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The Krabby lazily walk up to the trio, pincers snapping as they approach. One might have expected Pokemon with more fighting spirit being summoned by the flute, but Sawk - sitting indian-style just outside of the arena - knows these four well.

"They despise the sound of the flute, you see. If I play it close to their resting hour, they come to make sure I stop or else they won't be able to sleep," he says calmly. "They know better by now than to actually fight me and we have reached an agreement of sorts over the years, but... well, you are not me."

Odysseus targets two of the crabs, knowing he holds the type advantage. He easily ensnares one of the two in an electrified net, then charges against the other with a Spark that deals heavy damage to the other Krabby! The second one, annoyed by the uncalled-for attack, grabs Ody by one of the magnets with a tight Vice Grip, then blows a Bubble at close range that does... admittedly little to the Electric-Type. One Thunder Shock later - initially intended for the first Krabby, but being trapped in a Vice Grip wasn't exactly part of Ody's plan... - and the Krabby is lying flat on his back, easily knocked out. It isn't until a nasty Mud Shot hits the Magnemite from behind that it realizes the first Krabby has broken free of the Web with its pincers and is ready to avenge his fallen comrade, weakened though as it may be from the powerful electric trap it had been stuck in.

Meanwhile, Jormungand and Trieu split the remaining two foes, but neither Krabby seems overly eager to tackle the Gyarados. They just came here to ask Sawk to stop playing that damned flute, fighting a dragon wasn't what they had envisioned for the day! Too little too late, however, as a stream of blue flames washes over them, inflicting severe damage...

One of the Krabby is faster to get up from the hit, potentially indicating that its the stronger of the two, and exactly the one Trieu wants to tangle with. She unleashes a barrage of Poison Sting, which is countered by a wave of Bubblebeam, the two attacks cancelling each other out... but then, the scorpion's movements are faster, and she closes in with a combination of Leech Life and a critical Slash that easily knocks the Krabby out! However, before she has time to celebrate, the second Krabby leaps and grabs her with a Vice Grip, before turning to Jormungand with a look that clearly says "not another step, or the Skorupi gets it!"

*Odysseus has gained 1 Level!*
*Trieu has gained 1 Level!*

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