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Lol, poor guy! You basically rented the same movie twice.

Shawshank Redemption = an epic Stephen King-written prison drama

The Green Mile = a Stephen King-written prison drama which he wrote a decade after Shawshank and notably borrows a hell of a lot from it while only making one major change -- from having the main character be an innocent man imprisoned to having him be a warden who tries to find ways to skirt the law so a big black neo-Jesus can cure people by sucking up evil.

I dunno. I like Shawshank a lot more because I think it's better written (overall) and fantasy/sci-fi elements don't mesh well with gritty prison psychological dramas in my opinion, and The Green Mile was precisely that: very gritty, lots of capital punishment this or homosexual bully that in your face, but all wrapped up within a blanket of flies, immortal mice, and John Travolta / Eric Clapton Phenomenon - "Change the World" curings of cancer from bedridden country white folk.
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