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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
With the battle beginning to heat up literally and metaphorically, Timburr stared down Kei as the Charmander caught his breath and thought about how to strike next. He had little time to go over his strategy however, as Timburr tightened his grip on his wooden plank, continuing to hold it like a baseball bat and charged forward to strike once again.

As the Timburr drew closer, Kei slashed at the Air with his claws, whipping up a sharp gust that Cut into the Timburr who winced as he ran. Timburr smacked Kei with his wooden beam, looking to Chip Away at Kei’s defences, knocking him back. The flame on Kei’s tail grew bright as he looked to intensify the power of the Sunny Day in the sky. The beams of sunlight coming in through the treetops intensified and Patches began to sweat as the temperature escalated.

While this was going on, Timburr began to flex, its muscles growing and Bulking Up. Looking to try and end this fight as quickly as possible, Kei took a deep breath and blew forth a powerful Blast of Fire that seared across the ring and slammed into Timburr. The sun intensified the strike, leaving Timburr much worse for wear than before. Not to be outdone however, Timburr struck the ring’s floor once again, whipping up another rock and whacking it in the Charmander’s direction for another hard-hitting Rock Throw.

Both Pokemon were now breathing much heavier than before as some powerful blows were exchanged. Exhaustion was beginning to creep up on Kei, who had been in for quite the long fight at this point. The flame on his tail grew as bright as ever, a newfound determination welling up inside of him as he felt like something within him was about to change. What will he do?
Just as Patches was pulling out a handkerchief in order to wipe the sweat from her brow, something pulled her attention back to the fight. “Whoa!” She couldn’t help but gasp after seeing Kei’s attack. It was the first time she was seeing him use Fire Blast and she wasn’t expecting something like that at all. At this point, Mio grew bored of sitting on the log and had decided to join Stufful next to the ring, she was less fazed by the massive attack. Kei however, was completely blocking out those who were cheering for him. He almost couldn’t believe it. He was sure that last attack would have ended this already and was starting to feel even more frustrated.

He was exhausted and out of breath and almost wanted to give up. But it was the moment that the thought of giving up crossed his mind that he knew he couldn’t do that. He suddenly was overcome with a strange feeling and along with it came a new sense of confidence. His tail flame began to grow and something within him was burning with determination. He wasn’t going to back down, not after he’s made it this far. He was going to Body Slam that Timburr down and then while he’s down he going to punch him right in the face with a powerful Fire Punch. And if that doesn’t finish him he’ll just Punch him with Fire again until he goes down! He can feel it, he knows that this time, he’s going to end this.

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