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(“Maudlin. Where have you been the past few days?” *Dead Rattata says nothing* “What? What magic garden?”)

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The Park

Monster Guy: ~ last update

Missingo Master: 4/6 Pokémon: Meowth, Myrtle, Salazar, Hedwig, Dudley, Fang
(Small clarification: Up to now, battles have been judged on a more qualitive basis. I've prepared a battle sheet of sorts for the climax battles, which you will be the first to test. For this battle, things will go a bit differently and I'll be taking a lot more things into consideration such as boosts, hit chances, stats, speeds, natures, abilities and held items. This means you'll have to strategize more. SE moves deal twice the damage, STAB gives you +50%, unnatural moves have a lower effectiveness, etc. I will roughly be using the BP for attacks but know that moves don't have to strictly follow the law of the games or anime and may walk a thin line in between. If you have questions about how things are judged, simply ask. Link to your battle music.)

The responsibility, to fight not just for your life but for those of the ghost children, fell on you. The Malamar grasped it's two arms together.

"Salazar! Let's go!" A dark orb was growing in his two tentacles.

"Scolipeeeeeede!" The ghost boy turned his dark-eyed grimace to the two of you.

"Let's do it!" you yelled. The dark orb was amassing in size.

"Salazar, go for a Steamroller attack!" The ghost boy raised a hand as you said so. Salazar took a few quick steps forward for momentum and then quickly curled up into a ball as he propelled himself into the air. Almost at once, a glimmer of light erupted from the boy's hand and a painful sensation struck your head, one you eerily recognised. Halfway towards the Malamar, Salazar's body turned a ghostly-white hue, as the whole room inverted its colour palette alongside him. The ghost boy had somehow managed to perform a Topsy-Turvy on his own.

Salazar crashed into the Malamar's body. What would have normally been an incredibly super-effective move had now been reduced to but a mere scratch. While not managing to flinch the giant squid either, the attack was enough to surprise the Malamar and threw his attack off, the dark orb crashing into the wall above the now-screaming kids.

Salazar landed with surprising grace and turned to face his opponent, hustling in pace as his Speed Boost activated while anxiously preparing for what the Malamar was about to throw. The ghost boy merely looked on this time and raised an angry hand in front. On command, the Malamar turned and charged an aura of energy. Before Salazar knew what was about to happen, the Malamar threw itself forward and plunged directly into the Megapede's body. Salazar was thrown back quite a bit by the grossly overpowering Superpower, landing gracelessly amidst rubble of broken furniture. The Malamar cackled as his own stats were raised with thanks to its ability Contrary, his dark aura even more mesmerising than before.

Salazar picked himself up to charge. "Follow up with Shadow Break" was your next order. A physical move, the Scolipede plummeted forward with a dark aura of his own, rushing with his renewed speed and clearly striking the Malamar who gave but the smallest of squeals in response. Topsy-Turvy or not, Shadow moves dealt super-effective blows to anything that wasn't a Shadow type, making for a nasty blow despite not being Salazar's natural move.

The Scolipede came to a halt a bit past his opponent, hustled a bit more with thanks to the Speed Boost, his speed-reducing nature more than made up for. He turned to expect another attack but instead found the Malamar copying him instead, hustling in its own space to copy the Scolipede's stat gains with a Psych Up! Instead, this time, the ghost boy intervened to attack in his Pokémon's stead, and with strange psychic powers lifted a piece of broken ornament and flung it towards the Scolipede, dealing a light neutral attack.

Salazar wasn't so easily broken by such a frail attack though and immediately segued into his next move; Megahorn. With the relative close proximity, he easily charged ahead, horn glowing with Bug energy and struck directly into the Malamar's side who was just finished hustling. It merely chuckled as Salazar's horn came into contact, the move not at all effective in the Topsy-Turvy conditions, and charged a glowing aura once more before grabbing onto the Scolipede with his raised attack strength. It picked up Salazar with ease and flung it with incredible Superb Power into the wall. Salazar gave a whimpering cry of pain as his body crashed hard into the wooden wall, before his segments tapered off one by one in a collapse to the ground. Two swirling eyes betrayed a fright; Salazar is knocked out.

Salazar the Lv.41 Scolipede
0% KO'd
+2 Spe

Lv.50 "Mega" Malamar & Lv.??? Ghost
93.4% & 100%
+2 Atk. +2 Def. +2 Spe

The ghost child continued his growling scowl, eyes dark with malice, while his partner chuckled nefariously as its stats were raised again due to Contrary. In one quick fell swoop they had managed to knock out one of your prime Pokémon like it was nothing, even so much as managing to make use of it and boosting their own stats. One could easily say that things now were worse than when this battle started.

What do you do?

Fortune Teller’s Tent
You practically scolded the voice in an exchange of favours, before ending on the final note to give you one more chance. To give you your Pokémon so you could prove you could protect her.

" …"

The voices were silent for a long time, until the feminine tone finally spoke up.

"...What. Do you think? One last chance?"

The male voice said nothing for a while. "...maybe. Little girl. Is more. Than I thought. Firstly...."

"..One more chance," the female voice urges. "Give her friends. So she can. Prove."


"One. More" the voice stressed the fact you were to be given one chance only.

The screens projecting your memories vanished one by one, and a single, lone door emerged from beneath which you vaguely recognised to be from your childhood bedroom.

"Take. This," the voice said. And before you realised it, a bag of imaginary goodies materialized in your hands. (Note: These items are not added to you real inventory, but a temporary inventory that is only usable here.)

You obtained:
x1 X Attack
 x1 X Defense
X1 X Sp.Attack
x1 X Sp.Defense
x1 X Speed
x1 X Accuracy
x1 Dire Hit
x2 Full Heal
x2 Super Potions (heals up to 50% Health)
x1 Te.Mp. Dark Pulse (similar to TM except the effects last for one battle)
x1 Te.Mp. Hidden Power (similar to TM except the effects last for one battle)
x1 Te.Mp. Safeguard (similar to TM except the effects last for one battle)
x1 Te.Mp. Reflect (similar to TM except the effects last for one battle)
x1 Te.Mp Candy (Teaches a Pokemon 2 MT and/or Egg moves, effects last for 1 battle)
x3 Common Candies (similar to 10xRare Candies, except the effects last for 1 battle)
“Why. Give that,” the voice protested.

“She want to prove. Give her. Chance.”


“Fine. Show us. Human. She now. Afraid. You. Help her. Go through door. Find her. Make her. Safe.”

The voices remained quiet for a moment to let you gather your thoughts. It seemed they agreed to give you one more chance but you were going to have to prove it to them.

Eventually, when you decide to pass through the door, you feel the familiar numbing sensation as your senses were reduced to nothingness, before erupting back just as quickly. You were in the familiar scene of your bedroom. The one where you had recently met the Espurr for the first time, (before needing a break to throw up). The only difference this time is that your memories were not wiped, and you were not reverted to your childish body like last time.

The room was quiet, but was exactly how you remembered it. The faint words echo in your mind; ”Find her. Make her. Safe.”

But where is ’she’?

Where do you look, and how do plan to help (comfort) her?

0/4 Memories cleared

The Ghost Train
Fishyfool: ~ last update

Lil’twick: ~ last update

The Hotel

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Wild Future

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