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morningstar: Things had been going smoothly up until this point. Snivy seemed to trust and follow your every decision, so the sudden change of behaviour, this abruptly and seemingly out of the blue, naturally has you worried. What if the snake… couldn’t be trusted after all?!

You know the Refrigeration Unit isn’t the way to go – Snivy showed you that much – but the grass serpent stands resolutely in front of the door it just forced you to unlock. Once you finally catch up to it, Snivy doesn’t even look back at you, but simply steps forward as if it’s suddenly on a solo mission. Why is it behaving like this?...

Motion sensors pick up Snivy’s approach and cause the door to slide open. You would have expected a cold wave to emanate from within, but the air temperature remains unchanged, as if the Refrigeration Unit has stopped working. Walking inside after Snivy, you see a surprisingly small room lined with shelves all around, no doubt where excess Finneon meat is preserved until it’s time to be canned. But none of it is really noteworthy – what does catch your eye is the scene square in the middle of the room, one that has Snivy frozen in shock, unable to move…

A chair has been placed in the middle, and on it sits a man with his arms tied behind his back. Likely in his forties, dressed in officer uniform, he looks up at Snivy with the blank stare of a man who has endured hunger and thirst for far too long, his mind on the brink of shutting down. On his shirt is a badge, and Snivy is on the brink of tears as he looks back at the broken guard. This has to be Snivy’s Trainer.

But it gets worse. Coiled around the feet of the chair is a large black snake that rises up as you enter the room. Rd eyes glimmering maliciously, the Seviper taunts Snivy into drawing closer, but as soon as the Grass-Type makes its first motion towards its Trainer, the snake buries its venomous fangs into the man’s neck. And just like that, the guard’s eyes close, and he draws his last breath.

Snivy falls to the ground in shock and disbelief, unable to do anything. It seems as if the criminal took precautions in case anyone attempted to release this prisoner, leaving one of his Pokemon behind to ensure the guard never made it out in case someone sneaked inside.

After this terrifying turn of events, what will you do?!
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