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Despite maintaining his lead in the match, Samuel could feel the pendulum of momentum begin to swing in Jayson’s favor as Reaper was pushed to the brink of defeat. He quickly called for his Pokemon to regroup fortify their defense, and as he did so, Jayson urged for his Pokemon to remain on the attack. If Jayson’s team could manage to keep pushing Samuel’s team back like this, he might just be able to pull off the upset and win this thing.

As Odachi administered another Aromatherapy to ease Reaper’s wounds and loosen his joints, Spartacus made ample use of Samuel’s distracted Pokemon to speed up to Gladius as the Kabutops readied himself to cut into the log. “Reaper, get back!” Samuel shouted as Spartacus smashed into the rock type with a not too effective Quick Attack. The Kabutops’ blades Slashed into the log with great precision, only taking a slight distraction from Spartacus’ attack. As Spartacus became enveloped in a shadowy aura, the battered Reaper darted into the air with great speed. Spartacus unleashed a powerful Shadow Break, but as he did so Reaper sacrificed himself for his teammate, ramming the opposing Scyther with an Aerial Ace. As the dust settled, a pair of Scythers lay across the clearing, both unconscious.

With Gladius able to slice into the log with a quick unimpeded Fury Cutter, Odysseus the Magneton hung back to support Atalanta the Dartrix as she worked on her own side. The trio of Magnemites attempted to offer her a Helping Hand, trying to clap their magnets together but to no avail as the magnetic force physically prevented the magnets from ever touching. However, it was the thought that counts as Atalanta flapped her wings and fired off a flurry of Razor Leaves at the log. Not to be forgotten, Odachi the Lurantis stood before Odysseus, looking to go through the trio of magnets to get to Atalanta. Odysseus faithfully blocked the path however, taking yet another Super Powered hit from Odachi to allow Atalanta to slice the log with a Leaf Blade freely. However, the protection came at a cost as the Magneton was now reeling; struggling to maintain altitude as its Magnet Rise wore off and its health wore down. And Odachi, on the Contrary came off even more pumped up than before.

This trial was getting down to the wire now as both sides were nearly sawed through completely. Both of the Scythers were down for the count, and Jayson’s two remaining Pokemon weren’t fit to last too much longer. Odachi was breathing fairly heavily at this point, but she was just as imposing as ever, while Gladius calmly waited for Samuel’s orders. “Odachi, use your Petal Blizzard! Gladius keep up your Fury Cutter!” he called out, hoping that would be enough to hold off his challenger. What will Jayson do?

With newfound determination, Kei blocked out all distractions and focused on the Timburr who was putting up quite the fight. Both he and the fighting Pokemon were breathing heavy, but the fighting spirit of the two combatants burned as strong as ever, as they were seemingly evenly matched. As Kei racked his brain for ways to take down his foe, the Timburr was doing the same.

As the two opponents squared off once again, Kei lunged forward to make the first move. However, Timburr used the distance to his advantage, hurling yet another Rock Throw at the Charmander. Kei winced in pain but battled through it, Body Slamming Timburr to the ground. Kei clocked the Timburr across the jaw with a powerful Fiery Punch, and the Timburr retaliated by hitting Kei back with a striking Wake-Up Slap.

Kei’s eyes lit up as power swelled inside of him like a Blazing inferno. The Charmander began to glow brightly and grew in size as a singular horn developed on the back of his skull. As Kei finally stopped glowing, his scaly skin had turned a reddish hue. “Charmeleon!” Kei exclaimed, Punching Timburr across the face with another fist full of Fire, knocking it out cold for once and for all. The bell rung as one of the Mankeys smacked it in disappointment. Kei had finally defeated the tournament; its new champion.

As Kei sat there and panted, trying to catch his breath, Stufful cried in joy and climbed onto the ring, rushing over to give Kei a big hug. Pokemon of their word, the two Mankeys climbed into the ring and carried Timburr off before climbing back in, ready to hand Kei and Stufful the prize for winning and clear Stufful of his debts. However, before they could do so, they were interrupted by a loud cry from the far edge of the clearing. “Chaaaaaam!” It was the Pancham bully from earlier, and he wasn’t ready to call it quits just yet. He leapt into the ring and stood before them, arms crossed. Kei was exhausted, but if he needed to go through one more opponent, he was willing to go that extra mile to protect his new friend.

“Stuff!” the small plush bear exclaimed. There was a sudden fire in his eyes as he stepped in front of Kei and stared Pancham right in the eye. Enough was enough, and Stufful wouldn’t allow himself to be bullied any more. Kei had been protecting him all this time, but now it would be his turn to fight in Kei’s place. Stufful glanced back at Kei, Mio, and Patches and smiled, appreciative of everything they did to boost his confidence. Now, he would be willing to listen to them for support as he prepared to take on the angry Pancham.
[You are now in control of the lv.14 male Stufful with the ability Fluffy for the duration of this fight.]
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