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Samuel watched as Jayson looked eager to target Gladius and attempt to take the Kabutops out of the match. Fortunately for him, he had anticipated this and was already prepared to shift his strategy for the next stage of the trial challenge. “Gladius, Reaper- switch!” he called out with a smile. After calling out the rest of his orders, the Pokemon squared off, ready to resume the match.

Still chilled from the Icy Wind, Atalanta was a step slow as she launched herself forward at Gladius with her beak first, spinning like a Drill and ready to Run him down. However, the Kabutops was already back at Samuel’s side of the log, and a menacing-looking Scyther had intercepted the owl with a powerful Aerial Ace to knock her out of the air. As Atalanta crashed into the dirt, the disoriented Odysseus came to her air, hovering overhead and firing off a Supersonic blast at Reaper.

As Spartacus looked to continue chipping away at the log, what he didn’t expect to see was Odachi the Lurantis, completely unchecked by Jayson’s two battling Pokemon. Only one of Spartacus’ Dual Chops connected with the fallen tree before a Slash from Odachi hit him right in the chest. As Spartacus winced, he tried to fight through it and continue doing his job, switching his technique into a different Cut, but was promptly distracted and knocked off his mark by a flurry of Razor Leaves from Odachi.

Meanwhile, Atalanta had finally gotten back up, enraged and ready to get some revenge on Gladius. Odysseus did its best to lend her a Helping Hand despite not having any appendages to do so. However, the Magnemite tried in vain to clap its magnets together as the polarizing forces prevented the pieces of metal from ever touching. It was the thought that counted though, as Atalanta pressed forward, aiming to unleash a powerful Giga Drain on the Kabutops at the far side of the log. Reaper was not quite done yet with the Dartrix though, flying after her rapidly in Pursuit. Still disoriented from the previous Supersonic, Reaper’s attack missed his mark, but was still able to take the attack by acting as a body shield to his teammate.

With no distractions in his way, Gladius the Kabutops Slashed at the log with all of his might and flowed his strike quickly back into a Night Slash. By now, Samuel’s team had taken a commanding lead, having cut through his side of the log about halfway while Jayson’s team had fallen a bit behind; only having cut about a third of the way through. Atalanta had taken quite the bruising throughout the battle and it was unclear how much longer she would be able to hold up. “Y’all are doing great!” Samuel called out as he pumped his fist. “Gladius keep hacking away at that log- give it another Slash and then follow it with an X-Scissor! Reaper, hang back on defense and set up a barricade with your Double Team followed by a Brick Break on that Magnemite! Odachi, keep doing your thing! Give their cutter a one-two punch of Night Slash and Poison Jab!” With Samuel’s experience and chemistry with his team having taken a commanding lead, it was now up to Jayson to take the match back in his favor. What will he do?
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