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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
The Abominable Snowdown
A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign

Waterfall - Maskerade, Ex-Admiral Insane, Missingo. Master, GeminiSpark, Naruxami, 134, TheKnightsFury, Sandaa, Meetan, Lil'twick, myahoo

The chaotic battle was continuing everywhere. The Mega Glalie didn’t seem to be having any issue keeping up with the attacks that were coming its way. Not all of the trainers were able to focus on fighting Glalie because of the wild Pokemon that were adding to the challenge. After taking down the Vanilluxe, Jayson returns his Pokemon and brings out Odysseus the Magneton. Odysseus immediately goes after one of the nearest Cryogonal that had fallen from the sky and launches a series of Magnet Bomb’s that attach themselves to the Cryogonal’s body before promptly blowing up. Having noticed the direction that the bombs had come from, the Cryogonal now sets its sights on Odysseus and Rapidly Spins into them. While the Cryogonal was close, Odysseus hurls a second group of Magnet Bombs at the Pokemon. Once again, the bombs explode injuring the snowflake quite a bit. Now that it’s quite upset, the Cryogonal retaliates with a Night Slash which is a critical blow on Odysseus and then immediately attacks him with several Ice Shards hurting Odysseus even further. Not about to be outdone, Odysseus blasts the Cryogonal with a Flash Cannon which, due to analytic, the attack is even more powerful. The Cryogonal falls into the snow and clearly wants to continue fighting but before it has the chance, Jayson throws his pokeball and its pulled inside. The ball shakes back and forth a few times but eventually it gives that satisfying click. Congratulations, Jayson has captured a lv. 13 Cryogonal!

Nearby, after becoming enamored with the Cryogonal who had entered the fight, Keith decided to change his strategy and pulled back from Glalie in order to set his sights on one. Meowth was given the opportunity to take one of the Cryogonal on so he charged up to the nearest one that didn’t already have an opponent and clenches his fist and hits it hard with a Power-Up Punch. Because of Meowth’s ability of technician the attack seemed to land extra hard. The Cryogonal has an instant reflex and attempts to blast Meowth with a Sheer Cold wind but fortunately, Meowth moved out of the way just in the nick of time and retaliated with a dose of Punishment which was powered up by the Cryogonal’s raised attack. The Cryogonal Sharpens itself again and then launches Ice Shards at Meowth dealing a bit of damage before Meowth leaps toward it and begins to Furiously Swipe at the Cryogonal’s body. It attempts to shake Meowth off but has no such luck and is beginning to look a bit worn down. Keith sees this as an opportunity and throws his Christmas ball at the Cryogonal who immediately gets pulled into the ball which causes Meowth, who was once clinging to its body, to drop into the deep snow. The ball almost looked like it had festive snowflakes flying out of it as it pulled the Cryogonal in, but because of the blizzard it was hard to tell if that was just an illusion. The ball begins to shake and for just a moment it almost seems like it’s going to pop back out, but it doesn’t! The ball successfully clicks. Congratulations, Keith has captured a lv. 15 Cryogonal!

Also nearby was a Snorunt who had just finished putting out some flames that had managed to take hold on its scarf. But Nick the Ninetales wasn’t about to let it off that easy. While the Snorunt wasn’t paying attention, it was suddenly slammed into with Nick’s Iron Tail and sent rolling through the snow. It stands up and Leers at Nick only to see that the Ninetale’s is coming in close so it works hard to keep the distance. Nick attempts a close up Flamethrower but wasn’t close enough for the attack to stay strong so the Snorunt is only hit by a few Embers instead. This doesn’t matter though because after being on fire earlier, the Snorunt was looking worse for wear. In a final attempt to fight back, the Snorunt Bites down on Nick’s paw but is then quickly put to sleep with a Hypnosis. That is when Austin takes the opportunity to throw a pokeball which pulls the sleeping Snorunt inside. Because it was sound asleep, it wasn’t really going to put up much of a fight so the ball only wiggles once before it clicks. Congratualtions, Austin captured a lv. 12 female Snorunt!

With Morgana the Incineroar nowhere to be seen, Isaac begins to panic and frantically searches for them. Vander the Zangoose Leers at the nearby Cryogonal in hopes of intimidating them enough to stay away. As Isaac digs through snow, the Cryogonal blows an Icy Wind at Zangoose which causes the wind surrounding them to kick up as well which blows away a lot of the snow the avalanche caused. Morgana’s head is eventually exposed and although he’s completely knocked out, it seems they are going to be fine.

Tate, who felt that they were being threatened by one of the Snorunt, was quickly protected by Pahalo the Mandibuzz who intimidated the Snorunt with her Scary Face. Once the Pokemon was made aware of the Mandibuzz, it was hit full force by the Brave Bird who also took some damage herself in the process. The Snorunt kicks up some Powdery Snow with a gust of wind and hits Pahalo for a significant amount of damage. In retaliation, Pahalo dishes it back with a Steel Wing showing the Snorunt what a super effective move feels like. The Snorunt is definitely hurting now. Tate’s pokedex finishes up with explaining what a Snorunt is and then suddenly notifies Tate that this Snorunt is a female.

Glalie wasn’t finding any of this challenging, in fact, it was almost boring to him. The few Pokemon who had attacked him weren’t able to put so much as a dent into him. Thinking about that Yawn from earlier, Glalie was briefly tempted by sleep but snapped out of it once he saw Guntz smash his Iron Head into Froslass which reminded him of what that Clefable had done earlier. Froslass was in a great deal of pain from that blow and Glalie could see it. Before Glalie had a chance to retaliate, that was when things took a major change. Rorik had just finished a very important dance and Guntz was now grinning with confidence. A massive energy was being collected during that dance and now it was time to release it. The Glalie had just taken a deep inhale in preparation for some attack but ultimately never had the chance to use it because at that moment, Guntz unleashes his Bloom Doom! A large beam of light shoots out of the Snorlax and is aimed directly where Glalie and Froslass are located. Sensing the danger, Glalie quickly knocks Froslass out of the way and then the beam of light crashes directly into the place where Glalie is hovering. Suddenly there is a very bright and huge explosion that is impossible for anyone to miss; the snow that had collected on the ground where the attack hit was now flying every which way, revealing the grass below for only a brief second before that was ripped away as well, forming a crater in the ground. The surrounding trainers and Pokemon, friend or foe, struggled to keep their balance, some completely falling over while being pelted with the large amount of snow that was lifted from the ground in addition to the blizzard that was already there. Many of the smaller Pokemon were forced off their feet because they didn’t have enough weight to withstand the force of the winds coming from the attack. Everything that had been happening up to this point was completely flipped upside down due to the massive attack. Eventually, when it finally settled down, Glalie’s eyes could be seen glowing with rage. Although Froslass was not in a position to have received a direct hit, the force of the attack had thrown her very far away from Glalie. Glalie lets out a roar louder than any of the others that were heard before. The ground shakes from the sound, the storm grows even stronger, the severely Icy Winds begin to damage every single Pokemon and to make matters worse, the Hail becomes even more severe. Glalie has finally been weakened, he is no longer bored but instead he is filled with an overwhelming desire to take every single Pokemon down that opposes him, more than ever before.

Guntz attempts to heal up with Soft-Boiled but there is no way that Glalie is going to allow that to happen after what he just did. Glalie blasts the Snorlax with an Ice Beam that is so powerful from Glalie’s rage that even his thick fat doesn’t manage to protect him enough so sure enough, he goes down. Raphael the Blastoise had been pushed back several feet due to the blast but was still standing since he was heavy and had already grounded himself before it happened. Before Glalie has a chance to take his rage out on anyone else, Raphael blasts him with an Aura Sphere. The attack clearly stung and before even turning toward the source, Glalie begins to use Double Team, moving around rapidly in order to create illusions of multiple Mega Glalie’s. Raphael shoots off a Flash Cannon but the attack goes right through one of the holograms. Suddenly, the real Glalie rushes at Raphael and tries to sink his Icy Fangs into him but Raphael Counters the move, dishing back double the pain. Glalie then unleashes a Blizzard at point blank range which mixes with the storm and smashes into Raphael’s chest at full force knocking him completely off his feet and backwards into the snow so that now he is laying on his shell.

The Glalie is staring at the Blastoise with a look of bloodlust in its eyes when suddenly he is being pelted by some sort of Ancient Power coming from another direction. After increasing his Iron Defense, Mar the Aron, who was being pelted repeatedly in the head by Hail, used his attack to draw the Glalie away from Raphael. Despite his small size, his weight had prevented him from getting blown away by the explosive attack earlier and he certainly seemed ready for a fight. Froslass was tired of seeing Glalie getting ganged up on and used a Confuse Ray on Mar and suddenly Mar wasn’t feeling too great. Despite this, he was still wanting to fight so he went to use his Rock Slide on his two opponents but in his confusion, he ended up burying himself under a pile of rocks instead. Seeing the Aron use his own attack on himself caused the Glalie to feel a small sense of triumph, making him forget about having a specific target and so he went back to making the entire Blizzard stronger.

Silas the Houndoom had completely lost his opponent in the blast. He had just managed to use his Rock Smash to break out of the ice cage right before the Z-Move was launched, but hadn’t had the chance to do much else before the winds completely separated him and Sandslash. After having been tossed around, he finally finds his way back onto his feet just to be pelted by a combination of the Blizzard and the Hail, then there were the Icy Winds that weren’t making things any better. Eventually, he reunites with his trainer and the rest of the team and nearby is now the Sealeo who was badly damaged and had earlier fallen inside of the Fissure. There is no knowing exactly how it managed to get out, that powerful attack really changed things around. With Sandslash nowhere in sight, Silas decides to turn the strategy toward the Sealeo. He uses his Gummi Bomb on the Sealeo and the Sealeo’s attention is immediately grabbed so it shoots a Water Gun at Silas causing an incredible amount of damage on the Houndoom. But then, Silas calls on his friends and it’s suddenly ganged up on by not only Silas but also a Rapidash, Flareon, and Froslass who all manage to Beat it Up until it’s completely knocked out.

Maasa the Swinub had just finished raising his special defenses with Amnesia when suddenly he was completely blow away right into Alice from the blast. The Pokemon was now in his trainers arms as the two of them flew through the snow, Alice landed on something uncomfortable but didn’t have time to check before both Maasa and Alice noticed an Alolan Sandslash charging right for them. With Alice still in the snow, Maasa leaped off and used Odor Sleuth knowing that the Sandslash needed to be stopped and immediately began to use Earthquake which certainly does manage to stop it, completely. The Sandslash is now knocked out but the Earthquake also managed to hurt both Raphael and Mar who were nearby. Now that the Swinub’s adrenaline was calming down, it was starting to feel the damaging effects of being pelted by the Hail and snowy Blizzard even with being ice himself the storm was a lot to handle. That wasn’t all though, there was a muffled squealing sound coming from under Alice and when she finally stood up there was a Snorunt that she had landed on. Continuing where she had left off before being rudely thrown off her feet, she scans it with her Pokedex and it reveals that this one was indeed a male.

Both Froslass and Glalie begin to use Double Team in order to create many images of themselves all over the place. The trainers and their Pokemon almost appear to be surrounded by copies of the two. Athena has still been doing her best to lure the smaller wild Pokemon away from the other trainers with her Mawile’s Sweet Scent and has at this point begun to singlehandedly hold the majority of them off so that everyone else can focus on overwhelming the Mega Glalie and Froslass. “Keep it up everyone!! It’s angrier than ever but that’s only because we’re beating it! Don’t give up!” She shouts words of encouragement that seem to be drowned out by the sound of the storm, barely reaching anyone’s ears. The sun has also begun to set, slowly taking away the light that has aided everyone in being able to see through the thick snow and hail that is constantly blowing. With it getting darker and the weather worse than ever, the Glalie needs to be taken down soon since no person or Pokemon can withstand this type of storm for long.

Please make sure again to use 1 pokemon and up to 3 moves. If you wish to make any captures in the [Waterfall] area this is your last chance, so have a Pokeball ready to go!
Cryogonal. The Crystallizing Pokémon. An Ice-type. An Ice-type that had for so long eluded Keith. He knew that there were much bigger concerns in this battle than catching a Cryogonal, he knew that the Glalie had to be dealt with. He didn't forget any of that. No, Keith had a plan. Or at least the basic outline of a plan. And right now, said plan required him to battle something else, at least for the moment. The fact that a pack of Cryogonal just so happened to present themselves as potential targets, all that meant was that Keith could take out two Taillow with one Rock Throw here.

At Keith's command, Meowth charged forward, landing a picture-perfect Power-Up Punch on the Cryogonal of choice. Technician being Meowth's Ability, the super effective Fighting move hit even harder than it normally would have done, and it certainly caught Cryogonal's attention, to say the least. The Ice-type's reflexive action was noticed by Keith, and identified for what it was. "That's Sheer Cold!" Keith exclaimed, having seen Glalie use that same move moments ago. "Meowth, dodge it!"

"Yeah!" Meowth grunted, lunging out of the way of the blast of frigid energy that would have meant an instant knockout. His dodge was swift and very timely- the attack had missed completely.

"All right!" Keith grinned. "Meowth, now use Punishment!"

"Take dat!" Meowth cried out, lunging at Cryogonal, his claws glowing black as he took a single great swipe at the sentient snowflake. The attack hit hard, harder than it would have done by default, powered up by the Cryogonal's own attempt at increasing its attack power. Keith grinned- this attack was what allowed him to win the first round of the ultimately ill-fated Summershine Cup, and was easily Meowth's best answer to anything that relied on powering itself up.

But by no means was Cryogonal deterred by this. Sharpening itself once more, it unleashed a swift and well-aimed Ice Shard. Meowth couldn't avoid this one, so quickly was the attack launched- a fact that Keith couldn't help but notice and be impressed by. "Meowth, you OK?" Keith asked.

"I'm good!" Meowth confirmed with a nod, not taking his eyes off the Cryogonal.

"Glad to hear it!" Keith nodded back. "Meowth, use Fury Swipes!!"

Meowth said nothing, merely grinning as he extended his claws once more, and lunged. He jumped onto Cryogonal, repeatedly swiping at it with great ferocity. The Crystallizing Pokémon was trying to shake Meowth off, but due to its growing tiredness, was failing to do so. Also a fact Keith couldn't help but notice.

This was it. And Keith knew it, too. Poison-types were his specialty and his passion, but by no means did this exclude the other types. Few Ice-types caught Keith's eye the way the uniquely interesting and formidable Cryogonal had done. Keith remembered the first time he ever saw a Cryogonal- his friend Hyrem had sent one out in the Bar many years ago, explaining that he'd hatched it from an Egg, but wasn't planning on keeping it. Had the PC storage restrictions been different in those days, Keith would have made an offer for it on the spot. Alas, he hadn't had the chance, no Eggs he cared for ever yielded one, no Cryogonal appeared before him in the wild, and every time a Cryogonal had been offered for trade, other Trainers had jumped on it. Trainers with more PC space, more to offer, always leaving Keith in the dust.

That. Ended. Now.

It was with a grin on his face, a gleam in his eye, and no small amount of personal satisfaction that Keith enlarged the Christmas Ball in his right hand while using his left hand to turn his hat backwards. "Cryogonal... You're mine at last!" Keith declared, holding the Christmas Ball out in front of him. Then, he drew his right arm back... "Now! Go, Christmas Ball!" Keith yelled, hurling the sphere forward.

The sphere struck the sentient snowflake and sucked it inside. It fell to the ground just as Meowth had done (for he had still been holding onto Cryogonal). Keith watched intently as the Christmas Ball wobbled around in the snow... he'd thrown it too soon... it would surely break out... No! These concerns turned out to be completely baseless, as Keith realized when the ball stopped shaking, giving that telltale sound to signify a successful capture.

Meowth approached Keith, Christmas Ball clutched in front paws, and held it up. Keith, grinning, accepted the now-occupied sphere, and stared at it for a second. "...All right!" Keith cheered, holding the ball up high. "I just caught... a Cryogonal!"

"Meowth, dat's right!" Meowth chimed in.

But now was far from the time to continue carrying on in such a fashion- not long after the ball vanished, signaling Keith's Cryogonal's journey to the PC Storage System, a massive blast blew everyone backwards, Keith and Meowth included. Even Vinny had to struggle to keep his footing. "Damn, hat man!" the Camerupt exclaimed. "Glalie ain't too pleased!"

That was an understatement, Keith realized. The weather was worsening. Harsher hail, more damaging and hindering Icy Winds, and Glalie looked enraged and battle-ready.

But Keith was ready for battle, too. Even after seeing Rorik's powerful Snorlax go down, the intense cold was doing nothing to extinguish the Poison-type Trainer's fighting spirit. Even if Athena's words of encouragement were rendered nearly inaudible over the storm, Keith was as ready to go as if he'd heard them loud and clear. "Alright!" he shouted to make himself heard to Meowth. "Now, Meowth, let's take on Glalie! Cryogonal should have been a perfectly good warm-up for you- now let's put all that to use!"

"Right!!" Meowth shouted back to Keith.

Keith nodded. "Let's go!" he shouted. "Meowth, give it a Feint Attack, and follow up with Iron Tail!"

"I'm on it!!" Meowth practically screeched to make himself heard.

And after that, Keith started to move his arms. "Now, Meowth!!" he bellowed, the gleam of the Poisonium Z set into his Z-Ring shining even through the harsh winter weather.

"Let's do it!" Meowth agreed, mimicking the movements Keith was making.

Keith made the movements, the same movements he made every time he did this. "Our minds, our spirits, linked as one!" he bellowed. "A power as intense as the Plague Swamp of Cascadia! Feel the poison- BE the poison!"

"Dat's right!!!" Meowth responded as the Z-Power flowed into him, flowed from the Poisonium Z into the Scratch Cat Pokémon, powering up his Gunk Shot into something far more powerful.

"Let's go! Use Acid Downpour!!!" Keith shouted.

Meowth surrounded itself with its Z-Power!

Meowth unleashes its full-force Z-Move!


Acid Downpour
Keith used Christmas Ball!






All right! Cryogonal was caught!

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