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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
134: [Old Balance: $480] [New Balance: $1,280]

134: Nice try, but you’ve now tried to claim FC rewards for 120 and 130 twice. Final balance is accounted for what I presume to be accidental double-claim.

They were claimed "twice" because of the Rewards restructure. The rewards I previously claimed at "120" and "130" are now "110" and "115", respectively. The "120" and "130" I'm claiming now were "140" and "160" under the old system and became "120" and "130" in the restructure. They're not the same rewards, they just have the same number because the numbers changed. I was told by Gary I could retroactively claim rewards I would otherwise 'miss' due to the restructure, and I only claimed the ones I missed -- this is why I've never claimed "110" and "115", if you go through my records -- I'd already claimed those rewards, under a different number, under the old system.

Initial balance: $1,280

Withdrawing $200 for the Adoption Center.

Depositing $500 for missed Updator Rewards, due to the restructuring.

Current balance: $1,580

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