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Gemini Spark- With Ginny still wailing at the top of her lungs, slowly chipping away at the Feraligatr, you urge Henrietta and Nissa to continue their assault. The Froakie blows a rather large bubble towards the recently poisoned gator, however as the resisted attack pops against the Water types leathery hide, it does little to slow him. Nissa gets a better results as glowing tendrils stretch from her fingers, wrapping around the Feraligatr's tail and draining away its health. The Treecko is thankfully to have some of the vitality return to her, somewhat making up for her most recent blow. Somewhat enraged by the Froakie's tricks and traps, the Feraligatr lashes out at the young herp. Slashing claws just manage to scrape Henrietta as she bounces backwards in retreat, a close shave to say the least. Despite the glancing blow, the Feraligatr's strength in unquestionable, the hit still causing a good amount of damage to Henrietta.

As the Feraligatr continues to pursue the Froakie, Nissa uses the power of her surroundings, creating a glistening ball of grass energy, gathered from mother nature herself. She hurls it at the Feraligatr, letting it burst across its back in hopes of turning it away from Henrietta. Although the hit would certainly have hurt, the Feraligatr doesn't stray from its path, continually pursuing Henrietta as she tries to hop away. Concern she is about to find herself in the jaws of the croc, Henrietta fires a pulsating orb of water at the Feraligatr's head.

The orb explodes as water gushes around the Feraligatr's head. Although the attack fails to do much damage, the sudden flush of water seems to have left the larger Pokemon confused! Still fueled by its rage, the Feraligatr lashes out at the amphibian. Jaws crunch into the soft skin of the Ginny, in its confusion the Feraligatr has nabbed the wrong opponent! Nethertheless, its powerful jaws bite down hard, causing Ginny to cry even louder. It shows no sign of letting go, Ginny would need assistance if she was going to survive this encounter.

Biggggg5- Finding yourself ambushed by a trio of bothersome bats, you waste little time bring out your Tynamo to even the odds. Harrison gives you a nod, approving of your choice. Hotstuff happily greets his old friend, it seemed like quite some time had passed since they had seen each other. Geddy didn't waste too much time getting reacquainted with his old friend, instead he let loose a wave of electrical tendrils towards the much larger Golbat. Unfortunately one of the Zubat is quick to defend its leader, swooping in to intercept the attack before it could reach its true destination. The other Zubat is even quicker to put a wrinkle in your plans, letting out a burst of confusing light that leaves the Tynamo struggling with confusion. Hotstuff whips his tail around, slicing the air as he strikes the two Zubat away with an Air Cutter. Harrison's Squirtle adds to the spread, releasing an Icy Wind that leaves both Zubat screeching in pain as they find their movement slowed. Anger, the Golbat replies with an Air Cutter of his own, the spread attack strikes both Hotstuff and the Officer's Squirtle.

Geddy once again attempts to paralyze the Golbat. However you quickly notice that his confusion has affected his aim as he turns to face Harrison's Squirtle. Before you can stop him it is too late, the Squirtle is embraced by the electricity and left paralyzed. Not long after, Geddy finds himself clear of mind once more, a little too late to make up for his mistake. Hotstuff releases a Heat Wave, scorching the trio of bats, however they show no signs of retreat. The Officer's Squirtle attempts to assist, however is unable to fight through his paralysis. All three bats return fire with a volley of Air Cutters, only Geddy takes the attacks well while Hotstuff and the Squirtle are forced to endure the sting blows.

"I thought you said you were a trainer? Surely you can battle better than this!" Officer Harrison was clearly angry with the way the battle was going, surely not helped by Geddy accidentally paralyzing his Pokemon.
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