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TheKnightsFury: Sawk is visibly saddened by Odysseus’s reply. It’s been ages since anyone has stepped up to the challenge, and the first time anybody since Sawk himself has beaten the White Flute Challenge…

“I… I see,” he finally says with a defeated tone. “I was a fool for nurturing the expectation in the first place. After all, there is no way you have grown so much without a dedicated human to draw out that strength…”

He ponders on the matter as he looks around the half-destroyed village. Those that had been cheering the entire Challenge had now withdrawn to rebuild their huts.

“Perhaps… perhaps the White Flute Challenge should retire with me. In the end, it’s done more harm than good. I think it would do this Village good if we stopped receiving tourists for a while – periods of peace and silence are just as important for sustained growth,” he finally admits. “Yes, maybe… maybe it’s for the best. I will be honoured if you are the last visitors Vivacious Village receives for a while. Pokemon like you are not easy to forget.”

He takes the White Flute and hands it to Electivire after helping him to his feet.

“Old friend, the two of you fought bravely, and hopefully you learned something in the clash as well – the one thing you had been missing. But I hope you understand the value of humility now, and if so, there is nothing left for me to teach you… take the Flute and do what you will with it. When the time comes, perhaps it will be you to carry my legacy and draw new visitors to us.”

Electivire takes the White Flute and thinks about Sawk’s words for a moment, before shaking his head.

“Enough challenges. Enough battle and enough destruction. The Pokemon of this village have become distracted by spectacles – it’ll do them good to return to reality for a while. You’re right – a time to rebuild and regrow will do this Village good,” the Electric-Type says as he turns his attention to Jayson’s trio. “If your Trainer is as good as he seems to be, having raised you like this, I think he’ll put this Flute to better use than I ever could Take it.”

With that, the ape places the 1x White Flute at Trieu’s feet, smiling at the Pokemon who bested him.

“Well don’t you just love to hog the spotlight,” booms a voice from behind. Magmortar has come back to, and approaches the group with something in hand. “Electivire has found his match, and I found mine. So, before you go…”

He walks over to Jormungand and tosses a glimmering scale at him.

“Hope you put that 1x Heart Scale to good use, you hear? Because I’ll be wanting a rematch as soon as I run into you again,” the Fire-Type says in high-spirits.

Sawk then approaches Odysseus and gives him a warm smile, before retrieving a pendant from beneath his gi.

“You commandeered your allies to victory with remarkable value,” he says. “This was given to me by the villagers as a gift, back when I agreed to be their champion and maintain the White Flute Challenge. Now… I think your Trainer is the new hero, so let him have this 1x Dawn Stone. Oh, and one last gift from me…”

Sawk takes a deep breath, as if he’s about to give up a part of himself. He removes his belt, and lays it down on the arena floor in front of Odysseus.

“I will dedicate the remaining years of my life to rebuilding this town and teaching the new generation, the young Pokemon who will be responsible for carrying Vivacious Village into the future. I would like you to keep this, a memento from me and a definite promise of retirement. My old 1x Expert Belt is yours to keep, and I would be honoured if you did,” he concludes. Bowing respectfully, Sawk gives the team his parting words. “I’m certain we did not meet by chance. You took a weight off my shoulders, and I was blessed to meet such capable fighters. Your Trainer is lucky to have you, and this village is lucky to have Electivire and Magmortar… I hope I will still get to see you again one day, and watch how far you’ve come then. Farewell… Odysseus, Jormungand, Trieu!”

((Your Incognito Isle adventure is now over! It was fun updating you, hope you had fun as well. You can claim your prizes in your next and final reply! Cheers! ^^))
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