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This summer so far I've seen Star Trek which was pretty good and Terminator Salvation, which was decent at best.

Star Trek's worst times were when the new Bones spoke his catchphrases. They were used poorly IMO. All the worst timing.

Terminator Salvation had a lot of dumb moments. The plot was definitely filled with holes and it's only winning points were the fact that it was loud and had lots of explosions, which hardly outweighed the crap. Little things like reference to why Kyle Reese had a strap on his shotgun, which we see in both Terminator 1 and 2 were kind of nice and a few other minor details were pretty cool, but it only made the movie mediocre at best. If you love the Terminator franchise, it's an okay movie, if not, it sucks balls.

I skipped Wolverine cuz I heard it sucks. I'm waiting for UP to be on DVD. Don't care for Night at the Museum 2.

As for movies I saw through Netflix, I recently watched the Green Mile (never saw it before), Shaw Shank Redemption (watched cuz of that episode of Family Guy lol), and Enemy at the Gates (cuz its cool). Enemy at the Gates was the worst of the three, but not a bad movie, just not as amazing as the other two.
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