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Jormungand, aware of his own strength, knows he can finish what Trieu started. And despite his own condition, he selflessly sends the Skorupi to aid their partner, Odysseus, who has succumbed to confusion. Trieu seems to agree with the strategy – after all, the Vileplume targeting the Magnemite is definitely on its last legs!

The Poison-Type darts across the arena in a dizzying motion, shifting direction so fast and aso often that she leaves afterimages behind, making it impossible for the weakened Vileplume to trace her motions. And once in range, she leaps forward and slashes her target a single time with darkness-infused needles. After a dead-silent stalemate that seems to last for hours, the living plant suddenly passes out, still on its feet, before collapsing to the ground.

Odysseus struggles to even get a proper grasp of what’sgoing on, but the lingering notion that a teammate needed his help endures amidst the chaos that is his mind right now. At first he fails to do much of anything, aimlessly rotating his magnets to no effect whatsoever, andit’s a blessing that Trieu stepped in to knock out his foe, otherwise he’d have been easy pickings for the Vileplume in his dazed state. On the second attempt, however, his Analytic mindset helps him focus and remember two things: what needed to be done, and what he had to imitate to accomplish it. And so, spinning his magnets at full speed, Odysseus manages to centrifuge and collect the scattering perfume particles still in the air, emulating another Aromatherapy as well as a synthetic lifeform could hope to achieve. Fact of the matter is, it seems to work, as Jormungand feel the overwhelming nausea begin to fade, until no trace of poison remains in his bloodstream.

Reinvigorated, the dragon roars arches his head back, gathering fire for the decisive strike. At the same time, the last remaining Vileplume stands defiant in the face of overwhelming odds, and bravely fires a Petal Blizzard at its colossal adversary. To no avail, however, as the stream of flames that follows burns away every last petal before any hit their mark, and once the Grass-Type is engulfed by the Flamethrower, it’s all over.

The trio has been successful one more time, though not without some considerable effort. Jormungand and Odysseus have been cured of their ailments thanks to some quick thinking by the latter, but consecutive use of powerful moves such as Flamethrowers and Ice Beams have left both feeling worn out. Trieu seems to be the healthier of the three, but she too is starting to feel the effects of back-to-back battles… Unfortunately for them, once the last Vileplume faints, the Grassy Terrain withers and vanishes, leaving only lifeless clay in its place.

“Congratulations youngsters,” cheers Sawk. Judging by his reaction, it seems he doubted the party’s success for a moment. “Well, enough of warming up. Are you ready for the real challenge? It’s been a while since I called my old friends…”

The blue warrior walked back to center of the battlefield, inhaled deeply and played the Flute a third time. Once… twice… three times. And mere moments after the last melancholic note echoed across Vivacious Village, the answer came – not from the woods or the beach nearby, not from outside town at all, but from the crowd that had gathered.

“That’s cruel of you, old Sawk...”

“Asking us to pummel these three when they’re already gasping for air…”

Grinning and cracking their joints in anticipation, an Electivire and Magmortar step in the arena while sizing up Jayson’s three partners.

“I met these two as an Elekid and Magby way back when I came to this village,” says Sawk, smiling at the sight of his friends. “First they were admirers… in time, they became my best sparring partners. And now, they will be your last opponents in the White Flute Challenge.”

Magmortar laughs as embers escape his deadly arm cannons.

“Your last opponents, period!”

*Trieu has gained 2 Levels!*
*Odysseus has gained 1 Level!*
*Jormungand has gained 1 Level!*

Median Dia:

At first, Clauncher looks thoroughly confused at Miapladicus and Louise planning to leave him behind. It’shis wish, his glory on the line! But once the Mawile explains the final part of his plan, the crustacean can’t help but grin – as it turns out, he won’t even have to move a muscle to beat everyone else. That suits him just fine!

Elen stands behind with the Clauncher, keeping watch over the team’s possessions, while Mia starts spinning in place and then ascending, before taking off like an oversized Water Shuriken – with Louise holding on for dear life to the rapidly rotating starfish, trying not to vomit or lose her grip. Given how fast Mia is spinning, letting go could likely mean an aerial trip to the summit of the Frozen Fjords.

As Mia goes, rapidly ascending the summoned mountain, it seems as though the local Staryu become interested in the tactic, as if they’d never considered it before. Those which have mastered the move in the wild prepare to emulate Louise’s idea, but Mia already has quite the momentum advantage over all of them. At first, everything seems to be working out…

… Until suddenly, Louise feels herself stopping abruptly. Looking up, she sees a massive hand grabbing hold of Miapladicus by one of its five appendages.

“No way you’re getting to the top before me,” shouts a deep, roaring voice. It’s a gigantic Slaking!

As the grip tightens, Mia’s light flickers rapidly, indicating pain.

“If anyone is getting their wish granted, that’s me,” growls Slaking ominously. “Jirachi will rid me of my Truant condition, and I will be the mightiest Slaking in the world!”

Things have taken a sharp turn for the worse… what will happen now?!

*Miapladicus has gained 1 Level!*
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