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Missingno. Master – The teenager silently listens to your explanation while still holding her stomach and she watches as you speak to your Pokemon as well. For once, Dudley actually does something immediately after he’s told and uses his Heal Pulse, first on the girl and then on the Herdier at her side. “Uh, thank you… Dudley.” The girl thanks the shiny Slowbro for his assistance as she finally let’s go of her stomach due to the pain vanishing. Meanwhile, somehow the Aipom’s huge smile managed to grow even wider once you and Miror decided to fight back, which was clearly exactly what it wanted. However, the Kricketune and Rattata were both holding onto the one Nanab Berry that they were fighting over while staring at the one you were offering up. Neither one wanted to let go of the current one out of fear that if they did, the other would run off with it while the new one is potentially a trap. So instead of letting go of the one they are both holding, they began to slowly approach the new one together.

This is when the Aipom springs into action and begins to kick at the ground and Attacks Miror with Sand before he has the chance to do his first move and then does a cartwheel toward the berry causing the other two Pokemon to pause out of caution. With sand in his eyes, Miror charges right up to the Aipom and gives him a strong Peck! Except, his aim was a little off because Aipom was now standing next to the Rattata and the Rattata was the one that was Pecked at. “Raaaattata!” The Rattata is mad now and clearly wants revenge but isn’t about to let go of that berry in order to get it. The Aipom begins to laugh and kicks at the ground once again hitting Miror with yet another Sand Attack! Miror could tell that he missed the first time but had a good idea of where Aipom was now and quickly Absorbed some of the Aipom’s health before it moved on him again as he attempts to shake even more sand out of his eyes. The Aipom was mildly upset at having its health drained and began shouting more of those annoying noises in Miror’s face in an attempt to Astonish him once again. Only this time, Miror was prepared and this didn’t stop him from releasing a Secret Power on the monkey. Or at least, attempting to. The Aipom casually takes one step to the left and suddenly the attack is aimed right at the Kricketune. And next thing you know, the Kricketune falls right over and crashes into the ground, sound asleep. The Rattata doesn’t skip a beat and uses this opportunity to run up to the second Nanab Berry while still carrying the first one, then grabs it and takes off with both of them. The Aipom is now in tears from laughing so hard and the Rattata is nowhere to be seen while the Kricketune is snoring in the middle of the battle area.

The teenager partially rolls her eyes once all of that is done and looks back and forth between your Pokemon and the Aipom a few times. “If you’re trying to help then you’re pretty bad at it. Like, you have two Pokemon here and you can’t handle one Aipom? Like seriously, those moves… The Aipom doesn’t even look like it has a strategy so I really don’t get why this is so hard.” The girl pauses to think for a moment before speaking again. “Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m just like, sooooo over all of the drama around here. Anyway, I’m Ringo.” The Aipom is now standing on top of the snoozing Kricketune and lightly bouncing up and down as it excitedly waits for what’s next.


Meetan – Ivan was very worried about the Pokemon in the truck but he couldn’t help but feel a bit proud of the fact that you thought his Pokemon were cool. He knew that he had to live up to such a compliment. He watched as you took charge and was impressed with your levelheadedness in such an intense situation. Right after you told Ivan to keep an eye out for Billie, as if it was perfectly timed, Billie’s head became visible over a hill and slowly but surely as he approached, you could both finally see all of him. “Thank goodness...” Ivan said with relief under his breath just loud enough for you to hear. Once the large bear finally found his way all the way over to you both, Ivan began talking. “I’m so happy you caught up with us Billie, I knew I could count on you.” The corners of Billie’s mouth moved slightly upward after being praised, almost into a full smile before going back to his normal face again. Greg was still smushed into his chest and appears to have given up struggling for the time being while Ivan was basically acting like he wasn’t even there.

“Now that you’re here, I’m going to need you to guard this beautiful woman no matter what. Her Pokemon are busy taking care of the bad guys right now so you need to stay put right here at her side and make sure nothing harms her. Do you think you can do it Billie?” Billie gives Ivan a firm nod and immediately sidles right up against you so that you can feel the fur from his arm against yours. “Warrrrtortle!” Franklin’s cries can still be heard from inside the truck and recognizing his friends voice, Billie’s eyes widen as he glances toward the sound. “Don’t worry Billie, Alice’s Pokemon are going to save Franklin. You just worry about protecting her.” Once he finishes explaining the situation to Billie, he looks at you. “I have to go and check on Joe. The knocked out Torracat and Pancham over there are his and he looks like he’s injured, but I will come back to you Alice, I promise!” The look on his face shows that he is very conflicted about leaving you behind but he puts his trust in Billie and then begins to run over the hill and toward Joe.

Meanwhile, as all of that was going down, your Pokemon had gone to work. Axel had Teleported and was now inside of the truck and Franklin’s yelling and banging eventually stopped but there still wasn’t any sign of the truck opening up just yet. Nina had used her Agility to gain an advantage of speed over the two men attempting to run for their truck. She zipped ahead of them and quickly turned around Freeze Drying their feet before they could get any further. “Oh you have GOT to be kidding me!!” The Electrode owner yells his frustration. Suddenly, you can all hear the faint sound of what seems to be a helicopter in the distance that is slowly getting louder. Billie becomes tense beside you, the sound is making him uneasy so he shifts Greg so that he is tucked under one arm and puts his free arm around your shoulders and pulls you close since he is taking his guard job very seriously.

You had been briefly distracted by Billie getting as far inside of your personal bubble as he could and you’re surprised when you look back out at your Pokemon and see that Nina is currently Wrapped up by a Seviper. You can also see that Joe’s Pokemon had been returned to their balls and Ivan is kneeling down on the ground wrapping bandaging around Joe’s leg. The sound of the helicopter in the distance is still slowly getting louder but you also don’t see anything in the sky just yet. “They’re probably freaking out right about now.” Greg speaks about his comrades who are now dealing with Nina. “That helicopter is probably the boss and I’m sure they don’t wanna get caught having this much trouble. Man, today is just getting more and more interesting.” He seems indifferent to the situation now. He was once mad with laughter and struggling against Billie with all his might but now he almost seems like he is content being held by Billie, you don’t even know if he was trying to talk to you or if he was just vocalizing his own thoughts for no reason besides feeling an urge to speak. The truck is also still quiet, almost too quiet, and Axel is still inside.


myahoo – The next round kicks off as quickly as the first, Gladius the Kabutops’ body is suddenly cloaked in water as he kicks off the ground and heads right for Ore. At the same time, Signal has released his Mist in order to prevent any of the teams stats to change. Ore’s claws begin to make contact with the log, in what it supposed to be consecutive Fury Swipes but is interrupted once Gladius slams into him with his Aqua Jet. The Sableye’s attack still managed to hit the log 1 ½ times and chipped the wood a bit before he was stopped. Gladius doesn’t pause for even a moment, as soon as his attack finishes he raises his arm up into the air, preparing to give Ore a Night Slash but Signal zaps his arm away with a sudden Shock Wave. Ore uses this opportunity to Shadow Claw the log with critical power! This puts a decent dent into the log, almost making up for the lack of extra swipes from his previous attack.

Meanwhile, Reaper the Scyther was getting ready to use his Night Slash on the log but was feeling a bit too paralyzed to move. To make matters worse, Odachi the Lurantis was too busy releasing a Sweet Scent, that didn’t really have much effect due to the Mist that was filling the area, to notice the incoming Ice Beam that was headed right for Reaper. The Beam of Ice crashed into the Scyther who was unable to move due to his status condition and sent him tumbling away. Reaper doesn’t even wait until he is fully back on his feet before he Slashes at the Air sending a blade of wind toward the log just before he gets pelted by a stream of stars coming from Cirrus’ Swift attack. With Cirrus’ attention on Reaper, Odachi attacks him a Leaf Blade just for the sake of it. Because Reaper had released the attack before getting hit by the Swift, the Air Slash cuts away at the log without any issue. Both sides are still pretty closely matched but this time it seems that your team is taking a slight lead.

“Alright, it looks like we’re going to have to fix that little problem of yours Reaper! Everyone, stay in position this round!” Despite your team leading, Samuel hasn’t stopped grinning. Although he’s competitive, it seems like he will be happy with whatever outcome. “Odachi, quickly use Aromatherapy to help Reaper out a bit! Then continue to use your Leaf Blade to defend Reaper from any incoming attacks. Reaper, you’re going to keep attacking that log! Use Fury Cutter and then give it another Air Slash! Gladius, get in there and take care of their cutter with a Confuse Ray followed by a Mud Shot!”
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