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Sawk's smile widens as Odysseus accepts on behalf of the group. Deciding to spare the little fingerless Skorupi the hassle of holding and playing the flute, the elder Fighting-Type walks back to the center of the arena, to another round of cheering from the bystanders that had yet to walk away.

"Dear friends, it seems we have new contenders for the White Flute Challenge after all! Let us see how they perform."

Taking the flute to his lips, Sawk inhales deeply and plays a single low, melancholic note that echoes throughout Vivacious Vllage and the fields beyond. For a moment, nothing seems to happen... until several strange, skittering sounds begin to slowly rise in intensity.

"Oh, so it is they who answer," muses Sawk. Clearly, he has been doing this for so many years, he must know all the Pokemon who answer the call by now. "Fitting for a first challenge, those lazy buggers."

As the foes come closer, Jayson's trio starts hearing the distinct sound of something snapping. And after a brief while, they see four Krabby appear from behind one of the mud huts, dashing sideways towards the arena!

"They live near here, in Bubbling Beach. Have you ever been there, good friends?"

Sawk bows respectfully and motions for Trieu, Odysseus and Jormungand to take their place on the battlefield. Clearly, by his casual lighthearted banter, the thought of them losing in the first battle hasn't even crossed his mind.

No pressure.
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