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As the situation turned dire for Jayson and his Pokemon, Odysseus the Magnemite began to glow. Suddenly without warning, the magnetic force in the area spiked as all pieces of metal on the trainers’ persons began to rattle uncontrollably. Samuel did all he could to hold back his axe from flying out of his grip and at Jayson’s face. “Woah there!” he called out. As if answering to a sort of homing beacon, a pair of wild Magnemite seemingly appeared out of nowhere and were drawn in closer by the glowing Odysseus, having been lured down from higher up the mountain. As the three Magnemite were pulled into an unbreakable magnetic attraction, orbiting around each other side by side, Odysseus finally ceased its glowing. “Magneton!” the three eyeballs echoed in unison.

“Wow, that’s quite the turn of events,” Samuel exclaimed as Jayson marveled at his evolved Pokemon and adjusted his strategy. With Odysseus’ miraculous evolution potentially turning the tide in Jayson’s favor, the two teams of Pokemon prepared to resume the trial. The weakened and battered Atalanta quickly switched places with Spartacus as Jayson’s cutter, while Odachi the Lurantis looked to deal the finishing blow. However, Spartacus stood in her way, the Scyther sinking his teeth into her for a powerful Bug Bite. None too pleased, Odachi quickly jabbed Spartacus point-blank in the side with a Night Slash to shake him off. The boosted Scyther then flew forward, striking the Lurantis with a Wing Attack, further doing his job to keep Atalanta safe. Odachi turned and retaliated with a Poison Jab, striking Spartacus for solid damage with it. As Spartacus huffed to catch his breath, Atalanta flapped her wings and struck the log with an Air Cutter followed by a Leaf Blade unimpeded.

Meanwhile, Gladius continued to hack away at his side with a powerful Slash and followed it up with an X-Scissor. Reaper the Scyther held back on defense and darted around rapidly, creating a series of after-images in order to confuse the newly evolved Odysseus. However, the Magneton would not be so easily fooled by the Double Team and was able to Lock On to the real Reaper with its internal targeting system. Reaper watched Odysseus’ eyes follow him and knew that his cover was blown. He flew in and quickly knocked back the Magneton with a powerful Brick Break, which unfortunately left him defenseless for a point-blank Zap Cannon that fired off through the clearing with a loud crack and a bright flash. Reaper crashed into a tree, barely hanging on as he struggled to get to his feet. His joints were locked up in paralysis, making it hard to do so.

Samuel bit his lip as Reaper was just about down for the count. However, he was still able to maintain his lead, as his side of the log was about 2/3rds cut through while Jayson’s side was about halfway done. “Odachi, quick, give Reaper another Aromatherapy!” he called out, anxious to make a last-ditch effort to restore his Scyther. What will Jayson do?

With the menacing Ursaring standing on its hind legs and showing every attention of attacking Isaac and Vinny, the trainer realized that his newly evolved Leafeon was in no shape to run. The poison had sapped her strength and she was already worn out from her battle with Stunky. With little alternative, Isaac recalled Vinny back to her ball and turned tail.

Isaac bolted down the trail, hoping to escape the angry bear. He must have not seen many nature shows, because if there was ever a textbook example on ‘How to get Eaten by a Bear,’ he was following it to the letter. The forest was the bear’s natural habitat, and the Ursaring lunged forward after Isaac, barreling through the brush like it was nothing. The gap between them was closed in just moments, and a forceful swat from the Ursaring’s massive paw knocked the wind out of Isaac, causing him to tumble forward and crash into the dirt. His back seared in pain as the Ursaring’s claws had sliced through his clothes and left a small gash in his skin. Isaac spun around to face the creature, holding his arms up as a meager attempt to defend himself. The hulking bear stood over him with a paw raised high in the air ready to strike again and bellowed another deafening roar.

As the bear was about to strike, a faint cry was heard from back where they had come. “CUT IT OUT!” As the voice got closer, a man was spotted sprinting through the woods to catch up to them. “SMOKEY, STOP!” The Ursaring heard the person’s voice and turned its head back to listen. The man finally arrived, huffing and puffing and he took a moment to catch his breath. He was a young man in his twenties with dark brown hair and a clean shave and sported a standard ranger’s uniform. His ranger’s hat had long since fallen off while he was running, hanging on by the string around his neck. The Ursaring let out a frustrated grunt and gave Isaac a less-forceful shove before standing down to sit at the ranger’s side. “Hey!” the ranger protested, scolding the bear for its aggression.

“I’m so sorry about that, are you alright?” he asked, lending a hand to help Isaac back to his feet. “The thing is, Smokey really hates when people litter in the forest, and he hates fires even more than that.” As he spoke, Smokey the Ursaring’s eyes narrowed and glared down at Isaac. “Speaking of which, that reminds me…” The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a plastic bag with a few charred leaves and a cigarette butt inside. Isaac’s cigarette butt. “This wouldn’t happen to be yours, would it? Smokey picked up the scent from a mile away. We found it at the Mossy Rock where a Stunky seemed to have gone off, and I can’t help but notice that you have a faint scent of that as well… I’m going to have to take you down to the ranger’s cabin to write you up.”

The ranger looked and saw the blood dripping down Isaac’s back and his mood softened. “And we better hurry! I’m so sorry about my Ursaring once again.” He turned and gave Smokey a smack on the nose, who scowled and suddenly seemed much more docile than before. “Forgive my rudeness, my name is Leonard Johnson, but you can call me ‘Leo’ for short. Let’s go get you patched up, and along the way you can tell me what brings you around these parts,” he said with a reassuring smile.

With the battle beginning to heat up literally and metaphorically, Timburr stared down Kei as the Charmander caught his breath and thought about how to strike next. He had little time to go over his strategy however, as Timburr tightened his grip on his wooden plank, continuing to hold it like a baseball bat and charged forward to strike once again.

As the Timburr drew closer, Kei slashed at the Air with his claws, whipping up a sharp gust that Cut into the Timburr who winced as he ran. Timburr smacked Kei with his wooden beam, looking to Chip Away at Kei’s defences, knocking him back. The flame on Kei’s tail grew bright as he looked to intensify the power of the Sunny Day in the sky. The beams of sunlight coming in through the treetops intensified and Patches began to sweat as the temperature escalated.

While this was going on, Timburr began to flex, its muscles growing and Bulking Up. Looking to try and end this fight as quickly as possible, Kei took a deep breath and blew forth a powerful Blast of Fire that seared across the ring and slammed into Timburr. The sun intensified the strike, leaving Timburr much worse for wear than before. Not to be outdone however, Timburr struck the ring’s floor once again, whipping up another rock and whacking it in the Charmander’s direction for another hard-hitting Rock Throw.

Both Pokemon were now breathing much heavier than before as some powerful blows were exchanged. Exhaustion was beginning to creep up on Kei, who had been in for quite the long fight at this point. The flame on his tail grew as bright as ever, a newfound determination welling up inside of him as he felt like something within him was about to change. What will he do?
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