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Gemini Spark- Hope suddenly returns as both Henrietta and Nissa undergo a drastic change, evolving in unison and freeing themselves from the grasp of the Feraligatr. As the pair marvel at their new forms and the power that comes with them, Ginny also begins to change. The Palpitoad’s metamorphosis finally reaches completion as she grows much large. Arms sprout, and her tail disappears as she reaches her final form, Ginny was now a full evolved Seismitoad! Finally able to get free of the Feraligatr, Ginny spits some acid down the Feraligatr’s gullet, a parting gift for the Pokemon who had almost claimed her life. “Ginny, you finally evolved!” Emily cries out, overjoyed by the shift in momentum.

With the tables turning, it was now or never if you were going to finish off the Feraligatr. Henrietta puts her developing vocal cords to good use, letting out an echoing croak. The gator stumbles as the sound waves strike him, leaving him exposed as Nissa comes in to strike. Putting her new body to the test, she strikes across the Feraligatr’s stomach with a Fury Cutter. The Feraligatr groans as it is continually pushed back, unable to regain the front foot. Ginny flails at the opposing Water type with her newly developed arms, striking him with a blow made stronger by the severe damage the Feraligatr had caused her. Henrietta gives a repeat performance, her attack becoming twice as stronger and causing the Feraligatr even more pain. A second Fury Cutter from Nissa is also much stronger, causing the Feraligatr to slump over. It was clearly at its end, but somehow it was managing to hold on. Suddenly the Feraligatr looks sick, as the poison once again grips its system it falls, face first into the ground.

The bikers gasp in shock, they hadn’t expected you and Emily to overcome the ancient Feraligatr. “Alright, we had a deal, we beat the Feraligatr and now you need to tell us what you know.” Emily was quick to make demands, perhaps too quick.

The bikers were true to their word however, with the gang leader quickly stepping forward, hands still clapping. “Well done, that was impressive. I’ll tell you what you want to know, just make sure they don’t find out that we told you. We were approached by a business man, he offered us a large some of cash to sabotage your ranch. Can’t say I remember his name but he left a business card with us in case we needed to contact him.” The biker hands Emily the business card, before him and his men make their way back inside. “Please make your way off our property.”

Emily inspects the business card before showing it to you. “Thank you so much for your help, there was no way we could have beaten that Feraligatr by ourselves.” Reading the card, it seems it belongs to a Trent Connors, an entrepreneur based out of the city. His phone number and business address were also on the card. “So, what do you suggest we do now?”

Maskerade- With Volg flailing in the water and the Decidueye having momentarily disappeared, you leap into the slowly clearing pool. Zyll moves into position, intent on protecting the Riolu as it continues to purify the tainted water. The Deino focuses his energy, enhancing his senses. With the boost in hand, he starts to sense movement around him, the Decidueye was still here. As you strike through the waist deep water towards Volg, you notice that the water is all but cleared, only a small portion of the tainted water remains, surrounding the struggling Charmander. As the Riolu works to complete its task, the Decidueye suddenly reappears, striking Zyll out of the way with a powerful blow.

Zyll scrambles back to his feet, as the Decidueye looms over the defenceless Riolu, ready to finish it off before it can remove the entirety of the foul energy polluting the water. Suddenly a pulse of Dark energy slams into the Decidueye’s exposed flank, landing a critical blow that causes it to let out an ear-piercing screech as it slumps to the ground. The aura possessing it fades as it passes out, unconscious on the hard stone floor.

You grab a hold of Volg as the Decidueye faints, but you notice the remaining aura rush into the Charmander’s body. The effects are immediate as Volg’s eyes erupt in the aura, his tail flame turning a dark crimson. He bites down on your arm, causing you to reel backwards in pain. The Charmander springs off of you, landing by the side of the pool and growling at Zyll. The Riolu, having finished purifying the pool, opens his eyes to see what has occurred in his absence. He is surprised to see the Decidueye lying unconscious, just inches away from him while the Charmander who had been defending him now seemed to be turning against them.

As you watch Volg make his way towards his friends, blood drips from your arm into the water. As the blood hits the water, a faint glow in the shape of a Y appears on the bottom of the pool before fading. The last of the tainted aura was now residing inside Volg, with its strength compared with the rage of the Baimon, he would likely be hard to control….
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