that the eggs begin hatching like a storm, as though a domino chain had been set off by the event of the first hatch. One after another freshly hatched Pokemon are brought to their new owners by the elves and Doctor Grossman hands out forms to fill out in order.

Schala has hatched a lv.1 male Mudbray!
The Hatchery is packed. But Schala is more focused on the eggs than the other trainers, especially when they start to hatch. It isn't her first time seeing an egg hatch, but it was rare to see several hatching at the same time.

It's hard to keep track of her specific egg with the whirlwind of activity around her, so she is a bit startled when one of the assistants approaches her empty handed. The reason becomes clear quickly, as the assistant leads her to a Pokemon, already looking steady on its feet.

The assistant fills her in on her new Pokemon. He is a Mudbray. A Ground type. They typically weigh over 200 pounds and are known for being stubborn (which explains why the assistant had brought her to him instead of the other way around).

He certainly looks disinclined to move, though Schala isn't sure if that's because he is stubborn or just taking a moment to figure out his surroundings.

Still, a Ground type is a welcome addition to the team, especially given the problems her Joltik Uttu has been causing lately.

"Welcome to the team." She tells him with a smile, and pats his head. Hopefully he is as even tempered as he appears.

Quickly dealing with the paperwork and the matter of his Pokeball, she hurries home to introduce him to the rest of her team.

(OOC: Picking up my Lv. 1 male Mudbray. Declaring his ability to be Stamina, and placing him in this Pokeball (18 of 50, last used here).
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