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The real challenge starts now; it almost feels like the first two rounds were a simple warm-up, judging by these foe’s looks alone. And to make matters worse, each of them have mastery over elements which are very dangerous to Jayson’s partners…

Understanding the need to seize control of the flow of battle early on, Odysseus quickly formulates a plan – but can he move fast enough?
Magmortar, seeing the Magnemite break away from the pack, immediately raises his arm cannon, gathering fire for a Flame Burst that will melt the steel creature and catch the puny insect in the blast radius! However, when the time comes to shoot, the Fire-Type is assaulted by a violent migraine that disrupts his concentration, cancelling the move – Magmortar is confused! His partner doesn’t seem to have been as affected, but he too is feeling the effects of the ear-splitting Supersonic.

Capitalizing on the opening provided by Odysseus, Jormungand swings his water-infused tail, striking Magmortar square in the chest and sending him tumbling along the floor! Itthen falls on Trieu to follow up, moving quickly towards the fallen fire titan to hit an Aqua Tail of her own. However, before she can reach her destination, she is intercepted and violently struck from the side with a Fire Punch from Electivire that sends her flying back!

“Snap out of it, you’re letting them embarrass you,” dryly says the Electric-Type as he helps his companion to his feet, before slapping him across the face.

“Damn it, you’re right,” grumbles Magmortar once he comes back to his senses. “Guess we gotta start taking this seriously. Ready to kick things up a notch?”

With that, Magmortar drives a Thunder Punch straight into his partner’s gut! The electricity spreads throughout Electivire’s body, and immediately thereafter, his movements seem to become much faster and more fluid, courtesy of his Motor Drive

Intent on not letting the enemies recover any longer, Jormungand roars and spits out a massive jet of water, which only seems to grow in size and pressure once Odysseus’s magnets start to resonate with the stream, providing a useful Helping Hand. The attack is aimed at Magmortar once more, but the much nimbler Electivire steps in once again, raising a Light Screen that filters the raging current down to a much softer blow, barely enough to make Magmortar lose his balance…

Realizing the threat that the duo is quickly becoming, Trieu, still reeling from the previous Fire Punch, tries to power herself up to match her terrifying foes; she drives one of her own needles into her skin, and the resulting pain only makes her more eager to fight back, sharply increasing her Attack! .Then, knowing they can’t afford to ignore Electivire, she fires a salvo of Poison Sting at the ape, but the enemy’s heightened speed allows him to dodge most of the projectiles; the ones that graze him definitely hurt, but fail to induce any long-lasting poisoning…

“You’re a spunky little bug, we’ll give you that,” taunts Magmortar, who retains his horridgrin despite the punishment he’s already endured.

“I wonder how tough you are without your friends around, though…” muses Electivire.

While the two have played defensively for most of the round, they are now ready to retaliate in force, and what Jormungand had feared turns out to happen. A massive pillar of Thnder strikes the Gyarados down from above, smiting the dragon and sending him to the ground, muscles cramping up uncontrollably as [i]Paralysis[7b] and pain overwhelm him. At the same time, a Daimonji-shaped Fire Blast explodes into Odysseus, sending the living magnet crashing down to earth and leaving him in just as bad a state as Jormungand. All Trieu can do is watch as her companions fall around her, beaten up to the brink of passing out.

“I think the feeling-out process is done,” declares Electivire. “If there was ever a time for you three to go all-out, you better start thinking about it.”

Even though Magmortar has taken considerable damage, the enemies seem overwhelmingly powerful, are protected by a Light Screen and one has a dangerous Speed boost. But even so, they seem to believe Jayson’s partners are yet to reveal their true power… is that true?


A timer has been set by the fading Shiftry, an ominous announcement of disaster to come. Kamaitachi, the Razor Wind, is said by some to be a weapon of the gods, a divine invisible blade of wind that strikes without mercy – and the Grass-Type has just summoned it.

The choice presented to the three is whether they will prepare to endure the hit, or try to finish the fight before it ever comes. It seems, however, that the team chooses to do a little bit of both – rather than go all-out an try to wipe out what remains of Shiftry’s vitality, they split efforts into attacking and defending. Perhaps that is not the wisest…

Commanding the troops, Spiritus instructs Tengu to defend as best as he can, Hardening his shell as much as possible to hopefully endure the oncoming hit. It then falls on Cerno to provide the offense and, perhaps realizing better than anyone else the true importance of disposing of the enemy before it’s too late, the Whimsicott puts every last ounce of strength he has into summoning a powerful Fairy Wind. The wind picks up progressively, gaining power until it becomes a gale of silver powder that burns shiftry on contact, the light particles striking the Dark tree over and over again – but are they enough to topple the Lord on their own, with absolutely no attack from the other companions to follow up?

When the Fairy Wind dies down, Shiftry remains standing, eyes glazed over but not yet fallen, and just as promised, the Razor Wind comes, blowing in opposite direction. A gigantic wind edge falls from the sky, and that’s when Spiritus attempts to protect his partner by… Minimizing it? It seems to have slipped the Litwick’s mind that only he can shrink in size, and not transfer that property to another Pokemon. And as a result of that miscalculation, he has to watch as Razor Wind cuts mercilessly through Cerno, who falls to the ground incapacitated, and then through Tengu, who is left barely clinging on to a shred of consciousness when it’s all done.

But finally, mercifully, the Lord faints soon thereafter, exhausted by pain and energy spent, collapsing like a dead tree in the middle of the clearing. Despite the risks they took, and despite Cerno fainting before the end, the team has ultimately been successful!

The Oranguru stands up and orders the Passimian around the arena to settle down, then helps the Shiftry to his feet before addressing he Litwick, Whimsicott and Seedot.

“You were brave, even if you still have much to learn. We were… entertained. Those two boxes are yours; one gift from me, and one from Shiftry. Take them, and you have our permission to leave whenever you wish. We are glad to have met you, little Pokemon full of heart.”

Spiritus opens Oranguru’s small box, finding 1x Heart Scale inside, whereas Tengu opens Shiftry’s box and retrieves the precious Leaf Stone it contains.

And with that, their adventure is over, the first time they have ever journeyed the world without company of their human Trainer. Hopefully, in doing so, they learned the importance of teamwork and the miracles it can achieve.

*Cerno gained 2 Levels!*
*Tengu gained 2 Levels!*
*Spiritus gained 2 Levels*

((Thanks for playing, hope you enjoyed your time in II! As a parting word of advice, don’t forget to look up what each attack does before ordering them – even in an RP context, sometimes it’s just not possible for the updater to overlook some mechanics; in this particular case, Minimize is an attack that only the user can pull off, and not force something else to shrink. Something to keep in mind for future adventures!))
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