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Missingno. Master – “Ah, so it’s Gavin then.” Ringo acknowledges your introduction but doesn’t say much else to continue the conversation. “Here, I’ll help too.” Once she saw that you were trying to help Miror she approaches and bends down with a water bottle in hand and slowly pours the water over Miror’s eyes to help rinse them out, it doesn’t take long for them to become perfectly clean. “There we go, all bet–” She stops talking once loud laughter is coming from the battlefield.

Aipom is clinging all over Dudley, Tickling him so much that there are tears coming out of his eyes from laughing. The Kricketune was still sound asleep, unaware of anything that was going on around it. Finally, Aipom is satisfied and stops, confidently preparing for his next attack, but suddenly things take an unexpected turn for the little monkey when Dudley creates a Trick Room. The world begins to warp around everyone and suddenly the Aipom is feeling extremely sluggish. Before it even has a chance to process what is happening to it, Dudley unleashes a powerful Flamethrower on the Aipom, however, that attack also hits the very tree that the Aipom was in earlier. “Oh. My. God. Are you freaking for real right now!?” Ringo is once again glaring at you. “Dudley is a water type isn’t he!?! You did this so fix it!! I don’t have any more water!! I used it all on your Pokemon’s eyes!!!” Ringo is starting to panic and lose all reasoning, it’s not like her water bottle would have put the flames out regardless of whether or not she still had it. (Dudley gains 2 levels)

Oblivious to the tree that is slowly starting to go up in flames, Dudley and the Aipom continue with their little fight. The Aipom was quite shocked and the tuft of hair on its head was a bit singed from the fire. It was still confused about why it was feeling a bit slow but once again resorted to using its Sand Attack only this time it was aimed at Dudley. The sand messed with his vision a bit but Dudley was feeling more agile than ever and wasn’t about to let a little bit of sand get him down. So he lifted up the Aipom with his Psychic abilities and threw him full force into the flaming tree. The force of impact causing one of the flaming branches to fall down and crash into the grass, causing the fire to begin spreading across the grass as well, right toward the sleeping Kricketune. Ringo’s mouth was gaping, she couldn’t even find any words anymore, the panic was really setting in. Lady the Herdier on the other hand, still seemed to be pretty calm considering the situation. The Aipom slowly maneuvered its way around the flames and walked right up to Dudley, Scratching his belly and giving huffing at him in annoyance.


myahoo – The third round has begun and Odachi the Lurantis begins to use Aromatherapy on Reaper the Scyther by releasing a calming scent. Signal had prepared to land a Sucker Punch on the Lurantis to stop her but it fails since the scent wasn't a physical or special attack. Feeling much better, Reaper smirks with confidence and begins to cut away at the log with a strong Fury Cutter. Reaper has stepped back now and raises his arm to attack the log a second time when Signal begins to blow an Icy Wind in his direction. Odachi leaps in front of the chilling wind and in order to take the majority of the super effective attack herself as well as whacking Signal away with her Leaf Blade which stops the attack just before Signal got to finish. But some of it still manages to blow past her and at Reaper, who is briefly caught off balance. He still manages to release his Air Slash on the log but it is much weaker than it would have been had he been able to put all of his strength into the attack.

While all of that was going down, the other end of the log also had fighting going on. Ore had already begun to use Fury Swipes on the log while Cirrus had begun to charge up his Solar Beam. Gladius the Kabutops used Cirrus’ charging as an opportunity to hit Ore with a Confuse Ray, it’s clear that Ore is effected but he continues to attack the log and doesn’t stop until he lands three full hits. As Gladius prepares to stop Ore’s next move with a Mud Shot he is completely blasted away by Cirrus’ Solar Beam. This leaves Ore open to do his Shadow Claw but he stumbles backwards a bit out of confusion and only manages to graze the log when he swipes. Gladius goes to stand back on his feet after being knocked down and is then immediately ambushed by Cirrus’ Steel Wings. Gladius swats away at the bird slightly annoyed but then turns to Samuel for the next strategy.

In this round, it seems that Samuel’s team has managed to push ahead and into a slight lead themselves showing that this is really going to be anyone’s match. “This is what makes these trials great! You never know who’s going to win until the end! Alright, Reaper keep at cutting that log, this time with X-Scissor then give it a good Slash! Gladius keep your distance this time and stop their cutter with an Aurora Beam then give them a taste of some Icy Wind as well! Odachi stay on the defense prepare yourself with Growth and knock anyone who tries to stop Reaper away with your Razor Leaf!
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