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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
The Abominable Snowdown
A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign

Waterfall - Maskerade, Ex-Admiral Insane, Missingo. Master, GeminiSpark, Naruxami, 134, TheKnightsFury, Sandaa, Meetan, Lil'twick, myahoo

All of the trainers and their Pokemon remain strong despite what seems to be a never-ending onslaught of enemy Pokemon that keep appearing. Whenever there seems to be any kind of dent put into the opposing Pokemon, suddenly a new wave makes their way into the fray, this time an army of Spheal lead by two Sealeo enter the chaos. With Selene the Clefable’s Lucky Chant now active on the field, for the time being, none of the enemy Pokemon are able to land critical hits on the trainers. The battling doesn’t stop for anything, even with the arrival of newcomers. The Glalie at the top of the waterfall continues to watch seemingly unmoving.

After the Spheal and Sealeo arrived, the next thing that seemed to grab almost everyones attention for a moment was Balerion’s evolution into a large black Charizard. It was a sight to behold, the bright glow of the transformation even stood out amidst the raging storm. Although he is bigger and stronger now, he still needs a break so in his place Spartacus the Scizor is called into action. Nearby, Akame the Pawniard was dealing with a bit of a problem of her own since the blade on her head was stuck inside of a Vanillish. Ready to help, Spartacus charges over to the Vanillish and carefully aims his Bullet Punch along the Vanillish’s body around the blade that has been caught, careful not to hit Akame as well. It doesn’t take long before Akame is freed and immediately plops into the snow since the effects of Magnet Rise seem to have worn off. The Vanillish is upset at the unexpected ambush and shouts in Balerion’s face just as he began lifting his arm in an attempt to use Metal Claw, but flinched and was unable to continue. After shaking his head to regain concentration, his entire body began to glow with a dark aura. Akame’s body had also began to glow with the very same aura. Both Pokemon smashed into the Vanillish, Spartacus’ flinching caused enough delay for the little Pawniard to hop through the snow and reach the opponent at approximately the same time. They both managed to take down the Vanillish together.

Volg the Charmeleon continued the fight that he had started with the Alolan Sandslash, which is good since the Sandslash had no intention of allowing him to get away. The Sandslash had begun to use Icicle Crash in an attempt to cage Volg in by surrounding him with large icicles. This plan, however, was interrupted when the Sandslash noticed Volg beginning to Dragon Dance so instead of caging him in, it decided to pelt the Charmeleon directly with the Crashing Icicles which caused Volg’s dance to be interrupted as he flinched from the impact of the icicles. A bit angry now, Volg leaps onto the Sandslash and digs his Fiery Fangs into the large steely ice spike sticking out of the Sandslashes head, this is very painful for the Pokemon who immediately retaliates by curling into a ball and Spinning Rapidly in the snow, throwing Volg off of it. Volg isn’t done however, and gets back to hit feet with his tail blazing, using the power of the dampened Sunny Day, he releases a Fire Blast right at the Sandslash. The flames also hit some surrounding Sandshrews as well as some of the Spheals that have been closing in. The Sandslash falls over, defeated. Meanwhile, Volg’s trainer Rorik had thrown a Luxury Ball at one of the weakened Sandshrew and was watching as the ball shook on the ground in the middle of the storm. After the third shake, the ball finally became perfectly still, indicating a successful capture. (Congratulations, Rorik captured a lv. 13 Male Alolan Sandshrew)

Aster is withdrawn from the field and in her place now is Kyle the Heatmor. Targeting the Alolan Sandshrew that was deflected by Aster’s Baneful Bunker, Kyle releases a bluish flame that instantly burns the Pokemon. The Sandshrew is now upset and charges at Kyle and Slashes at him with its claws. Now in close range, Kyle uses this opportunity to hit the Sandshrew with a Power-Up Punch that sends the icy steel Pokemon flying and tumbling through the snow and is now unmoving as it lays there catching its breath. Before getting the opportunity to move in with his final move, a group of three Spheal have decided to join in on this battle. While two of them charge in and Slam their Bodies into Kyle, the third blasts him with a Water Gun and then decides to kick up the storm around Kyle even more with some Power Snow. The Glalie gets a creepy smirk on its face when it sees the Spheal overwhelm the enemy.

Millie the Miltank begins to heal herself with her Milk Drink but only gets to heal a very small amount before she is interrupted by Vanilluxe Freeze-Drying the milk that Millie was supplying herself with. Seeing the Pokemon looming over her she quickly began Stomping in an attempt to free her leg as quickly as possible. The Vanilluxe begins to pelt her with Icicle Spears as she struggles to break free. Finally, the ice breaks and Millie wastes no time going into a Rollout and smashes into the already weakened Vanilluxe and takes it down. The moment the Vanilluxe goes down, one of the Sealeo that the other trainers hadn’t targeted rolls right into Millie with an Ice Ball attack, Millie is taken by complete surprise and before she has any time to react, the Sealeo turns right around and smashes into her again and is so fast it gets to even do it a third time and now Millie is completely knocked out after being overwhelmed so suddenly. Eerie laughter can be heard echoing through the area even over the loud winds of the storm coming from the Glalie who has been keeping watch.

Happy the Flareon who was fighting the only Alolan Sandslash left engulfed his entire body in Flames and Charged at the Sandslash and smashed into it for a decent amount of damage. The Sandslash wasn’t done though and hit Happy with yet another Metal Burst. Happy was hurting at this point just like the Sandslash. He limped back over to his trainer in order to receive his healing item and ate one of the Sweet Hearts in order to regain a little bit of health and then quickly Baton Passed his stats over to Silas the Houndoom. The Sandslash Defensively Curls into a ball in hopes of protecting itself from what’s to come.

After taking out a decent number of Pokemon, Kong the Slaking is returned to his ball and replaced with Amabel the Elektross. She begins to slither her way toward one of the Sealeo and Discharges as she makes her way over there, blasting several of the surrounding Spheal out of the way. It had looked like the Sealeo’s attention was elsewhere so she went for it and attempted to Bind it in place, however, the Sealeo turned around at the last second and blasted Amabel away with an Aurora Beam. Although that plan failed, that didn’t stop Amabel from attempting to blast the Sealeo with Zap Cannon and so she releases the electric blast in the Sealeo’s direction and only grazes its side and instead smashes into a small group of Spheal that were nearby taking them out. The Sealeo huffs at Amabel and then rolls up into an Ice Ball and smashes into her.

After they finally found their way into the battle, Pahalo the Mandibuzz took off after a group of Spheal, fortunately, her overcoat helped protect her from the raging storm as she made her way over. On her way, she also kicks up a Tailwind which helped her gain a great deal of speed which allowed her to weave through the random Water Guns and Aurora Beams that were randomly being shot all over the place. Eventually, she zeroed in on a single Spheal and Bone Rushed the Pokemon who was completely surprised by the sudden attack and was hit five times before the attacks stopped! The Spheal turned toward Pahalo who was hovering above it and shot off a Water Gun which managed to hit the Mandibuzz’s chest, knocking her back a bit through the air.

Akame the Pawniard had managed to find her way over to a single Spheal that had found its way over to the area. She gave it one of the Meanest Looks she could muster and the Spheal gets a little offended and immediately goes to wipe that look off of Akame’s face with a Water Gun which hurts and knocks Akame back a bit but she isn’t about to give up. She then charges right up to the Spheal through the snow and whacks the Pokemon with a Feint Attack. The Spheal is now extra annoyed and while Akame is still within close range it Body Slams her backwards. Then, the moment Akame manages to make it back onto her feet she is blasted by an Aurora Beam that was randomly shot off by another nearby Pokemon and unfortunately, found its way to Akame which was just enough to drain the last of her energy has she collapses in the snow. The Spheal stays put with its guard up.

Wildfire the Cyndaquil ran into a group of Sandshrew and used a Heat Wave to knock several of them back. He then began to inhale with the intention of Blasting them with Fire but one of the Sandshrew managed to close the distance and ram into Wildfire with its Iron Head causing Wildfire to flinch and forget what they were doing. So instead, Wildfire began to use Flame Burst which took out some of the already damaged Sandshrew. While he was doing that attack, a Spheal rolled onto the scene and blasted him with a Water Gun which he definitely felt.

While everyone was fighting with everything they had, most were too distracted to notice that the Glalie had, at some point, moved. It was no longer watching from the top of the waterfall and was now, in fact, slowly lowering itself to the bottom where all of the action was taking place. However, Athena did notice. While the grinning Glalie was slowly bringing itself into the action, Athena and her Clefable had been slowly and carefully approaching from the side while making sure the Glalie doesn’t notice. Once they were in range, their plan was set into motion. “Selene, now!” With that, the Clefable’s fist is full of power as she shoots through the air toward the Glalie and just before she landed her hit, the Froslass that was accompanying the Glalie at the top of the waterfall suddenly appeared in order to take the hit in Glalie’s place. Selene’s Meteor Mash was a solid hit on the Froslass, violently throwing her through the air.

For a moment, Glalie was shocked at the sight of his companion taking such a brutal hit in his place. But the second that wore off he let out the loudest most intimidating roar of anger. The ground practically shook from it and everyone, friend or foe, stopped what they were doing and in an instant all eyes were on the Glalie. Once the loud roar finally stopped, he just let out another but this time, he began to glow and transform in front of everyone’s eyes. There was not a single person or Pokemon that couldn’t feel the terrifying aura the Glalie was giving off. Once the light faded and the roar came to an end, Glalie looked completely different. With his mouth hanging open and an icy spike sticking out of his head, he was more intimidating than ever before, he had transformed into Mega Glalie. As everyone stared in complete shock, it slowly turned its creepy gaze on Selene. In an instant, it blows a Sheer Cold wind at the Clefable before it even has a chance to react and is instantly knocked out. “Selene!” Athena’s voice cracked, she had not been expecting her plan to cause this series of events to take place. Before she had a chance to do or say much more, suddenly, Snorunt who were drawn by Glalie’s cries had begun to approach from what seemed like every direction. Froslass had mostly recovered from the hit she took and rejoined Mega Glalie’s side. Once again, everyone was being surrounded by approaching Pokemon, only this time there was the threat of the Mega Glalie before them as well.
Alice initially had cause for celebration, her enthusiasm backed by some defensive chanting by their leader's Clefairy. "Hell yes, Millie, good job!" She praised, but the enjoyment was short-lived. A stray Sealeo had come ice-balling into the cow, and it was a meanly appropriate way to knock out her Pokemon. "Oh, shit-- Millie!" She recalled her companion, apologising quietly to the unconscious creature in the ball. At least she would be warm and safe in there.

"I'll see to you, you little shit." Alice scowled, aware of the cackling that resounded around the waterfall. How well timed. Had the Glalie been watching them especially? Withdrawing a Love Ball, Alice once again released her passionately pink Swinub, who landed in the snow with a snort. He was far more suited to this terrain. "Time to avenge our girl, Maasa! Bury under the snow and catch that Sealeo with your toxic and freeze dry! If that doesn't wreck it, try fissure! Take it out!" She watched as the bright piggy hid itself under the stacks of white, hoping to take its enemy by surprise and avoid the same fate that the Miltank faced.

Heart in her throat, Alice waited hopefully for Masaru to emerge when a sense of dread pulled her gaze away. She looked back to see that the Glalie had moved, a Frosslass flying forcibly through the air away from it, and was blindingly mega evolving. The blonde's jaw dropped. "But that shouldn't be possible without a trainer... What the fuck?" Did that mean that the Glalie was owned by someone? But then why were all these ice types working for it? Alice wondered if this was orchestrated by a group, but she could see at least one person had caught a Pokemon, so they must have been wild. Unsure of what to do, she was relieved to see that some trainers were going after the mega and the ghost, and so Alice could - for now - turn her attention to the Sealeo.

Although, those Snorunt were practically chattering her name... Focus, though. Later.
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