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The lone Krabby standing between Trieu and Jormungand, holding the former hostage in its pincers, certainly talks a big talk... but realistically, it knows it stands no chance against a Gyarados. The Leer isn't even necessary - all it takes is one good look at the serpent's Intimidating face, and the crab yelps and releases Trieu without question. And from there, things only go downhill for the poor crustacean, as a storm of needles rains down upon it, punctuated by a violent Thunderbolt that fries the Krabby in a matter of seconds.

As for Odysseus, the small miscalculation has already cost him some vitality, as the Mud Shot from behind hit the only major chink in the Magnemite's armor. However, despite the weakness to ground moves, Ody is still considerably stronger than the wild Krabby thanks to Jayson's training, and the Water-Type knows it. The vicious Spark that follows sends the crustacean flying out of the arena, and that's the last anyone sees of it.

Once the round is over, Sawk gets back to his feet and congratulates the trio on their success; at the same time, the crowd in the town square has begun to increase in number again, many Pokemon returning to see those that may well be the successors of the Village's hero.

"I knew from the moment I saw you that you were special, but you're more than that... you aren't wild Pokemon, are you?" Sawk asks, failing to hide the sadness in his voice. That realization has implications, of course - the fighter must have understood that the trio belong elsewhere. Still, he does not relent. "Nevermind. Still two more rounds to go, yes? That is, if you think you can take it."

However, he doesn't even wait for answer before playing the Flute again, this time twice. And sure enough, after less than a minute, commotion begins to rise outside of town.

"Hmm, this scent... Well, this is interesting," notes Sawk even before the next foes appear. "I wonder if you'll make it past this round..."

Indeed, a particular smell washes over the square, though Odysseus cannot sense it. It is a mixture of sweet and nauseating, and soon the source reveals itself: bobbing their heads back and forth, three Vileplume come to the arena enticed by the strange tune of the White Flute! As they approach, countless small blades of grass begin to miraculously sprout from the seemingly sterile clay floor of the arena... it's a Grassy Terrain!

*Odysseus gained 2 Levels!*
*Jormungand gained 2 Levels!*
*Trieu gained 2 Levels!*


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