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Petunia wrinkled her brow and frowned at your question, deep in thought. Her face fell as she realized she wasn’t sure how to get you back quickly. You both turned to the sound of hedges moving as something passed by them.
“What on earth…” A ranger seated on a Sawsbuck had come upon the pile of dirt you and your Pokemon had created. He looked at you accusingly. “Did you do this? I’ll have you know that’s a violation of code --”
“Wait! Rick, he’s with me. We don’t have a lot of time to explain.” Petunia jumped in, waving her hands frantically. The ranger and his Pokemon huffed. “Let him use your Sawsbuck to get to the cabin in Galea Plains, please. He needs to get there quickly.”
“...Fine, but only for you Petunia.” He swung a leg over the side of Sawsbuck and got off. After adjusting his red hat, he crossed his arms and glared at you. You got on to the Pokemon, who was looking just as displeased as its trainer. The ranger gave it a pat on the side to direct it to start galloping off. He called after you. “YOU’LL BE GETTING A CITATION FOR THIS!”
Petunia waved goodbye.

The Sawsbuck got you to the cabin in good time. The sun was all but vanished behind the mountain, and you could spot a few starts shining in the sky. Upon entering the cabin, you bumped into a mess of vines that exclaimed loudly. The vines turned around, revealing a pair of eyes that widened at the sight of you. The Tangela spotted the vial of Parasect saliva in your hand and used a vine appendage to take it from you. It sprinted across the room to Persimmon, who was seated at a table covered in lab equipment. He added the vial handed to him by his Tangela into a flask bubbling over a Bunsen burner. In one swift motion, he picked up the flask with a pair of tongs and poured the mixture into a few separate vials. He turned around to face you, lab goggles askew, and held out a vial of the antidote for you to give to your Nidorina. He administered the rest of the antidote to the two Roselia, and they quickly regained their strength. As you poured some into your Nidorina’s mouth, she stirred and opened her eyes. They had returned to their normal color, the Parasect’s spores no longer influenced her. The Roselia under Persimmon’s care suddenly perked up and ran to the cabin door. After some struggling with the door, you get up to help them. Standing in the doorway is a stoic Roserade. Queen Roserade, in fact. She doesn’t seem to react to seeing you, and her Roselia subjects bow slightly before excitedly joining her side. The Queen holds out a flowered hand, presenting you with two green discs. She nods as an indication that you should take them. With that, her and the Roselia take off over the plains and return to the garden.

“Oh.” Persimmon said, squinting at the door. “That’s cool that you uh, got to see Queen Roserade. I think she was thanking you? Oh yeah speaking of….” He ruffled through papers on the table, knocking over some lab equipment in the process. After not finding whatever he is looking for, he ducks under the table, and hits his head coming back up. The gardener rubs the bump on his head and holds out a pair of green goggles with red lenses.

“I thought these might be useful….uh cause… it protects against spores and stuff,” Persimmon places the goggles in your hands. He looks at you without saying anything for a long, awkward moment, then nods and returns to cleaning up his things. Tori is now fully awake and alert, like she had never been attacked by that Parasect at all.

You received TM 76 Struggle Bug!
You received TM 86 Grass Knot!
You received Safety Goggles!
Herex gained 3 levels!
Glasspine gained 3 levels!
Pridwen gained 4 levels!

Thanks for letting me write your adventure, Raves! You're free to continue exploring the CG if you'd like! c:

Staryu dutifully sprayed itself and then Munchlax with a strong Water Gun. The sound of Baltoy spinning stopped as you declared your intentions. It thought for a moment, and it was eerily silent. There wasn’t even the slightest dripping of water.

There was a rush of light and sound. The room was revealed to you, but you knew you weren’t seeing it in real time. The Baltoy was projecting this vision to you with its Psychic power. On the walls, you could spot the continuation of the story. The town covered in darkness and overwhelmed with evil creatures. The next image was inset with several pink diamonds that shone through the darkness. The darkness was dispelled, the red-eyed evil sent away by the being made of jewels. The being was portrayed with its arms out and a smile on its face. A benevolent presence. The people of the town knelt in gratitude. You felt warm and comforted at the site of this mural that covered the entire back wall of the cave. The vision faded.

You were once again in darkness, but the pink diamonds on the wall glittered as if they were being hit by light. You saw a shocked look on Munchlax’s face, and maybe Staryu’s as well but it was hard to tell. They were both looking at something behind you. You turned around to see a light that blinded you at first. Once your eyes adjusted, you saw the light was coming from a woman. She was pale, with dark black stringy hair and a white kimono. She smiled.

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