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Maskerade- Although it took some time, you eventually manage to track the Decidueye down in the depths of the catacombs. Slightly startled by the Decidueye's still aggressive behaviour, you set about a plan to hopefully protect yourselves and free the Decidueye from whatever is causing it to act so strangely. You direct the Riolu to assess the pool of crimson liquid, perhaps the Riolu's natural gifts would help it gain insight. The Riolu nods as it crouches by the pool, it stares deep into the water before slowly laying its paws on the water's surface. Nothing happened for a moment, but then, all of a sudden, the water around the young Fighting types hands begins to shed its blood red colour and return to crystal clear water. Whatever the Riolu was doing, it was working. Unfortunately it was happening at a rather slow rate, it would take time to clear the entire pool.

Upon seeing the Riolu clearing the tainted pool, the Decidueye screeches in its direction and leaps into the air, talons extended. If not for a combined Flamethrower and Dark Pulse from Volg and Zyll, the Riolu would have found itself in the clutches of the darkened archer. Instead the Decidueye is sent crashing into the wall of the tunnel. It seemed the walls of the catacombs restricted a lot of the Decidueye's movement, however it was far from crippled. The owl goes back on the offensive, whipping its wings and sending a forceful Ominous Wind at Volg. The Charmander is battered backwards by the powerful gust, his tail flame flickers for a moment but remains ignited. The Archer quickly follows up by closing in on Zyll, sweeping the blind dragon's legs out from beneath it with a low blow. Zyll clambers back to his feet, although his legs ache from the super effective blow he just took.

Medmana- Having gathered and learned all you can from Freya, you regather your team and set them to new tasks. Tobu and Elenchos were to scout ahead but keep their heads down, the last thing you needed was them getting into a battle without your guidance. The pair would navigate across the rooftops, hopefully the elevated position would assist them in both locating the church and keeping themselves concealed from the many eyes that would be looking out for them. Meanwhile Louise and yourself weave through the streets towards your destination, intent on finding an unexpected way inside the abandoned place of worship.

Tobu and Elenchos scramble down off the rooftops as you reach the end of the alley you had been travelling down. The buildings in this section of the city seemed to be abandoned, which was quite strange considering there didn't appear to be anything particularly wrong with them. The two Pokemon look a little concerned. The church stood behind them, occupying the entirety of the adjacent block. The massive stone structure loomed over the buildings surrounding it. Stain glass windows had been replaced with wooden boards, crude and intimidating looking gargoyles lined the roof. Tobu pointed up to the gargoyles, insisting you look closer. A second, more concentrated look at the gargoyles reveals them to be something else entirely. A few of them appear to be Gligars, resting motionless but with their eyes peeled on the surrounding areas like stoic sentinels. The ones closer to the ground appear to be Mankey, also remaining motionless as they stand watch over the church. Getting past the ever watching eyes of the Gligar and Mankey would prove to be quite a task indeed.
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