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Sandaa- Heading out of the Pokemon Center, you make your way around the streets of the Crystal Grove in search of some supplies and perhaps even some information. You knew the general area of your quest but there was a chance that a knowledgeable local might know more about your destination. You noticed a cluster of activity as you enter a large market square. Children run around and play, some accompanied by Pokemon, others by their parents. Small stalls are spread out around the square, selling different types of wares and delights.

"What've you got there lad?" A robust old hiker running a nearby stall beckons you over, having spotted the map still clutched in your hand. Eager to gather some information, you present the map to the older gentleman who instantly recognises it. "Ahh so you fancy yourself as a trainer do you lad? I would hope so if you're planning on challenging the gauntlet." The hiker can tell by your blank response that you have no idea what he is on about. "On the far side of the quarry is a large mountain with a paved trail that leads all the way up to the summit. An old hermit is said to live at the top, a master of Mega Evolution from what I have heard. They say if you reach the top, he will pass his knowledge onto you. Many have tried to reach him, most of failed. The few that have passed now reside along the trail, battling anyone who attempts to make the pilgrimage." The hiker gives you a moment to think before providing you with an opportunity to inspect his wares. "You'll be needing supplies if you plan on challenging the gauntlet, A packet of 3 Hyper Potions will set you back $300, two Revives will cost you the same. I even have this dusty old technical machine, TM Dig that I would part ways with for $800."
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